Athlete breaks down and walks off the track after father was not allowed in stadium?


Athletes who fail to compete and show fitness should not be on the team!!! PERIOD!!!

Nassau, Bahamas – Bahamas has not medaled as yet at the games but what has transpired so far tells us some serious planning by the Ministry of Youths Sports and Culture must be done in the future.

Shaunae Miller fails in her bid in the womens 400m.

New blood must now come forward in competition. When we look at the teams fielded by our Caribbean partners, we see the 26-year-old Bolt return, after breaking records at age 22 during the Beijing games. This year in the men 400m the young star Grenadian Kirani James cruised to the finish with an impressive win on Monday night.

This tells us many things. It begs the question: are we about taking athletes for the ride? Or are we about competition? Competing with the world to WIN!

What are we about?

Some weeks before the Olympics, Bahamas Press asked, why were Athletes failing to show fitness at the Bahamas Nationals prior to the London Games. At that event lined up in the stadium were talented sprinters, qualified hurdlers, new young high jumpers ready to test their fitness here in Nassau, but the “Corruption” in the sports organization is so full of bias that they left much of the new raw talent in the stadium and turned a blind eye to the youngsters.

They had their favorites set to travel to the games, already handpicked.

When we wrote our article in July we noted the fact that some who were headed for London failed to show fitness here at home. You see, in the case of some of them, not even their coach could find them, much less the BAAAs and this is not good.

How is it that world track stars, persons who receive subventions from their government, cannot be found in an Olympic year? What are y’all doing?

While raw hidden talents awaited to compete and while new blood sat on the sidelines waiting for the chance, no one would even take them off the bench.

Then we have this young junior who got a free ride to the Olympics with her father and coach Shaunea Miller and who, in the middle of the race, walked off the track.

Bahamas Press got the news that she was upset about the fact that her father was not allowed in the Stadium to watch her race and so she just walked off the track just like that. Give up! Stopped running as the world watched. VELL MUDDO! [Stop the Junkanoo music.]

Jenn Davis, one of the team’s Physiotherapists, noted that it was not a pull nor was it a strain. So what was it?

Miller is another athlete on the Bahamas Team who never showed up for fitness at the Bahamas Nationals and refused to compete in the make-ups. What kind of discipline and coaching jackass-ness is that? In an Olympic year!

It is Unbelievable to see what we allow to infiltrate our team and damn our country. People hooked on emotions. Coaches gone for the ride. Injured athletes in the know hitching on the back of Bahamasair jets, while the raw young talent sits on the sidelines and watches the few elect go to the Motherland. It is shameful to say the least.

The Bahamas Olympic Association, The BAAAs and the Ministry of Sports must look closer at what is happening to their bodies. And from the eyes of a Bahamian – NONE A YINNER WORKING IT RIGHT!

Athletes who fail to compete should not be on the team, and those who failed to show – CANNOT GO! It is simple as that!

We report yinner decide!


  1. BP yall are stupiiiiiiiiid! Do you even know what yall are speaking about when you refer to bahamian atheltes? 1. All of the athletes on the Olympic Team have to make an Olympic qualifying standard issued by the IOC (google it if you dont know what it means). duh.
    2. They do not have to participate in the Olympic Trials if they have made the standard prior to the trials. If you paid close attention, one can qualify at any Olympic Trials that they are allowed to participate in, hence there were several Haitian and other Caribbean athletes that came to the Bahamian Olympic trials to hopefully qualify for Olympics. The Bahamian men 4*100 team actaully tried to qualify at the Jamaican Olympic Trials for the event. Ignorance surely is blissful for the editors of this site.
    3. Shaunae suffered an injury during the event, which is the reason why she walked off the track. Olympics occur every 4 years and that is the most sought after event in which most athletes want achieve their goal. why would she just squander a possible once in a lifetime moment for something so trivial.
    You all do no think before you speak. and thats with every article you put on this garbage website. Its also sad/hilarious that some Bahamian people eat this crap right up and take it for gospel.

  2. now you know ya gatta have faith, you mean to tell me she walk of the track and she still in London? HEY! man get that lil gal from over there because every time someone looks at her they remember a bad rap on the Bahamas, and take her of the pay roll and let her daddy pay her. GAL U STUPID AS HELL hey? see Bahamas Press yinna don’t make the Bahamian people mad with that kind of dumb news please.

    • Kenny — I agree with you, she should be recalled and suspended from any further participation as a rep for the bahamas for 1 year. It is the same indiscipline that we see pervasive throughout our country…its the same attitude that allows the fellas at Arawak Cay (who by the way owe the Bahamian people rent) to say they are not going to pay because the “dont like how the minister talk to us”…..uh?? Suspend her ass

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