Bahamas Press Cartoon of the Week! "Papi Pinhead Skool"




  1. Bush crack Johnlee gone another wink reggie out one bat of the eye carl gone Ivoine was only mouth with no office so he just at ground zero is this the kind of treatment people want dont move else ya fired I say so mentality

  2. Objective Thought :Boy, are we up the creek with no paddle… And HI said that more we talk about him the more FNMs love him… He must be does do voodoo!!!

    “Iron meet Iron:, He had his back wash by an Old Lady in Dundas Town in 1992 to beat Ping. She told him” iron meet iron”. His lucky number is 7. Check out all of his license plates eg 421.

  3. BP, this is very appropriate. It is just how Ingraham “Papa Doc” treats them and the Country, like little Children.

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