MP who started in Parliament selling burgers now planning to move next door to the wealthiest food store owner in the country!


FNM MPs building huge homes while struggling Bahamians wait for support from NIB!

Huge home for BURGER MP building in eastern New Providence!

NASSAU| A sitting FNM MP had hoped to complete his new home in a community in Eastern New Providence before the General Elections, but after speculation and attention began to focus on it, construction on the home has stopped.

BP arrived on the property over the weekend to inspect the massive home with foundation complete, Many believe the home is being funded through missing public money and contract kickbacks.

The MP, who worked hanging up signs and selling burgers, can now afford a multi-million dollar home on the eastern waterfront next door to the owners of the biggest food store chains in the country! How did that happen in four short years on a public servant’s salary? HOW?

But such construction is the norm for sitting FNM MPs. BP has seen documents that reveal how another sitting MP, who was axed as a Cabinet Minister and who had less than $5,000 in the bank upon coming to office, is now able to afford such an extravagant home (also under construction) to the tune of a million dollars. The property alone has a value of almost $300,000.

Some believe the property was purchased by a former lover who is also in the game of politics bigtime! The sweetheart worked in healthcare and is known around the world for his “juicing” skills.

The now disgraced MP with a cloud of scandal once telephoned the home of her ex-lover detailing what a great time they had together the night before. Meanwhile, the extension of the phone was picked up by the spouse who was in such shock-n-awe from the words of the caller, that there was no chance to say “hello”. The pair were use to having telephone sex.

Meanwhile another FNM who granted his sweetheart, (a steel heavy duty operator) a $30,000 per month garbage contract is also preparing to move out of his two room apartment and behind the gates of a wealthy community on New Providence. Trust us BP is following all the details!

The MP apartment reminds BP of the story of a woman who once lived in a shoe. The home was so small and raggedy, that one of the many kids made the bathroom his own room. The MP once disgraced the country by doping on the world stage, but was still able to ride on the back of the truck of the FNM to sneak into power during the last General Elections.

All we at BP say is this: It ain’t long nah! And the longer its takes the worst it will get!

We report yinner decide!