Breaking News Popular TV Host Erin Ferguson Detained by Police for Questioning


Citizens’ Review Group arrival at the airport in Rock Sound Eleuthera. Front Row – Left to right: Kahlin Griffin, Anjelica Maycock, Keiannah Charlton, Charles Harvey, Denielle Miller, Sloan Smith, Justin Lewis. Back Row -Left to right: Craig Cates, Charles Rose, Erin Ferguson, Ambassador Demathio Forbes, Alana Dillette. File Photo

Nassau, Bahamas — Bahamas Press has learnt popular TV host of Citizen’s Review, Erin Ferguson, is being detained by police this morning.

Ferguson is presently being questioned in the police interrogation room at the Central Police Station in downtown Nassau. We are told he was denied counsel. BP is monitoring this situation. What in the hell could Papa and his minions be up to now.

Fire at City Markets Freeport

Freeport GB — A small fire at the City Market Downtown Freeport, Grand Bahama store has been extinguished.

In a press statement the company reported the fire occurred as workmen hired by the building’s landlord Mr. Franklyn Butler were attempting to repair a part of the air conditioning system at the City Market Store.

The store was evacuated immediately at 9:52am Tuesday March 1st, 2011 and resumed full operation by 11:35am on the same day.

Minimal impact was had on the building and store.

Some 260 illegals arrested

Exuma Bahamas — BP is reporting some 260 illegals have been captured while sailing in the Exuma and Eleuthera areas of the Bahamas.

The flotilla of ships have been ordered to return to Haiti and is being escorted back to the Caribbean island.


  1. The Haitians are invading our country. We are under attack by the Haitians. If we are not very careful there will be an uprising of Haitians and we will be forced to physically fight for our country. The immediate round up and deportation of the Haitians must commence IMMEDIATELY. WE ARE UNDER ATTACK! THEY ARE LEAVING THEIR COUNTRY BY THE HUNDREDS “DAILY”

  2. @Phillippa Lady Russell To respond to Chucky cause me to wonder about you… They say let asses bray, that how we know what they are no matter how they discuse themselves. HAI, LOL

    • Get over it Lady……u all lost in 2007. police,they are doing their job, hope u doing yours….rebels without a cause dats what u all are

      • @ Chucky:

        Hey Chucky, I almost missed your dumb jerk remark! Are you a man or that little demonic doll from the movie? You seem to agree that Bahamians exercising their democratic rights to protest the “proposed” sale of BTC should be intimidated or attacked by dogs. How sad! I can only conclude that you are not a real Bahamian, true citizens frown on any questionable activity being conducted by any arm of the government.

        Hope you never get a Bahamian passport, as your comments reflect that you are an enemy of the Bahamian people!

  3. Just heard Erin Ferguson on Hardcopy explain that he was arrested for traffic violations that took place over 2 yrs ago when his family operated a restaurant on West Bay Street.He further explained that the traffic tickets issued were questionable as the area where his family business car was parked was contested.Yes Storm stupid pressure is being brought to bear on critics of the Govt.The most disgusting thing about this arrest is the fact that Ferguson was paraded down Bay St handcuffed.Wowee

  4. This is the same old FRIGHTEN INTO SILENCE strategy that was employed during the last stage of the Pindling dynasty. The 3 steps strategy begins with a “detention” and “questioning” THAT NEVER DEVELOPS INTO ANY THING ELSE. Then a rumour is “floated” and because WE ARE SO GULLIBLE WE EMBRACE IT, SWALLOWING IT WHOLE. Their objective is place a credibility gap in Erin’s life. The FBI tried this on Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, didn’t work then, WE WON’T LET IT WORK ON ERIN FERGUSON NOW.

    The authority of our Police Force is probably being abused, with directives coming from those who have the most to lose as a consequnece of Erin Ferguson’s, accurate, timely and widely embraced “blistering criticism” and assessment of all things political in this country.

    A subliminal message is being sent to other talk show host and vocal critics of the government to “take note.” This kind of shadowy conduct happens with such regularity that it is impossible for sober minded Bahamians to see the police force and ZNS as any thing other than minions of the government of the day.

    • @ STORM:

      I hear you Storm, but I expect that on that soon great day when the rubber meets the road and thousands of Bahamians descend on Bay Street to demand an end to this CWC/URCA insult, that our well-trained Commissioner Ellison Greenslade will uphold the Law by protecting our right of free assembly and peaceful protest.

      Commissioner Greenslade sored 100% in his Law classes at the College of The Bahamas and is most knowledgeable about our rights guaranteed under The Bahamas Constitution. On his overseas training courses he also excelled.

      I have no fear of Commissioner Greenslade’s leadership. Now on the question of the presence of Police dogs. We will take every precaution to disable any loose, threatening animals unleashed to maul innocent Bahamians. As you may be aware, hot sours renders them harmless.

  5. We wait prayerfully to hear the charges,if any. It is more than coincidental that persons who speak disrespecfully to members of the compromised Ingraham administration arte being held for questioning.

    When my colleague, Mr. Robert “Freetinka” Symonette was arrested as we left the protest on Bay Street last Wednesday, I realised that any negative comments uttered against these cowardly MP’s may result in detention. But I say to them in the words of my former housekeeper: “Peple talk badly about the Queen of England, our Head of State, so who the hell are you,…Tommy Turnquest, Hubert Ingraham, Zhivago Laing, et al?

    Should they continue to push the envelope by abusing their authority, then we will happily tell The Bahamas who these “men?” realy are, when not pretending at being Honourable!

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