Atlantis’ greedy behaviors continue to abuse Bahamains – and WE SHALL NOT STAND FOR IT!!!!


UNION leaders ignored and disrespected at GREEDY ATLANTIS!

NASSAU| Someone has to put Greedy Atlantis in check and the sooner the better and tensions at the mega property is rising.

Last week in a bold act Atlantis fired its shop steward in House Keeping Ms Princess Adderley who is a voice for workers. The International Labour Organization ILO is very clear on such Union Busting actions and Greedy Atlantis is clearly becoming a law to itself. 

Here is a hotel that for years has been operating without a legitimate Hotel Agreement. A property that has withheld the gratuities. Delayed salary increases and withdrawn many benefits for workers. And have attempted in a nasty campaign to call on its workers to come against the duly elected Government of the Bahamas! WHAT IS THIS?

Greedy Atlantis for weeks now has been on the radar of BP with our news page warning the property to check itself after the management attempted to launch a campaign in public against Wendy’s and RCI. 

And mind you this is the same GREEDY ATLANTIS that went against the construction of Bahamar and attempted all it can to block vendors and jet ski operators from operating on the beaches at Paradise Island. DEY GREEDY and do not want to share in the benefits of the property which was built on the backs of Bahamians.

Someone has to call GREEDY ATLANTIS out on its vicious hoggish attitudes against development and Bahamians. We at BP will not stand for it and call on property owners Brookfield to check out its President Audrey Oswell and her entire management team on Paradise Island. We promise this will not end well if these many issues go ignored!

Things are about to get hot on Paradise Island and trust us – IT WILL NOT BE THE SUN!