Bahamas Foreign Office comes out to suggest that Bahamians in China reported no incidents of racism


The Foreign Office though refuses to condemn the racist behaviour now violently and openly displayed against Africans…why?

Minister Darren Henfield

17 April 2020
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Nassau, Bahamas

Eyewitness News Report of Bahamians in China

The Ministry is aware of an Eyewitness News clip of 15 April 2020, circulating in social, reporting that Bahamians in China are “fearful of ongoing racial discrimination”.

In the clip there is a voice message supposedly of a Bahamian national who is expressing such concern.

The Ministry has not received any reports from any Bahamian citizen of racial
discrimination being perpetrated against them in China.

Bahamian officials at The
Embassy of the Bahamas in Beijing, maintain regular contact with Bahamian
students and residents in China through telephone and We Chat, the Chinese version of What’s App.

As of today’s date, 17 April 2020, there were no reports of racial discrimination directed at our nationals.

If any Bahamian national is facing discrimination or any form of distress, or if anyone knows of such difficulties being experienced by Bahamian nationals in China, he or she should advise the Ministry or the Embassy in Beijing immediately so that the matter can be properly investigated.

The Ministry continues to urge all Bahamians to work together and support each other during this difficult period of COVID 19.