Axed MP set to run in upcoming elections because a senior politician cannot tell her “NO”!


NASSAU| A senior politician has no choice but to agree that a female politician can run in her seat in the next general elections.

The female MP, who believes in ordering staff and civilians to stand when she enters a room, regularly met with the senior politician at his government office around 6pm.

The feisty bold MP was recently removed from the Cabinet after it was suggested that it was necessary to place her Ministry under investigation. 

Sources tell us the MP walked into the MP’s office and threw the keys at the senior MP, speaking to him like a child. And while this unfolded, the spouse of the MP was sitting downstairs in the car, filling the job of a chauffeur, going over words in the English language.

Recently, the bold MP was caught building a mansion in the western upscale community. Many believe the MP had no money of her own to build the home, but the senior politician is believed to be behind the construction.

A report suggested the senior MP woke up before curfew hours and parked his vehicle near a walking buddy to inspect the massive construction of the female MP’s home before retreating on his morning walk.

The senior MP has told friends that the gal is the best he has ever encountered in all his years of examining the “vital parts” of women. 

Some believe the MP has more influence over the senior politician than his wife.  Did the senior politician spend the $270,000 to purchase the property out west? Maybe this is why that government investigation has gone quiet and cannot reach the desk of Cabinet or the public. Just know BP will get a copy first!

All we say is this: this ga be long!

We report yinner decide!