Bad candidate who cannot get elected now threatens another woman in court – WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS?


Bad candidate is getting worse by the day….

The Bad Candidate paying a voter with fake money out of his car during the election some years back

Nassau, Bahamas — A bad candidate who has been beaten twice as the FNM’s standard-bearer in an eastern consitiuency has once again threatened a woman, this time following a medical incident which went bad.

Bahamas Press has learnt the bad candidate and his bad practice has landed a case with the woman in the Supreme Court.

According to the case, the court has asked for both parties to come to an amicable settlement, however, in his normal personal style of threats to the woman, the bad candidate threatened to turn the woman into ruin and destroy her financially if she takes the court matter any further.

The bad candidate’s record with women is not good and will cause the Opposition party hundreds of votes if they enter him ever again as a candidate.

BP warned Bahamians and FNMs about this same ‘BAD Candidate’ before. After calling the constituents he sought to represent in Parliament “GREEDY”, the bad candidate’s greatest achievement during the last term of Hubert Ingraham was to throw his own wife and a woman out of their homes in the same year.

The big joke is, though, the bad politician wannabe aspires to one day get elected to Parliament by crook and hopefully lead the lost.

All we say is this: That must be another one of his bad ideas.

We report yinner decide!