Who murdered Indian Accountant Biswajit Pati and now his business partner Leon Griffin?


Several stores on Bay Street abruptly closed its doors today on Christmas EVE following the shooting!

Leon Christopher Griffin

NASSAU| Biswajit Pati was killed in August and his business partner Leon Griffin was murdered Thursday evening. Who wanted them both dead? PATI and Griffin were shot both in the head. Both were involved in a major case in the courts and both are now dead.

Now yinner should recall how Pati, an Indian Accountant, was gunned down outside his home on Village Road back on August 12, 2021. Young 24-year-old Tarrico Bowleg was charged before the courts in his murder.

But last night Pati’s business partner and former President of the Taxi Union and husband of former Cabinet Minister Melanie Griffin, Leon Griffin, was fatally shot in his driveway outside his home on Jasmine Drive in Winton Meadows shortly after 8pm Thursday. And this is a trend.

Griffin had just given testimony in a case involving their business back in July 2021 (see below).  And since then, both men are dead? What is dis?

Detectives information confirm now it was not a robbery. No item of the victim was taken and he was shot to the back of the head. No one in the area said they heard a gun go off. So what is this?

Bahamas Press calls on our US law enforcement partners and Interpole with its wide and broad investigative powers to assist in this serious situation unfolding down on Bay Street.

Someone knows how and why these two business partners are dead! Someone knows more than what is being told! THIS INCIDENT WAS NO ROBBERY! The robbers took none of Mr. Griffin’s items. So how did police make so quickly that assumption?

But we ga report and let yinner decide.

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