Attack on the Character of Mr. Christie and efforts to bring low the esteem his office in the eyes of the world by Save Da Bays continues….


Save Da Bays – The FNM Superpac -continues with its UNGODLY attack on the PM and DPM! Evidence show they hoped to jail Christie and Davis through an FNM Government!

Save da Bays weekly publication to on PM published in the Punch this morning.
Save da Bays weekly publication to on PM published in the Punch this morning.

Nassau, Bahamas – The attempts by the morning tabloids to besmirch the good name of PM Christie, is downright disgusting. We know that they despise him and his PLP government, but they are so consumed with discrediting him and his government, that they have lost all sense of reason and have totally thrown caution to the wind.

There was a time in this country, never mind their historical opposition to the party of liberation, when journalism was respected to the point of being considered almost like another part of our system of governance. Back then, you never went to press without attempting to get the other side’s response. Back then there was balance. Back then, it was heresy to publish hearsay information from any source, no matter how impeccable, and trade it as fact. Back then, there was professionalism: one’s politics, was subordinated to what was right and proper. Back then, we called our PM PM, not Perry or Christie. Back then we referred to our Ministers as Minister….not Brave and Shane and Fred. The standards of professionalism, respect and common decency have been sacrificed on the alter of personal(or that of their bosses) partisan politics.

The aim of these tabloids is to make us think that while everything in the Government is going to hell in a handbasket, PM Christie is interested only in getting his picture taken.
That’s untrue on both counts. The Government is working tirelessly on many challenges and making progress.

Furthermore, PM Christie, a hard-working man who deeply cares about the people of The Bahamas, spends just about all day every day trying to undo the damage the last government did to the economy and the social fabric of our country. He and his colleagues succeed a little bit more every day. I resent the tabloids’ attempt to smear them, although by now I know they think that is one way they can help their friends in opposition regain power. They don’t care what damage they cause or who he hurts, as long as they can associate them with the PLP.

I know you folks know better. Well, do better. Wishful thinking I guess.

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  1. Mr minnis them are so corup ,they need to focus on themselves and stop trying to cause problems.and the punch better be carful with their untrue story about the pm and DPM

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