Assistant GM and CFO at BEC Fired Today!


bec-1-copy.jpgWe’ve learned tonight that the BEC is in turmoil as heads roll to the unemployment line. Brian Albury, assisting general manager and Everette Sweeting, CFO, both were dismissed by BEC’s board chairman Fred Gottlieb today. Both men became the latest victim of the FNM’s Trust Agenda.

Bahamas Press ‘deep throat’ at the corporation said both men were told to relinquish all keys and corporation assets in their possession just seconds after knowing their fate.

BEC now joins a line of mass firing by the Ingraham government. Ingraham’s heartless government has now fired workers from the RBPF, Customs, Immigration and has retired hundreds more in departments across the service.

Readers would remember Ingraham telling members of the WUTLESS MEDIA how he has completed his firing exercise, following the dismissals in the customs department.

During his national address to the nation on January 29th Ingraham said, “We fully intend to work towards a new culture of excellence in the service of the Bahamian people, a culture of ethical conduct on the part of those who serve, a culture that is hostile to slackness and corrupt practices.”

What did supporters in Ingraham’s party at BEC could have done to deserve this harsh punishment? Mass firings continues by the Ingraham government, at a time when the world is facing its toughest economic crisis since the days of GREAT DEPRESSION!


  1. Objective Thought……I am of the opinion that they were fired because of politics. This is an evil government who always preached how they are NOT into victimization….trust me they are BEYOND victimization.

  2. @Joe Blow Are you serious with your second sentence???

    You can’t be!! HI said that all those officers who were asked to retire were good officers and that they were not let go because of anything to do with corruption….

    My point is that they were let go when others were allowed to stay who are over the retirement age so we can’t use their reaching the retirement age as an excuse to terminate them or force them to retire…

    So as it stands we have NO concrete reason as to why they were asked/forced to retire….. What do you say to that???

  3. The PLP is dead, BP !! I have come to that conclusion. What is the Opposition saying…..nothing.

  4. Breaking News coming to Bahamas Press now confirms that Mr. DeCosta Bethel Assistant GM, and Mrs. Shelly Cooke-Seymour, Legal Counsel/Secretary have both were fired today by the Board of BEC…..


    Bahamas Press/Editor


  5. Joe Blow it would all be sensible if the Govt explains itself b4 firing persons but they are hell bent on demeaning all fired civil servants.According to the Constitution no one can fire a person based on politics as is the most recent cases..All civil servants are stressed out as they do not know who the bell will toll for next.A sad situation for our country as security of tenure has gone out of the window.The Govt needs to pull back b4 drawing any more blood.By the way where is the CHURCH?Are they doing all in theior powe r to assist affected members?

  6. It is always a sad event when persons are let go from a job. However, valuable persons are seldom let go just for the sake of the firing. Unfortunately, too many persons, especially in government positions, obtained their positions by “someone knowing them” or through their Party affiliation. If MR. Ingraham and al are bent on cleaning “house”, I say: Welcome to it, as long as their appointees are legitimate and not for partisan reasons. For decades Bahamians have complained that the government jobs are given to cronies and friends and relatives of cronies or for future votes. Now, someone attempts to clean up the problem and we all ascribe sinister motives to the attempt. If indeed the motive is ” to work toward a new culture of excellence” I say “more power to you my brothers”. Mr. Finely is correct. No one is entitled to a job. One must have the qualifications, the drive to do an excellent job and the strength to carry the job through. “If one can’t cut the mustard” they must be let go! It matters not if you are PLP or FNM or of any other political persuasion. As I’ve said before this site is for the comments of all. There is no “right” political party!

  7. Thomas Finley :
    Two person is not a mass firing, and besides when is it ok to fire someone according to BP? No one is entitled to a job.It is not a human or constitutional right. That is the paternalistic attitude that upsets me about the PLP.

    Media, it seems to me that Thomas the butt licking FNM plant is trying to say BP is PLP. Good lord this man won’t stop. Boy I hope they paying you good Tommy boy because as bad as they are doing, you are still the good little soldier boy.

  8. Well mudda sick! How the hell Thomas bring the PLP into this? He is fully utilizing the FNM distraction method.

  9. Media, the firings are one thing, but do you know why they were fired? I dont like people being fired in these times anymore then you but we both know that there are folk in the public service who dont need to be there. If these two people fit that category then i say good riddance. IF they were fired for butting heads with the government then we need to know the details. Knowing why they were fired is key and we dont know why.

    If PC had exercise some grit and fired those in the public service who was fighting his agenda he might still be in office today.

  10. Wow! Thomas you really on the ball for Ingraham those. As I said before, I hope they are paying you well because you are pretty much making a jack ass of yourself.

  11. Well Thomas its not the 2 but the over 1,200 the government has sent homes since coming to office, that invokes the word MASS FIRINGS!

    You should not be familiar with paternalistic attitudes of the WUTLESS PLP its is also deep within the walls of the offices of the Tribune.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  12. Mr Finley, I believe the term ‘mass firing’ was made in reference to the cumulative firings over the last few months. The statement that ‘no one is entitled to a job’ is rather idiotic. People are entitled to jobs. People seek out jobs to provide for themselves and their loved ones. Mr Finley, do you have a job? Do you have a family? What if you were to lose it? Could you still provide for your family…keep them in a nice home…feed them…drive them around? Look how many people have lost their jobs over the last few months, or have lost their homes…can’t support their families. These pressures have driven people to do things they otherwise wouldn’t do to keep their heads above water. You must be one of those oblivious folk. The thing about job losses and a shrinking economy is that the crime rates go up as is evident if you are aware. But I suppose none of this matters unless it happens to you…

  13. Two person is not a mass firing, and besides when is it ok to fire someone according to BP? No one is entitled to a job.It is not a human or constitutional right. That is the paternalistic attitude that upsets me about the PLP.

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