Another suspect on the run from police was shot dead last night – He records the 21st victim in a police involved shooting for the year…


NO weapon was found on the victim – Just a plastic bag with drugs!

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Nassau – Bahamas Press is reporting another police involved shooting here in the capital the 3rd such incident in just one month.

We can report that shortly after 10:00pm, Wednesday, 19th December, 2018, Police Officers responded to Quintine Alley off Wulff Road after receiving reports of a male armed with a firearm, firing shots in the area.

As the officers were checking the area they observed the armed suspect on a roof. He pointed a firearm at the officers and discharged several shot before escaping from the roof and ran towards Woods Alley.

A second team of officers was on woods alley when they observed a male emerge from nearby bushes, running towards them. The male was ordered to stop, instead he reached for an object from his trousers. Officers being in fear for their lives, withdrew their service weapons and fired at the man, injuring him.

He was transported to hospital and later succumbed to his injuries.

Officers recovered from the scene, a plastic bag, which contained a quantity of dangerous drugs. No weapon was found.

This latest incident records the 21st police shooting for the year and the 3rd in just over one month.

The Commissioner of Police Ferguson said something very profound yesterday when he met with the press. He said, “ONLY THE COURTS THROUGH THE LAW HAS THE POWER TO TAKE LIFE”.

We report yinner decide