Utter Contempt for Bahamians!


Baha Mar lights are even after owing BEC 19.5 Million while the straw vendor and domestic workers lights are off! PART 2

Workers headed home from Bah Mar on Monday!
Workers headed home from Bah Mar on Monday!

Nassau, Bahamas – On Monday before 2:00 pm some two thousand employees at Baha Mar were told to vacate the property as an exercise to fumigate the entire area of pests began.

Workers packed their belongings and went home. A short time later, as some made their exits off the Cable Beach property, a letter began being passed around informing workers of the Chapter 11 development and that they should not return to the property the following day. UTTER CONTEMPT FOR BAHAMIANS!

The entire exercise had caught the Christie Government off guard! In fact, members of the Government – just a week before – were heard patting themselves on the back that a deal between the Chinese Import Export Bank, Baha Mar Officials and the China Construction Company had been reached. But the group, in whom the government had planted so much trust, had betrayed them and left them shaking their heads in bewilderment! UNBELIEVABLE!

What we note to be contemptuous is the fact that no one at Baha Mar saw the need to hold a staff meeting and share the future plans of the development with those who had left stable employment for the pie in the sky! This is reprehensible!

Utter Contempt for Bahamians!

Also last night, Baha Mar was lit up like a Christmas tree in defiance to the people who own and run BEC. Almost every light [including room lights] were on as if the hotel is being occupied and is paying its exorbitant light bill at the Bahamas Electricity Corporation! And what is just disgusting is the fact that Baha Mar owes BEC some $19.5 Million and has listed them as a creditor in the Chapter 11 filings in the Delaware Court! Utter Contempt for Bahamians!

From what we see here in the scheme of things is the fact that Baha Mar is not an honest transparent partner in all this mess! It fumigated the “rats and roaches” – all concocted in a lie laced in untruth – with the innocent workers left pessimistic over their future, many sold a lie and now cheated in a career decision!

Baha Mar’s operators have left workers ill-informed as to any real strategic plans, and worse, they left their partners dumbfounded [INCLUDING THE CHRISTIE GOVERNMENT]. This is incredible! We at Bahamas Press shall not remain silent in the midst of this unholy, UNGODLY conundrum! Utter Contempt!

We will have more to say on these developments!

We report yinner decide!