Atlanteans Giving Back


PARADISE ISLAND, THE BAHAMAS – This past Saturday, June 27th, hundreds of Atlanteans swarmed the communities of New Providence with the aim of putting meaningful and tangible effort into their desire to make a difference in those communities.

Over the past 20 years, Atlantis, Paradise Island has exercised its commitment to helping build a better New Providence for all, giving ‎more than $28M to support local charities, youth and sporting organizations, Junkanoo, community park development and redevelopment, beach restoration and the creation of green spaces, among other projects.

It is this culture of ‘giving back’ that ‎has inspired individual team members and departments to want to do more. Atlantis President & Managing Director Paul Burke and Senior Vice President of Public Affairs & Retail Ed Fields agree this first Atlantis Employee Give Back Day is not only a great way to wrap up the resort’s 20th anniversary festivities, but it also serves to highlight the countless selfless efforts of the team employed at the resort.

“While much is known about Atlantis’ corporate giving, not much is known about the commitment and dedication of our team members who of their own volition regularly and consistently give back to the community without any fanfare or personal promotion… basically everydivision, and even in some cases individuals, have charities they consistently support.‎ That is amazing and it is indicative of who we are as a company. It demonstrates that our community involvement is more than just Atlantis the company writing a check to local charities, but that there is a real commitment on the part of our team members in building a better Bahamas,‎” says Burke. Fields adds, “Over the years we’ve had so many of our colleagues go out and host initiatives to help others in the community, whether we’re talking about the Water Features Blood Drive that is hosted twice a year to support the blood banks at both PMH and Doctor’s Hospital, the regular monthly visits by the Coral & Beach Tower Housekeeping team to the Good Samaritan Home for the elderly, the Public Relations Department’s efforts, as well as that of team members in areas like the Casino, throughout the year to help bring awareness to the scourge of breast cancer among Bahamian women or Marine Water Park Operations conservation efforts, it all shows a readiness and genuine commitment to help create a better way of life and we as a company couldn’t be more proud to have them on our team.”

The Atlantis Employee Give Back Day ‎saw team members donning custom printed t-shirts with the words “making a difference in our communities” on them, assisting with clean up and refurbishment efforts at local parks, beaches and ponds, and spending quality time with the residents of local children’s and elderly homes. One group of team members even hosted a fun day at the Bethel Baptist Church for the children in the Bain & Grants Town area, where they were able to enjoy a hearty breakfast, some fun and games and take home a bag of goodies. Another team went the extra mile at Good Commission Ministries on Wulff Road, building them new cabinets and doing other renovation works within the building.



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