Another woman is shot dead after a failed robbery on another Friday



<<< Tommy ‘WUTLESS’ Turnquest.

Nassau, Bahamas – Reports coming into Bahamas Press confirm that there has been another homicide here in the capital. Sources tell us that a woman, around 11AM today, was shot dead in what is believed to have been another failed robbery attempt at 37 Wilton Street & Mt. Rose Ave.

Police offices we understand are searching the area for a gunman who fled the scene. The incident took place at 21st Century Welding business operations in the area.

BP has said it over and over and over, what do you expect when police and the WUTLESS minister are patting themselves on the back and congratulating themselves, whilst the town drowns in a pool of blood! Minister Tommy Turnquest must now join the list of failed ministers in the Ingraham Cabinet and RESIGN FORTHWITH! He ‘GATS TO GO’ NOW!

It was two weeks ago on a hot Friday evening when a mother, TaGia Armony, also found her death in what is believed to have been a failed carjacking in the Sea Breeze ara. Her two innocent boys watched as their mother attempted to flee her attacker, however, she crashed into a passing vehicle. She was laid to rest on Wednesday.

On last week Friday another man was shot dead on the same street in Sea Breeze. We can now call Fridays in The Bahamas, ‘BLOODY FRIDAYS’ and will be certain, by the hand of criminals, some innocent life  will be dead by Monday.

These are the kinds of incidents now happening in the country, RANDOM KILLINGS! Yet, the WUTLESS Minister and his COP says crime is under control. WHAT WUTLESSNESS! HE MUST RESIGN NOW!

This latest incident pushes the homicide count to 53. We are advised that no arrests have been made in this latest incident.


  1. @242 citizen
    I asked that question 242 because there are people like me and you who are being gunned down on the streets of the capital every day by criminals some die, many don’t. We are not criminals. Ingraham thinks we are. This tells who just what is in the minds of these crooks! They think we are fool!

    When that mother TaGia Armony was murdered, did anyone ask if she is a case of mistaken identity? If she was then who was the intended target to be killed? Where do members of the WUTLESS MEDIA get their logic from to report such ‘STUPIDNESS’?

    TaGia was murdered cold blood by a CRIMINAL! She was an innocent victim of crime. The mother at the welding business went to work on Mt Rose expecting nothing a normal day, a robber came and she murdered innocently. She was a victim of crime! And so was the mother on Saturday evening.

    These people are not criminals! And when a leader could say such a thing and get away with it this is sad. VERY SAD!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  2. @242 citizen
    Media you couldn’t have put it a better way…lol. He sure is killing us like crazy. And to answer your question, unless being an honest, hardworking and productive citizen of this nation is a crime, I’m happy to say that I sure am not a criminal.

  3. @Drama King
    Okay P.M. Ingraham is saying that criminals are killing criminals. Can Somebody tell me where on earth does he receive his information from? He have the nerve to present himself on national tv and deliver false info to us like we don’t know who’s killing who. Bahamians ain’t stupid. Also Tommy turnquest needs to be FIRED from his position as Minister of National Security. This man doesn’t even have a plan in place to control the level of crime in the country???? Bring back urban renewal and capital punishment!

    • 242 well let us see if we can explain this. The PM, Hubert Ingraham, comes out and say criminals are killing criminals. We you’re not a criminal right 242? But he killing us! You expected better from him?

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  4. I understand CB and the rest but ultimately we have a Ministry of National Security for a reason. Its responsible for those policing our streets and waters. If that Ministry does not have an effective plan of action to CONTROL CRIME (as no one can really STOP crime) then the blame, in my opinion, the blame needs to be cast on that Ministry ESPECIALLY if the Minister is down playing crime and his boss, the prime minister, is saying the criminals killing each other. I guess that young girl who was killed while breast feeding her baby was really a car thief so that car thief came and killed her and I guess the women who got shot in her face on Friday was really a gun toting robber whose cronies caught up with her.

  5. not to mention the killings around the east st market street area a 30 year old killed and his 18 year old step son shot in the head…an agressive plan needs to be mounted to harness the idleness of the youth. there is a need for more immigration officers and individuals to man the seas we have 13,000 plus km of coastline virtually unprotected…what about changing the reliance on oil and easing the cost to the consumer as oil is suceptible to market forces……how about establishing career paths and allowing progression and upward mobility the average educated bahamian has degrees in so many disciplines yet expertise in none could these be some of the root causes asside from family planning

  6. @Dibbles
    S… I just hear earlier this evening,that another woman was killed.This one was stabbed to death,boy O boy,Haiti, Jamaica here we come racing with you on your island high level of crime we trying to take first place.

  7. I mentioned these killings to someone from Nassau and he tells me most of these r solved and there hasnt been many killings————–omg Im in the states—I do read this stuff………

  8. Solutions to ourt crime problem are simple and therefore I shall place some on this blog:bring back Urban renewal in the form that won numerous international titles and actually were being implemented by other caribbean and European countries.(1)Have more judges sitting on criminal cases at the same time.(2)Since the law was passed allowing sittings on Saturdays lets enforce to help with the backlog.(3)Lay magistrates were recently appointed and it should go a long way to reduce minor matters but from what I see of the appointees they are only there for the salaries.(4)Less talking from the Police and Minister of National Security.(5)Large scale Police opearations that are sustainable.(6)A more suitable location to be used for persons on remand thus lessening the nuisance of speeding Police cars on our streets at peak times.(7)More Policemen on our streets by evolving some of the work they do that civilians can do.This would also serve as a stimulus for job creation.These are just a few ideas that can happen immediately and that does not require any extra funds.Can you imagine Policemen being used to write up summons,s in Courts,serving in canteens,acting as pay clerks,painting buildings,and fixing cars?Yes folks thats why you cant get a Policeman when you need them.Minister am certain one of your associates who read these blogs will inform you so you can take action.

  9. Ma’ Boy or Ma’Girl CB, I will agree with you that parents need to raise their kids in the right and upstanding way, this is all well and good, I also understand that this is the latest talking point of the government to shift the blame totally on the parents, and for the government not to be accountable, but let’s remember that in these times where both parents if there are two parents in the home, both have to work, if they don’t, they’ll be the ones robbing you or me to take care of these same kids, the Minister and his Cabinet ought know that they need to spread the wealth amongst everyone in this country, I know this sounds broad, but it only means to give an opportunity for all to share in it, instead of a select few, if these few were God fearing persons, they would not be so greedy, but believe me they are not God fearing people, because they would not treat their so call brothers in Christ this way, the government needs to do their job and stop jockin’ the special interest.

  10. All of you are right.

    Our MP’s do not have to worry about their children.
    Because MP’s are privy to information, their children are afforded privileges some of our children will never have, at our expense. They attended private institutions, they are privy to the best scholarships around. They attend schools in Canada, England and France.

    They are privy to business ventures and are afforded perks that the Bahamian people pay for. And on top of that they spend our tax dollars frivolously, and then says it is for our benefit.

  11. @CB
    I use to think the same way too, but having children doesnt make you a good parent anyone can get pregnant the smart and the stupid. I think the government need to start from the preschool and stop letting these children come out of school with no education because that is the reason for crime. Ignorance. start repeating the children or put them in programs. I remember a few years ago when I graduation, say there was 400 students in grade 12 and only 50 graduated. tell me what happen to the 350 who didnt graduated, I see them on the news going to court, the girls where having CHILDREN with deadbeats, some are on the wanted list etc. the people that run this country dont know about struggle they went to there fancy private schools, the live in private communities, making alot of money etc. they are running this country in the ground, we need real people to run this country, so far I am not impress with the fmn or plp, but the plp did better than the fmn, we need things like the urban renewal

  12. This woman had three children that were depending on her, but the ferocious animal who pulled the trigger and ended her life so abruptly didn’t seem to give a damn about that. Why did they have to kill this woman so senselessly? Why they did not just take the money and leave? The only thing I could think of is she must have known them and they were probably afraid that she would have been able to identify them. A mother reported to do an honest day work to provide for her children and gunned down as if she was nothing leaving her children with a void that can never be filled. That’s just not fair to those children. This latest incident is just so depression and was so unnecessary. Every election when these politicians want your vote, they make promises to combat crimes, but when they get in the position to do something, they do quite the opposite. Instead they gives the criminals a slap on the wrist by giving them shorter sentencing and put murderous criminals back on the street. How many more innocent lives do we have to lose for our government to do something with these dangerous criminals?

  13. BP I now getting infomation of two persons been shot one is now confirmed DEAD.,,another homicide killing i in

  14. Everybody saying the minister wutless and the police ain’t doing their job. Everybody need to start realizing that we all have to stop doing nonsense and raise the cildren properly. Stop pointingg the finger and start looking within your surround area to see how best you can assist with teaching GOOD morals. If parents started acting like parents and neighbours started acting like neighbours a lot of this mess would not be going on in this country. I do give props to the persons that are deeply involved with the livelihood of their families but WE ALL HAVE TO BECOME INVOLVED IN AN EFORT TO START CHANGING THIS COUNTRY. STOP TALKING AND LETS START ACTING.

  15. People all over this country are feeling the effects of the increase in crime. Sadly, the tenacity with which we need to seek out criminals and punish them is heavily lacking. It hasn’t hit home for any of these politicians. The economy and crime has to be under control because it hasn’t bothered any of them. We need to ‘downsize’ this worthless cabinet, see how they can make it without their fluffy jobs, where they get paid for doing nothing. Let one of them get held up on the street corner or something like that…only then will it be a problem. These people are heartless…just plain heartless.

  16. @kevin mckenzie
    They refuse to criticize it because to use a line from Rodney Moncur, “THEY ARE ALL GROSSLY INCOMPETENT!” When the Prime Minister said what he said, he himself didn’t know what he was saying.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  17. Our prime minister stated last year that”THE CRIMINALS ARE KILLING EACH OTHER AND THEREFORE LAW ABIDING CITIZENS HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR.”Bahamas Press was the ONLY sector of the media to criticise this statement.

  18. Tommy T said on Love 97 that there are some 2,700 officers and another 800 police reserves (although many of the reserves are not active). thats more than enough manpower to police the streets of this country.

    I have been saying for years that the problem with the police force isnt manpower, the problem is the police force is mismanaged on the whole.

    If the bulk of those 2,700 officers are in NP, why arent they more visible? Why when you call they tell you they cant come cause they have no cars available? The bulk of the crime in New Providence happens within a 10 mile radius. Why isnt the police concentrating heavily in these areas?

    Under the PLP i remember at night and i would see the police force white jitney (the bus of pain) driving around in the inner city or you would see groups of young officers accompanied by a senior officer walking about the inner city at night. Since the government has change, that has all stopped because that was apart of the urban renewal program.

    Couple the mismanagement of the RBPF with the dysfunctional AG’s office and constipated court system, the criminals have free reign in this country.

    Its sad to see how our country is deteriorating.

  19. tommy will come on tv and say parents must be aware of thier childrens warabouts and stuff
    that man needs a whip of a prize bull cow kokk

  20. wwell to be honest am an fnm tommy oh jesus the plp don’t put them back well things happen but what hell is wrong ppl killing these innocent women for no reason my god these are the last days ladies and gents it is time to pray and again tommy was the reason the fnm lost b4

    • Mrking, to describe what is happening we must look to the BIBLE! It describe this group of children as a “GENERATION OF VIPERS”, SNAKES! and the BIBLE IS ALWAYS RIGHT! If they come OUR WAY BP will take the head off and send them back to they pah, DA DEVIL!

      Bahamas Press/Editor

  21. @JT
    That’s why you should do like us JT ARM YOURSELVES LIKEWISE! These days ya neighbour killing ya.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  22. This is sad. Does anyone remember Tommy T berating Mother Pratt’s efforts at fighting crime? Tommy is a disgrace. This is the same man who was more concerned with protecting the rights of criminals. We all know that many of these crimes are repeat offenders. recidivism is very high in this country. I am so tired of hearing about people losing their lives to gun violence. These men and women should have to face tough and swift justice. We are too lenient. Sharpen up that cat-o-nine and see what happens. F*** amnesty and the humanitarian councils, innocent people are dying. If these idiots were killing each other, eventually they would be gone. We are not so lucky. These people have no regard for human life. When they rob, some get a car, some a little cash, it’s not worth it, but they do it any way. We need to start making examples of these criminals.

  23. How can these clowns in charge sleep at night? Think of all the families that have been hurt, and destroyed this year alone as a result of the rampant crime in this country! It’s time for a revolution. This country belongs to the majority and it’s time to reclaim what is ours!! It’s time this country was rid of crime, corruption, illegals, sexual deviants!!

  24. @Dibbles
    And they will tell you, the country safe whilst people getting killed at random. They would say people who getting kill know their killers. Those were the words of the PM, Hubert Ingraham, remember?

    Now I want you Dibble to watch the spin on the news tonight. Watch and hear how the Commissioner and the Minister will come out telling you this is nothing. That they have everything under control. WATCH! WATCH!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  25. Only a jackass can think that Tommy Turnquest has minister potential…the guy is a nut!!!!!!!!!

  26. What kind of S… is this happpening in this country man shooting woman with a gun in her face.This not what a real man does,time for us to wake up annd smell the coffee.

  27. The “powers that be ” will not take heed until their own families are affected. This woman’s children go to school with mine!! We are very close to seeing vigilante justice in this country!!

  28. What kind of S…. is this happening in this country,man killing woman with a gun.These are really the last days,the bBahamas is in trouble real trouble.