Archbishop Desmond Tutu dies at 90…

Archbishop Desmond Tutu

SOUTh Africa| South African news is reporting the passing of Anglican Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

“Don’t raise your voice, improve your argument” he once famously said.

Anglican Archbishop Emeritus DesmondTutu has died at the age of 90 in CPT, according to a statement from the Presidency.

“Tutu was a patriot without equal,” says President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Tutu preached against the tyranny as he hacked away against the systems of Apathied.

Even after its end, he never wavered in his fight for a fairer South Africa, calling the Black political elite to account with as much feistiness as he had the white Afrikaners.

He was a jewel in the crown of freedom!

For his entire family and wider African community we offer our deep sympathies.

May he rise in Power!