Election ballot boxes vanish inside prison and the Speaker calls on PM Minnis to deal with the Parliamentary Registration Office – now in chaos!


Opposition Leader Davis and Speaker Moultrie believes democracy is under threat and that EVERY VOTER MUST RE- REGISTER! Both warn of serious concerns inside the Parliamentary Registration Department.

Ballot Boxes outside to dry from being painted.
Davis Q.C. wants Speaker Moultrie

NASSAU| Chaos erupts inside the Parliamentary Registration Department as ballot boxes go missing deep inside the Prison.

Bahamas Press is learning ballot boxes have already gone missing under Minnis’ watch even before the next General Election. And here’s what we know.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force Marines had charge of the ballot boxes up to Easter Monday when they were to be painted by officers.

Those officers had committed considerable time in preparing the boxes for the big election event. However, between Easter Monday and now, the boxes have vanished deep into the Prison Service and not even staff inside the Parliamentary Registration office knows why or what has happened to the key instruments which will carry the votes of the general public.

Amidst all this confusion and chaos, staff inside the office are experiencing low levels of morale and want answers as to when will their overtime be paid. GET REGISTERED!

Staff tells us the confusion appears to be mounting by the day and workers are unsure as the department is devoid of strong leadership, leadership that appears to not know how to follow the rules. THIS IS SERIOUS!

During the debate on a permanent register Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis that to do so can threaten our democracy and as it was being decided there is a careful process that must be followed to ensure the authenticity of the register.

Yesterday in Parliament Chairman of the Boundaries Commission and Speaker of the House Hon. Halson Moultire also weighed in on his deep concerns about the confusion and chaos from the Parliamentary Registration Office. He called on the Prime Minister to step in and resolve the issues. 

“In the absence of the member for Mount Moriah, as chairman of the commission, I am making a public appeal to the honorable member for Killarney to request that the commission be provided with the updated statistics from the Parliamentary Registration Department by Friday of this week,” Moultrie said.

“It is the intention of the chairman of the commission to conclude its sitting on the 19th of April, which is Monday following. It is impossible and impracticable to give a reasonable report and recommendation without the empirical data.

“The last time the commission received data was on the 22nd of February, 2021, and on the 2nd of March the commission’s meeting was attended by representatives of the Parliamentary Registration Department, and, at that time, there was a pledge that the commission would receive weekly updates.

“Well, from the 1st of March until today’s date, despite multiple enquiries made by Mr Flowers, who assists the clerk of the Parliament, as well as myself, the commission has not been provided with any updates.

“An analysis of the data that was provided on the 22nd of February indicates that in New Providence there are two constituencies that have more than 6,000 voters, that are approaching 7,000 voters — those are the constituencies Golden Isles and Killarney.”

According to Moultrie, 13 constituencies have between 5,000 and 6,000 voters; while another eight constituencies on New Providence have between 4,000 and 4,900 voters; and one constituency on New Providence — St Barnabas — has between 3,000 and 3,900 registered voters.

But while all this is unfolding, we are watching how persons seeking to transfer their registration or be issued a new voter’s card are being turned around and around.  They are turned away and leave the centres without having their requests resolved. 

GOVERNANCE BY CONFUSION! Someone needs to fix all this and you the owners (VOTERS) of the Bahamas MUST REGISTER!!!!

We report yinner decide!