Bahamas Press gives guidance on the authentic material shared by our page handle on social media…


NASSAU| Unknown to our many thousands of readers across the social media world, Bahamas Press has been in a battle to maintain our network online.

Trolls (connected to the OUSTED MINNIS FNM REGIME) have done everything in their power to try disrupt our network. These attacks started some months ago with disruptions to our network server which hosts  They then moved on to try to disrupt our multiple social pages Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and even Whatsapp pages.

On the WhatsApp social platform, these trolls have gone to the dishonest, wicked low of arranging articles that have not come from our writers, nor are presented on any of our social media pages. THIS IS JUST HOW LOW DESPERATE TROLLS WILL GO to spread lies and misinformation to you, our readers.

As we stabilize our network and bring greater reforms to how news and information will be circulated on our network, BP advises all WhatsApp followers to delete and not share any material which appears to be from us but is not linked to our website or social media page. (See example below)!

As advised by our legal teams, all updates will be shared with our WEBSITE and have a direct link prints on them linked which connects back to our website . This will distinguish material shared by us (particularly) on WhatsApp and those shared by bad actors (AKA THE FNM TALIBAN DEM) pretending to disguise themselves as Bahamas Press. (THEY HAVE NO SHAME and we have warned yinner many times … MINNIS and his FNM DUTTY CREW DOES LIE).

We at Bahamas Press wish to advise the public of these developments and remind our faithful who are committed to the truth to follow us on any of the following pages in our host of online social media networks: | Breaking News Updates

Facebook search | The BP PRESS


Instagram | Bahamaspress

Youtube | Bahamas Press

We report yinner decide!