Citizen’s Review Host Erin Ferguson Arrested on Bay Street


Host of Citizen's Review, Erin Ferguson, was arrested today and paraded in the centre of Downtown Nassau.

Nassau, Bahamas — Today I was arrested in the Middle of downtown Bay Street Nassau Bahamas, for some old traffic violations that appear to be from the time when my Father was alive and we had Coco-Nuts Bahamas Grill. We were being regularly harassed by the Police who were said to be in collusion with our landlords to cause an issue
with our business.

Well I am fine, all is well with me, I have attached Photos Taken By David Hayes, Creative Director for Citizens’ review who was with me at the time.

These Photos show how unusual it was for the police to arrest me with Handcuff in the Middle of Downtown and Parade me like a live show on the main street. And when i say on the main street I mean, he left the side walk entered the road and was carrying me  along in cuffs on Bay street, next to the traffic and cars, and pass the Main Parliament Building. (Need i say that the officer was approximately 5ft, 1inch)

Erin A. Ferguson
Senior Vice President
Hidden Treasures Bahamas, Ltd.


  1. Oh really stormy? Bahamians are caught red handed every day, some on film and still maintain their innocence! Now, I will have to assume that that particular officer plies the beat where the offense took place. In any event, go to Court and make your case. Do not think that you are so big and brassy that you can play by your own rules.

    • @ Thomas Finley:

      Fear not! Nothing about my posting was meant to threaten you. As you are an adoring fan of Mr Ingraham’s, it is unlikely that you will ever be singled out for punishment.

      Similarly, should Perry Christie ever become Prime Minister again, he is not a victimizer, so you remain safe!

      AHHH, I think I’ve got it TF! You are simply pretending to adore Mr Ingraham, so that he may not harm you and your family! Am I correct?

  2. @ Thomas Finley

    You seem intelligent enough to understand the “clear difference” between your matter and that of Erin Ferguson, so is it that you are being deliberate in your inability to grasp that difference. What in the world is there to “contest” if a head light is inoperable?

    Erin has a fundamental issue which deals with the application (or misapplication) of a policy (or allowance) where some store owners are permitted to park their vehicles in front of their establishment while others (apparently conveniently while unrelated rental matters are on-going, suddenly become unable to do the same). You keep “dancing” around THIS CLEAR CONTRADICTION AND MISAPPLICATION OF THE LAW OR TRAFFIC POLICY. Again, I say: How is it that only 1 police officer understood or interpreted the parking of this vehicle to be a violation of the law/policy. Answer that Thomas Finley.

  3. I got a ticket before for busted headlights, and the Officer instructed me to pay by a certain date, or register that you will contest, before that date so a Court hearing will be set. If you do not pay, or register that you will contest, you will get shaft. Did Mr. Ferguson register that he would contest? It is hard to argue this in a vacuum. We need to know what Erin Ferguson knew and when he knew it, and what he did about it.

  4. Thank God for the men and women of the RBPF if not for their hard work and effort we would end up like some of carribean neighbours who have millarty patrolling their streets we dont know how blessed we are these men and women of the force have families just like me and you they worship the same God as me and you eat the same food have the same type of blood but yet still we critize instead of supporting them how do you think you would feel if your husband or wife would have to leave home late at nite to go to work to fight these criminal eliments day after day and dont know if they would return home just to make this Bahamas a safer place. We need to stop fighting and cussing each other out over foolishness man cmon!!!!!!!!!

  5. Why do people blame the police for criminals getting release on bail once a preson is arrest for a criminal offence charged and placed before the courts the matter is out of the police hands so dont blame the police for that. Secondly if you are the driver of any vehicle it being yours a friends or the companys vehicle you are responsible for that vehicle and if you get a ticket you are responsible for paying it and if you are wrong there is a court date set for you to appear in court to have a voice if you feel that are not wrong so if you fail to do both there should be penalty and mr Ferguson got his no one is above the law please read your penal code

  6. @ Thomas Finley

    We are not dealing with a military matter. In legal matters involving parking ticket charges you proclaim your innocence BY NOT PAYING THE TICKET AND HAVING THE MATTER DETERMINED BY A RULING FROM THE COURTS. Your suggestion that he “comply then complain” is the equivalent of suggesting that one pleads “guilty’ to expressed charges then assume a position which says “no, I’m really innocent of what I just pleaded guilty to” (I don’t follow your reasoning).


  7. Stormy, I re-read the Lady’s post, and I maintain my conclusion. But, I do not fear man. Like the brother says, ” we are but dust,etc….”.

    Now to your point about Mr. Ferguson, Hard Copy, etc. In the military, you comply, then complain. You do not ignore a summons. You go and argue, and hopefully persuade the Magistrate with your argument. I give Mr. Ferguson wrong for ignoring the Court order..

  8. @ Thomas Finley

    I gathered that if she was God she would have some of her personal experiences or other experiences that she knows about (all amounting to abuse of power) visited on you, so that you can KNOW FIRST HAND HOW IT FEELS TO BE IN THAT STATE. Read her post again.

    While you are at it how about responding to my post, which was made to help clarify your post about Erin Ferguson (or have the facts shamed you into silence in that regard).


  10. BP, you read how that woman from Freeport who calls herself a Lady, wishes that she were in a position to victimize me and my family? Guess what, these days, we not takin’ dat.Besides, like the great H. A. Ingraham, ‘ I don’ have nuttin, and I don’ want nuttin.’ Those days are finished, despite the dear Lady. And, she want sympathy from the public for what she went through even though she brought it on herself. What hypocrisy.

    • @ Thomas Finley:

      I’m brewing a pot of Chamomile Tea, which aids in restful sleep, would you like a cup?

      You said that you are not taking any of the ‘great'(?) Hubert Ingraham’s victimization package, well hats off to you!

      Re: “I don’ have nuttin’ and I don’ wan’ nuttin” was simply another Ingraham lie! His friend Alphonzo “Bogaloo” Elliot, who was recently knighted for ??? (reasons undisclosed) although it has been suggested that hidding Ingraham’s wealth was the primary motive, could perhaps give you specifics. Then, you too may understand why that infamous quote of Ingraham’s about having “NUTTIN'” is a LIE!

      I would quote from his farewell speech after his two term promise to quit as Prime Minister in 2002 to show you another of Ingraham’s outrageous LIES, but the Chamomile is kicking -in!

  11. Why so serious?

    Bahamians take everything to heart. We no nothing of satire and jest. No one is suggesting that the officer is in the wrong for performing his duties. We should be able to laugh at ourselves sometimes. In this country you can’t say a word about your PM, ministers and other folks and people call you rude. We really need to lighten up. LOL I like the officer 5.0 joke.

  12. @ truthhurts

    In other circles your effort would be called a pathetic attempt to deflect attention, towards changing the discussion, but I won’t call it that here.

    In your estimation of things what should we preoccupy ourselves with? Bahamians are attempting to establish
    “a collective course” for the “destination” that WE WANT OUR CHILDREN TO ONE DAY ARRIVE AT, and that before the ship of “opportunity” sets sail, which is likely to occur before the next election. WE ARE REITERATING THIS “DEMAND” TO THOSE HIRED BY US TO STEER THE SHIP ALONG THE WAY. But clearly you have other concerns. Share with us WHAT YOU THINK SHOULD BE DISCUSSED AT THIS TIME INSTEAD OF OUR ASPIRATIONS.

  13. When will ‘Truthhurts’, ‘ThomasFinley’ and all these other idiots realize that we are not living in the US with Freedom of Speech, we are living like those people in Egypt- a state of emergency! How can we say we have freedom of speech, as Erin Ferguson and many others, are targeted thru various means of intimidation and warnings, when they speak out against Hubert and the FNM. Just because he isn’t shot on sight, does not mean he is not being intimidated and bullied. Do we have to get to the point of violence against people(E.g, if they had let those canines loose during that march)before we realize we are oppressed? When was year 1 of Mubarak and Gaddafi’s rule? Did the people realize at the beginning, when perhaps they could have stopped the madness from escalating to uncontrollable proportions? Or in year 1, were Truthhurts and ThomasFInley saying ‘He means well, stop complaining’ in Egypt and Libya? We cannot listen to dullards like these who cannot grasp realities as they are.
    We must continue to strive against this dictator now, and stop pretending things are all right. Continue to march, March on Bahamaland!

    • @ Denise

      Thank you for that encouraging word!

      We are preparing for a great protest march on Bay Street to SAVE BTC FOR BAHAMIANS on Monday 9AM, March 21, 2011 and from your powerfull commentary I expect that you will be there too. Amen!

  14. My fellow Bahamians, it saddens me greatly to see this unhealthy pre-occupation with the “they out to get me theory”. Hubert Ingraham is but one mortal man. I seriously doubt that Mr. Ingraham has the time or desire to sit about like some spiteful child, to deliberately target everyone that he has been accused of victimizing. People you cannot spend the entire five years of a government’s term in office, griping and carrying on about what they are doing that you don’t like. If enough people are disgruntled, then their time will come in 2012. But please this is too unhealthy. This constant barage could cause you people to get high blood pressure. There is so much more out there to do.

    • People spend the entire time between elections wrestling with acute buyers remorse. This is occasioned by the stunningly poor performance of most of the people elected to conduct the people’s business,(especially those kissasses and cronies appointed to Cabinet) the ill-advised projects initiated during the term, the staunch obfuscations, transparent prevarications and ongoing blatant corruption of the five year period. This syndrome will give most caring folks feelings of deep anxiety, knowing as we do that, without being able to recall and punish the incompetence, graft,high crimes and other misbehaviour there is nothing we CAN do until the baton is passed to the other cast and crew of liars, slimeballs and petty dictators. (And the game begins another inning)
      So,just sit tight,feel free to post while you drink your Ingrum flavored Kool-Aid, make apologies,and defend his arrogant ass.

  15. I hope all eyes are on this officers, he deserves Commondation from his superiors not Critizisms from the public, that is why the Bahamas is in the State that it is in we need more officers to do their jobs, this officer apparently just joined the force, where were the “Tall” officers, why were they not doing their job for two years, that is why the Crime Rate so high, one thing leads to the next.

  16. send him in the following areas to clean it up for the giant policemen, he is like the Commissioner, “he ain’t scared”: Bain Town, Nassau Village, Yellow Elder, Kemp Road, Carmicheal Rd, Yamacraw and ALL Web Shops so that the Bahamas would be a safer place to live in.

    He is like David and Golieth.





  18. Maybe that officer should be wearing at lease an additional 5″ heels so that maybe he could reach Erins chest WITHOUT the helmet!!!LMAO!! Doesn’t the force have a minimum hight restriction?
    (Sorry I couldn’t resist LOL!!)

  19. @ everyone cussin each other out. Yall are missing a fundamental point police officers issue traffic citations u are given a date to pay that fine. if u fail to pay u are then contesting the issuance of that ticket there is a subsequent date to appear in court to enter a plea regardin the citation if u fail to appear in court then an only then is a warrant of arrest issued for your nonappearance in court from that point on any contact u have upon a name check being of u will result in showing an outstanding warrant from the courts an thus arrest.

  20. @ Thomas Finley

    Your comments do not take into consideration what Erin Ferguson disclosed “live” on Steve McKinney’s show, Hard Copy, yesterday (Tuesday). Erin said that the matter before the courts has controversy associated with it. His contention with the tickets is that they should noit have been issued because the “company vehicle” was parked in front of the “business establishment”. THIS ALLOWANCE APPLIES EVERYWHERE, INCLUSIVE OF THE BUSY BAY STREET (SO A RESTAURANT LOCATED OPPOSITE LONG WHARF BEACH ON WEST BAY STREET MUST REASONABLY RECEIVE THE SAME CONSIDERATIONS). Right!!!

    Erin went further and alleged that ALL OF THE TICKETS WERE ISSUED BY ONE (1) POLICE OFFICER (now either only one police officer knows the law as it is applied to traffic violations or open your mind to the reality of corruption in your Bahamas) who Erin said “harassed” him endlessly during (get this Thomas) A PARTICULAR PERIOD OF TIME WHEN HIS FAMILY AND THEIR BUSINESS WAS ENGAGED IN AN UGLY DISPUTE WITH THEIR LANDLORD (need I say more).

    We can’t retreat into a cocoon of wonderful philosophy and glorious “sayings” to soothe ourselves while corruption runs rampant all around us. A recent report on the amount of traffic warrants outstanding compared with the number of officer designated to oversee the serving of them puts the average time for delivery some 6 years away, and growing. When you see things fast-forwarded (i.e. John Travolta case, Pleasant Bridgewater case, etc., etc.) YOU SHOULD REALIZE HOW SUSCEPTIBLE TO ABUSE THE ENTIRE SYSTEM IS. THOSE WHO CAN “INSTRUCT THAT CERTAIN THINGS BE DONE” apparently do so to attain ceratin ends. This is an attempt at character assassination BY SOMEONE WHO CAN INSTRUCT and if you still can’t connect the dots then God help you.

  21. my girlfriend was arrested from her job for unpaid two tickets she thought was history. She did not pay, she did appear in court, and the law followed it’s course. Pay for your tickets and this will not happen to you!

  22. Where was he arrested, If he was arrested downtown should he have been walked through the side streets. Walking to the station is considered paraded because of the individual. I can understand the handcuffs may not have been necessary, but that is a matter of discretion.


  24. Erin Ferguson is no better or no worse that anyone else. We are all equal before the Law. You Bahamians make me ill sometimes with your bullcrap. So only the poor,the unknown, or the unconnected should be arrested wherever they are found if there are outstanding warrants for their arrest? If you though about it, the most likely place that one would be arrested is on Public Property, like a street.

    The folk who support these attacks are corrupt to the core, and perhaps do not realise it. They are lacking in character. Someone said on JCN just last evening that character is a choice, and most of us choose to be evil, and stupid.

    I do not believe Erin Ferguson, having seen his show, would attack law enforcement for doing their job.

    • @ Thomas Finley:

      I hope that in the very near future you will have a personal experienc with the “twisted” brand of Ingraham justice. If you are self-employed, you will need to experience that choking feeling of a long-held contract being abruptly terminated. This would alter your presently blurred vision in an instant.

      If you are a government employee, then you need to learn this Friday that you are the one civil servant who needs to be downsized immediately in order to alleviate the burden of our $4 Billion dollar national debt.

      Or perhaps you need to walk in my 2007 shoes, when as a holder of a contract with the Broadcasting Corporation, I was terminated on a Saturday night at a public event on Clifford park and could not collect the outstanding balance of the contract for one year.

      You better bless God that I’m just a human or I would arrange some special experiences of Ingraham spitfulness to be directed at you, so that your conversation may reflect a greater understanding of our present Bahamian reality!

      • Phillippa, I expect no less than your continuous manisfestation of your deep hatred for Mr. Ingraham. You go about all over the airwaves, papers and now the web with your campaign to get back at Mr. Ingraham with anything negative that your mind can concoct. Yes, Mr. Ingraham did indicate the end of your CONTRACTED tenure at the BCB along with Steve McKinney at the victory rally but it was clearly justified. You were very unfair and downright slanderous to Mr. Ingraham and the FNM over the people’s station. That was wrong as ZNS belongs to FNM’s just as much as PLP’s. You were obligated to at least appear to have some balance in your commentary over the airwaves of the people’s station. As you yourself indicated, you received the monies owed under the conditions of your contract. You gambled that the PLP would have won and you lost. Move on.

        • @ bahamianrealist:

          Firstly, you and I have no relationship that would allow you to instruct me move anywhere, okey dokey!

          Secondly, if I choose to tell the whole Bahamas (particularly those who missed the details in 2007) my personal experience with the Ingraham administration, I am a free moral agent with the communication skills to paint a clear picture of political hooliganism!

          Finally, what is it about the TRUTH that so infuriates your kind? Is it because you have paid the supreme price of sacrificing your manhood to a disrespectful bum like Ingraham, which my clallous disregard for his pretended importance exposes? Or do you fear that I will unveil your secrets?

          • Ms. Russell, maybe you misunderstood my point. Nevertheless, just as you seek to let the ones who could not recall the events of your departure from the people’s station, I too wanted to tell the full story not only the part that you choose to tell.

            Secondly, I am not infuriated in the least. I don’t have the hate inside me that you have. I only wish to be honest and fair and speak truth, the whole truth.

            Thirdly, any secrets which you think you may have of me, please proceed to expose them. I have nothing to hide and I fear noone.

  25. To Andrew: In defense of Mr. Ferguson, its not a matter of it being an arrest warrant and you being arrested, its the manner in which the arrest was carried out. Do you HONESTLY feel the same manner of arrest should be carried out for a traffic ticket and that is carried out for someone wanted for murder? Its VERY discouraging to young, Black men. The same way these cops can go around harassing young, decent, Black men for EVERYTHING, is the same way they should feel free to go in Montell Heights and Kemp Road and Gambier after dark and search out and DRAMATICALLY arrest half of Nassau’s Most Wanted. If I know they are there then the cops must know that too but like I said, its much easier to harass the unarmed, progressive Black young man than a hardened criminal who already has no respect for you.

  26. Its a sad day in the Bahamas when police choose the easy route of dramatically arresting decent young men for VERY minor offenses instead of going after criminals who disrespect them on a daily basis.

    I sympathize with Mr. Ferguson because this same thing happened to my very own son. I was sick and he was trying to make it home to take me to the hospital. He was stopped by a cop and booked for having tints on his car windows. He threw the ticket in his glove compartment as his only thought was to get home to save his ailing parent. He forgot about the ticket and six months later he was having lunch with his colleagues (they were dressed in office attire) when cops came up on them and decided to harass them. They surrendered their drivers license to cops who told him there was a warrant issued for his arrest. They DRAMATICALLY handcuffed him and threw him into the back of the car and took him to the Blue Hill Road station WITH SIRENS and then proceeded to lock him in a cell with hardened criminals.
    Eventually he was taken to court and the Magistrate was LIVID about how the police handled the matter and gave my son the opportunity to explain why he didn’t pay his ticket.
    Moral of the story is, its easy for them to harass and tear down decent BLACK young men as they know they wont get much opposition. Why dont they try to catch REAL crooks.
    How I wish for the days when officers, such as the late Basil Dean, patrolled the streets, kept us safe and made sound and wise decisions as to who was friend and who was foe.
    These same modern day officers are using their PR people to say how the “police are your friends” and “tell the police if you see a crime” when they are handling us in this manner. They SUCK!!
    They once turned over information I gave them to a man WANTED FOR MURDER!! This man, out on bail, proceeded to come to my house and confront me about my report to police.
    So if you haven’t figured it out as yet, let me tell you. I AM NOT A FAN OF THE ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE IN ITS PRESENT STATE for reasons mentioned here.

    Thank you and have a pleasant day!

  27. I guess this week Erin Ferguson will have to sit on his show and say “Erin Ferguson, YA LOCK UP”. LOL.

    This is no laughing matter, though. This is straight BS. But, he should have paid his parking tickets. No one is above the law. When you want to throw stones, ya gatty make sure your stuff is straight. I love Erin, though.

  28. Last year I was virtual complainant in a case where my home was broken into and approximately $26,000.00 worth of my possessions were stolen. The accused did not show up in court. I need to put little man on this case.

  29. If there is an arrest warrant for you; then you should be arrested. To me it’s straight forward. Did the officer do wrong?

    • Andrew, I don’t think we dispute the arrest warrant, what is not clear is the reason Erin was paraded on Bay Street in cuffs. He could have been escorted to Central without looking like a criminal, the man gave no protest – hell he is even seen smiling in the photo. That right there is just wrong and embarrassing!

    • You know exctly what’s going on wacko. And shouldn’t every web shop owner be arrested for operating an illegal business? Shouldn’t the same man who set this into order be arrested for collecting money under the table?

  30. The Ingraham regime has embarked on a policy of using compliant police operatives to harass and intimidate those who criticize him and his government’s activities (or whom he perceives as a threat). Mr. Ingrahan’s legacy has been destroyed by his slide into dictatorship. Ingraham would say that he was elected, but he was elected to serve not to dictate. He has become a dictator.. as Paul Adderley said Hubert Ingraham is “half man half dog”. A most odious creature is Mr. Ingraham. Wake up Bahamians this man is a savage. He will go but he has damaged the institutions of governance, inserted his cronies (and their sweethearts) as judges of the supreme court, brought in a foreign diector of public prosecutions to do his bidding, and is bringing in three foreigners to MOW to take over jobs done by Bahamians. Just you wait, his most odious actions are yet to come. The police have become the FNM’s goon squads. COP Greenslade will be pushed aside by an Ingraham politico if he does not stand up to Ingraham. Any Bahamian who would spy on the duly elected government for U.S. agencies is a traitor, and Mr. Ingraham is most certainly that. Confidential Informant? Traitor that is what he is. He has committed treason.

      • Lady Russell,

        I too dream, but I dont see it happening. Dont mind the noise in market, its the price of dem stinky fish what is the issue. As much as I love um, Bahamian voters ain nobody fren, and trust me, it only gun take PAPA dem throwing one or two ‘carryin on rally’ and getting Ancient Man singing one good Bahamian tune, for dem to faget all diss, and put him and his cohort right back in the HOA.

        Bahamians are fickle and our memory ain long!

  31. Erin…many men and women, who wore handcuffs for the rights of their people, and went on to achieve great things for their people and their countries…Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Lynden Pindling, etc..

    Boy you now in good company, you on the right track! The Oppressor’s are concern you gat their attention.
    Man…the Old Man must be lookin down with that wide grin on his face.

    You so lucky so lucky…no PR Firm could have done this for your show. Capitalize on this…YA! Lock Up!

    • What is the law and response for people that haven’t paid their tickets? I know that in other countries, a warrant for arrest is issued after a certain period of time passes. So, 2 years of bills that weren’t paid may have constituted an arrest warrant in this case. With that stated, it’s also highly likely that this is a PR stunt to create the perception that the fairly elected government is targeting people. Hopefully Erin will pay his past due bills and make sure to pay them in on time in the future. Am sure he will leverage the hell out of this on his entertainment show.

  32. Tia you are rght…Thomas, parking tics are a joke compared to KNOWN criminals out on BAIL (said with disgust), who continue on their criminal paths AND go missing wen it’s time to “face the music”. Stop, take a step a back, look at things frm all angles and then say a wrd or two. the missing muderer really has me vex cause bail should not have been an option based on proceedings..wat?? Pockets getting lined? Judges tired? Judicial staff dnt give a rat’s tail? (until it’s at their doorstep) SMT!! I’m worried for my 2 & 3 yr old nieces n nephews cmin up

  33. This is very disturbing. Exactly why was Mr. Ferguson, an outstanding Bahamian, paraded down Bay Street in such a deameaning manner? Why wasn’t he respectfully asked to report to a specific police station post haste?

    There seems to be a trend rapidly developing where Bahamians to be treated like second class citizens in our country and I encourage the press to do more investigative reporting on this topic.

    I try my utmost to be a law abiding citizen, but last Wednesday I was denied my right to enter the House of Assembly. In fact, I was not permitted near the building. This is very wrong. Our freedom is priceless, and we must not lie down and play dead while our bsic rights are being enfringed upon.

    I encourage our Commissioner of Police, for whom I have tremendous respect, to investigate the matter regarding Mr. Erin Ferguson.

    Further, the Leader of our country must be held responsible for ensuring that the basic rights of Bahamians are guarded fiercely. I call upon the Prime Minister to do his job!

  34. Hey Erin,
    I know its no laughing matter to be arrested but. The pic is hilarious. You are like a giant to the officer. His helmet doesn’t even reach your shoulder. LMAOF

    • This is a national disgrace and you want to know why are young man are bitter you parade them like crooks and thevies, when the real thevies are those Greek brothers but they soon get theres. this young man is a role model for young Bahamian men but yet to belittle whats left of the Bahamian Spirit see the arresting office that is the new Bahamian short dungro Hatians he looks like is is not even finish making. You have nothing to be ashamed of young man time longer than rope.

    • Its a shame…obviously they were sent to arrest you…organized gangsterism. Imagine that. All the crime in Bain Town, the police are running around arresting people for parking tickets. A suspected murdered is in our midst and cant be found but anyone who has a point of view is doomed. Freedom of speech is dumb in the Bahamas. Your name may be HAI but egypt has set the tone for the world…When you stay too long you will be forced out.

      • @ Tia:

        You are a very sharp observer. I hope that Erin will take comfort that when the history of the modern Bahamas is written that his painful ordeal will be prominently featured as on of the injustices which stirred Bahamians to action.
        I’m sitting here on my laptop with the TV on JCN 14 waiting for the Tuesday edition of “Citizens Review” to laugh out loud at Erin’s satirical analysis of our incompetent government.

    • You are missing the point Thomas! No one is saying anyone is above the law, what they are saying is that we have far worse ‘criminals’ on the streets and you want to go after someone for parking violations?! Come on now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Will they arrest the politicians who have yet to complete their parliamentary disclosures now that they are arresting for all petty crimes.

    • Good Morning Conchman. You are right on point!
      While we are preparing our dishonest politician’s arrest warrants, I hope that the Police will also investigate that plagerist, Zhivago Laing’s stolen conch! Once they find his conch, I hope Min. Laing will then be able to tell the Bahamian people who moved our cheese and our money?

      • Lady Russell,

        While I find your post, spot on and the funniest thing I have seen in a while, let’s be fair to the young plagarist Laing. He ain neva say somebody steal he conch, he say dem moo it! But……I believe he know who move our cheese, tief the cookies and da jar! I know he know dat!

  36. This some real BS! The Greek cartel aka Lyford Cay mob aka neo-cons/republican grand old party aka banking sluts are up to their old dirty little tricks. They done gone mess with the wrong person this damn time!

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