Bahamas Press is being Blocked In The Bahamas


Tuesday March 1st, 2011


Nassau, Bahamas — Readers of are presently being blocked in The Bahamas.

The website has been displaying a “SERVER NOT FOUND” message online throughout the country.

We are indeed saddened by this last-ditch attempt to derail democracy in The Bahamas. We apologize to our thousands of local readers in The Bahamas, who have been victims of this most “VICKED” move that we believe is being perpetrated by The Government of the Bahamas through its embattled agency, URCA.

Our technical teams inside and outside The Bahamas are presently troubleshooting this setback, and we assure you that operations will resume fully in the not-to-distant future.

We post this message, however, to advance formal notice of our deep concerns now being felt throughout the Bahama Islands. Our International operations have gone unaffected by this “sabotage” inside the Bahamas.

Readers around the world reading this message should note, however, that Bahamians are shutoff from the rest of the world through this medium, and the freedoms of expression they once enjoyed via this website no longer exists.

We call on our affiliates around the world to bring pressure on this UNCARING, OUTGOING INGRAHAM REGIME in the Bahamas, encouraging them to cease and desist from its totalitarian tactics and arm themselves once again with the tenets of Democracy and Justice for the rights of a people to express themselves freely.

Bahamas Press can be accessed via the following link however:


Bahamas Press /Editor


  1. Now i must say I am ashame of Phillipa LA-D-E Russell. for a moment i held you to high esteem and a well respected LA-D-E, that is all gone out the window now. why would you be throwing such stones and accusations and following these folks on this site? i hae just stripped you of the so call title of LADY…ladies dont carry on like this. ladies condut themselves differently, are you a lady Phillipa? or you are just carrying the name, think about your comments on this page and maybe, just maybe you can recant them……………………..A WORD TO THE WISE IS SUFFICIENT

  2. Wow and there I was thinking that Bahamas Press believed in DEMOCRACY.
    Don’t I have the right to decide what paper I want my letters to be
    published in or do I ?
    I really thought ya’ll understood what the word Democracy mean’t maybe I am
    wrong . I was under the impression that in a Democratic country I would
    have the right to choose which paper I wanted my letters in , but I guess I
    am wrong for assuming this. I have been wrong once or twice before but then
    again I don’t want to be perfect because they crucified my LORD for being
    perfect and I certainly don’t want to be crucified.
    As for exposing what you know have it my brother like I said before it is
    like water off a duck’s back.
    You see I told the world what they know about me unlike some other people
    I know who still deny to the public what happened in their past, so have fun
    because I will be having lots of fun over the next 11 or 12 months then
    after it is all over we may be able to have a drink to celebrate the

    • And oh Abner we were still awaiting on you to exercise that FREEDOM and send us that said letter you wrote. Perhaps it is true you never wrote it. You could not send it for us to even read for ourselves. We would have not publish it anyway without your approval!

      But Carry on!


  3. I just left the same message twice, I wonder why it is not getting put on this site because the second time BP replied that I had already posted this message

  4. Now Phillippa wouldn’t you really like to know what my number is? I would think that someone with your many TALENTS would be able to find out my number very easily. As to my manhood you can check with my wife and I believe she would tell you.
    Gorman contrary to some other people I know no one has ever written any LETTER or SPEECH for ABNER PINDER because I would refuse to have my name signed to it if it does not cme from me.
    As you are well aware I am an individual who can and does think for myself whether it is by letter or from a platform and that is why all over this country the people who know me Like me even diehard plp’s because I have shown them that at no time from one election to the other do I let Politics play any roll in my thinking when it comes to helping a brother or sister who needs help.
    I am not like some loud mouth people we know who make a lot of noise but do nothing to help others, I talk the talk and then also walk the walk to help one and all.
    I understand and was told by someone who was listening that Steve took me to task about the letter in the Tribune but that is like water off a duck’s back to me because again he is someone who does a lot of talking but I would like to know who he truly tries to help besides himself and that the part about being a good PLP that I do not care for , it is all for me Baby and don’t give a hoot about anyone else.

    • Now watch this yall…UMUMUMUM: Mr. Abner Pinder, why didn’t you forward BP a copy of that letter you sent to the Tribune so we can publish? You are always on here, but you couldn’t send BP that so we could print? Or did the Tribune wrote that for you as they do in the letters from Ivoine Ingraham?

      Things that make ya go hmmmmmmm!

      I ga tell ya now Abner, I don’t believe you wrote that letter if ya tell me that to my face.


    • Can ABNER PINDER advise the court of public opinion what were the details of his last letter as published in the Tribune? Pinder has refused to share the contents of that communication with the people of Bahamas Press. We note we have asked the Spanish Wells islander to provide us a copy of “his” letter. He has denied us that privileged.

      In response to our request, Abner Pinder wrote BP the following:

      As you know by now I have been around for a long time and I only write
      letters to be published in the Tribune and I also do not write for the
      sake of writing, it has to be something which gets me irritated because we
      have an unfortunate amount of people in this country that are Politically
      Immature and do not realize that the 5 yrs. between elections we are all
      Bahamians and have to live together and get along with each other whether
      we like it or not.
      I was one of the first people to call my friend Perry to congratulate him
      on the PLP’S victory and to offer my services in anything that he needed
      done in N. Eleu. as long as it was not politically motivated and he thanked
      me for this because he knows that first and foremost the welfare and
      betterment of the people of N. Eleu. are what mean more to me than most
      things in my life besides my family, so I will continue to be there for
      these people whether they are PLP or FNM when they need me and you can
      check any sensible PLP in this area and they will tell you this . It is
      only the ones who are bitter at me that will say differently because they
      blame me for the PLP not being able to win N. Eleu. This blame I am happy
      to carry .


      We therefore wish for Mr. Pinder to note we are in possession of his last letter and we invite him to share its contents [IF HE IS TRULY] aware of its contents.

      This court therefore concludes, since Mr. Pinder has denied us copy of the letter, and has refused to share its contents with the BP readers, we not the following:

      (I) At no time did Abner Pinder wrote the letter published by the Tribune because he could not share its contents nor provide us with a digital copy.

      (2) The TOILET PAPER – Who we invite the ENTIRE NATION TO BOYCOTT INCLUDING PERSONS OPPOSED TO THE SALE OF BTC – should cease and desist from using the names of men who has no knowledge of what their names are being added to.



  5. @pratty. You and I are in agreement on something this site was most definitely down and I could get the tribune, the bahama jornal and the nassau guardian online as well as the tamrind switch and bahamasuncensoured online. Cable Bahamas is my isp so I just did the arithmetic, but 1 + 1 doesn’t always equal 3.. Maybe just a ghost in the machine or Gorman playing… I believe it’s the ghost of PAPA.. Wha U tink>

    • @conflicted I believe it is the editors father and sir Lynden’GHOST that is haunting him.Run Gorman run they are coming to get youuuuuuuuuuuuu

  6. As far as Bahamas Press being down.Isay desperate men do desperate things.Anyone that would turn against his own flesh and blood would do anything.BP SHUT DOWN HIS OWN SITE.HE IS A SNAKE IN THE GRASS AND IS CAPABLE OF DOING ANYTHING

  7. Steve Mckinney the wannabe talk show host who has now teamed up with GORMAN BANNISTER of BP is doing more damage than good to the Bahamas with his racist talk than was done by the PLP during the roots era.Keep it up Stevie boy the FNM is loving you more and more.
    As far as Bahamas Press being down.I

  8. Wonder how that women who got fired from ZNS makes a living?She have so much to say. How come with all of these private radio and tv station in the Bahamas not one picked her to do a show.She let Erin Greene come from the food business beat her.

    • If you are multi-skilled and can multi-task then all the mystery about my lifestyle is revealed. However, if you would simply turn on your radio to Love 97 FM any Sunday evening at 6PM, then you will hear one of my income sources playing. Finally, if you have the ability to comprehend what is being communicated, you would ask God to forgive your ignorance!

  9. hey is this the same Phillipa Russell who got fired from ZNS after th 07 election anwho once admitted of air that she was anight crawler an am bein polite here .if so yeah right lady my Azz.

    • @ tired of bp crap:

      Oh yeah, I’m the same person whom your low down dutty leader fired from ZNS on the Saturday night of his stolen victory on Clifford Park. But I am not the person who drank Green Seal in that $2.00 brothel with your mother! You have me confused with your kind, believe me you are mistaken!

      So go work your money-maker and shut up!

  10. I find it so amazing that all who are criticizing Papa don’t recognize or acknowledge the fact that prior to 1992 you couldn’t try doing it!!! Not even attempt to lambaste any member of the PLP regime openly and survive!!! Everyone forget “Roots” and what that PLP party was all about. I have to say thanks to Ingraham, as he opened an environment of free speech. At times I sit back and still wonder how persons support the Progressive Liberal Party when, I, as a Bahamian am so angered by the manner in which this same party allows its greatest supporters in the inner city to continue to suffer and live in filthy conditions! When that party was in power there was not concerted effort to improve those communities, yet they continue to say its a party for the people! This truly concerns me as a Bahamian! Truly does!

  11. i got trouble last night logging on. now i cannot get the tribune site. looks like that is papa too? you’ll are sooooo petty.

  12. Phillippa Dear I have not been around for 61 years twiddling my fingers , I know more than you think I do, so you are right a WORD to the WISE should be sufficient enough said for now.

    • How many people believe Abner Pinder wrote that letter in the Tribune? Pinder statement was in the Tribune, ya think BP own ga get in?


  13. Bric brac I nor Papa NEED ANY SYMPATHY. we are both real men and can stand up under any pressure.
    All over the bahamas and in the U S . Intrnet users have these same problems and lets be REAL if someone was able to block it then that person would be able to keep it blocked. I probably check B P more than most people and I have yet to have a problem getting on . Maybe we in Eleuthera have better service than other people I don’t know.

    • @ Abner Pinder:

      Please speak to the issue of your own manhood, Mr Pinder!

      There is living proof that PAPA only look like an oogly man…the facts suggest something otherwise…..a word to the wise should be sufficient!

    • @Abner Pinder:


  14. People, these are some serious times, if we’re not careful communism will have taken over our democracy while we stand here bickering and questioning BP, the one network that dare tell us the truth

    • This is some serious hilarity! Actually, all of the Socialists that are writing comments on BP are much worse. Expecting Government to give them freebies, regardless of where the funds have to come from. We have it very good in the Bahamas, much better than more than half of the world If we want to make our lives better, we should take personal responsibility for own actions. If you don’t like HI, then vote him out next year. In the mean time, step and be responsible for your own life, bills, personal actions, etc. Stop expecting free stuff.

        • @ Phillippa Lady Russell

          Thanks for the productive comments. lol

          I couldn’t access several site between last night and early this morning. It’s quite reasonable to believe that this was a DNS issue, as BTC and Cable Bahamas have had problems in the past rendering more utilized sites like Google in the past. Still, it’s pretty sad that so many people are sitting on so much rage and willing to go with a Mob Mentality response to bring down the government. Not the right solution my friend, get your numbers together and vote the people out if you want, but I doubt it’s going to be much better with the other guys.

  15. This is no doubt a tactic of the EVIL Ingraham Empire! First they fire S. McKinney (for the 2nd time), they have their goons attempt to intimidate those that protested and NOW they blocking BP! Ingraham MUST GO!

  16. Yes!! the truth is the the sight was not accesable from around 9pm yesterday until now. in order for me to get on I had to employ a different method for the norm. You people need to stop and thing. There must some form of interference taking place,otherwise why would this problem exsist. Freedom of the press is an important part of democratic process.When we as a people see these like this happening we should not sit and take it lightly whether we are plp,fnm,ndp,bdp or others. we have a right to free expression and no one should seek to silence us. Bp stand up and stay firm it is your right ,

  17. BP – you know I am your biggest fan but I don’t think I am BIASED when I say that I find this very unfortunate that we have come to this. They fired Steve McKinney now this? It’s a sad day in our little democracy!

  18. Are you sure it wasn’t something to do with the BP hosting service? Things breakdown all the time. Google’s gmail service went down for 150,000 people 2 days ago, with recovery of services just coming back. Do BP use a blog hosting service overseas or an office computer?

  19. Well, BP wasn’t the only site with issues this morning. When I was attempting to go to espn’s site, I had issues. Guess The Bahamas Gov’t and BTc was causing me not to access espn too???? WTF? Come on man! Let’s stop this propaganda B.S!!!!! I still wondering why BP not mentioning how Brave Davis is the attorney representing Blue Water???? How could that man be representing a company that was looking to purchase shares in BTC as a Member of Parliament and at the time Blue Water was gonna be given the okay to purchase, Mr. Davis was a member of the governing party in 2007??? BP please provide details of that relationship.

  20. BP Glad you are back on line. Your site was unavailable all morning here in Abaco until just a few minutes ago. I have not a clue as to why we could not get through to your site, but others were available without a problem.
    Glad you are back on, as this is the only site now in the Country that gives out straight information.
    Good to have you back!

  21. Yes BP something stinks in bahamian waters. Can you imagine if these people get control of all our telecommunications BP.

  22. Yall really does talk A**. How the website could be blocked, and I sign right on to it, like usual. Continue to try to spread crap around the world ’bout Bahamians don’t have no freedom of expression, you’ll be pickin’ sh** out a** soon

    • I had problems logging in to this site also, in fact a red screen came up informing me that the site was blocked.

      Sorry truth hurts.

      • The post by the BCPOU President denying any political candidacy interests, so disturbed the “proposed” URCA/CWC thieves, that they attempted to hijack the BP site last evening so that many would miss this important news item. The Truth is detrimental to their LIE!

        Thank you BP for you persistence!


          We are preparing letters to the United Nations President The Queen and to our contacts around the world how desperate this VICKED OUTGOING FNM REGIME IS in the Bahamas!

          HELP US!


      • There may have just been something wrong with your connection… I know it happens to me sometime trying to get on facebook but I have to fix the connection and it comes back up so don’t be tryin to spread garbage but the government get the site blocked…

  23. B P as I asked on one of your other sites , what area of the Bahamas and who are the ones you are saying cannot get Bahas press because you know I live in Eleuthera and we here have no problem getting Bahamas Press or is this a cry for sympathy

    • Abner, I was down all night. I live on Carmichael Road. The site was down all last night. BP does not need sympathy. I see you looking for some for Papa this morning in the Tribune. I quess you forgot 1992 and the things that were said by the FNM abou Pindling.

      • If BP was blocked, how come it works now? Dis just silly way to generate a false perceptions that government doing bad stuff. Fail

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