Are sitting politicians directing the police to exercise investigations in the Bahamas now?


Who filed the complaint in this matter SWIFTLY dealt with by the Anti-Corruption Branch?

Former Senator Frank Smith is the latest victim of a political witch-hunt now being exercised by the Minnis Administration.

Nassau, Bahamas – We are getting word that at this hour the Police’s new Anti-Corruption Branch will formally charge another politician for what they describe as bribery and extortion.

This notice suggests that the member of the former administration did something to profit.

Now this is getting really silly in the Bahamas and, from the looks of things, the present Commissioner of Police is on his way out. It all goes downhill from here.

Made up charges are being created on speculative claims, swift inquires are being made and, before anything can be examined, the verdict of guilty [DEY THIEF SOMETHING] is being fanned by the wutless dutty press in the Bahamas. Mind you there is no effort by the Anti Corruption Branch to investigate the Fraud at the Landfill, which involved the signing of a letter of intent. Nor is there any deep investigations to uncover who were the additional bribe-takers within the Ingraham Cabinet following that acceptance of Bribes to the tune of $618,000 at BEC! Nor has anyone yet come forward to be charged in the heist of over $7 million at BEC! But today, you get call into question on some hearsay, and before you know it, you charged of some criminal offense where evidence is grossly lacking! WHAT IS DIS?

We for one believe the rule of law has been thrown out the window and, as one officer calling into the talk show suggested, “We on the force don’t like what we see is happening in the country!’

How did we get here and do we see the danger of these witch-hunts which could permanently damage the peace of the nation and the trust of officers across the country.

We report yinner decide!