Gas stations set to let go some 300 pump attendants as Mean Minnis them orders gas stations to close at 1 PM.


Mean Minnis now creating panic and unemployment in the economic crisis of COVID-19

Rubis Marathon

NASSAU| Some 300 Gas pump attendants are set to lose their jobs tomorrow as PM Minnis continues to create CHAOS, PANIC, and UNEMPLOYMENT across the country!

Gas stations were ordered to closed down at 1 PM despite an earlier notice to have a station close their operations at 5 pm.

The move has forced operators, who shared a three-day workweek among pump attendants, to layoff the most vulnerable workers already struggling on short cut pay.

Sources tell BP, “This is so sad. Prior to the five-day shutdown we were allowed to open until 5 pm thus, rather than laying off workers, we shared the workweek. But now, with this closure at 1 pm, stations have no choice but to let some of the staff go. This is wrong and shows our leaders do not have any conscience as to what is happening on the ground in an already tough economy and chaotic world.

“These same small workers who are laid off will have to go home without bread! They have obligations like rent to pay! How could a Prime Minister and his COMPETENT AUTHORITY do this to people?”

BP, though, believes the idea of shutting down the gas stations early is all about reducing community shopping at local stations and increasing shopping at larger food stores! Helping Rupert Roberts and Brent Symonette dem! After all the PM told us how he has conference meetings with grocers.

This is an egregious act and is an unthinkable exercise being done against small Bahamians. Boy, Mean Minnis, look how you are creating unemployment amongst the people.

We report yinner decide!–


  1. The leaderships here are rich deputies of the declining empire, they have their instructions. They know exactly what they are doing. they can see how much damage their dumb orders are, but they have or disobey and lose their holdings. After all their wealth is corruption, and even their masters knows that…

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