Bahamas Press knows why Pindling Fired Ingraham from his Cabinet!



Nassau, BahamasHubert Ingraham will soil his pants today when he reads what we have in store for him. Parliamentarians paid tribute in a special sitting of the House for the late Milo Butler Jr. Ingraham decided to go down memory lane and talk some things many Bahamians have little knowledge of. And whilst he hailed the former Speaker of the House, he decided to show how radical he [Ingraham] was in the early days of the PLP.

Ingraham began telling how he and a few backbenchers wanted Butler Jr. to be appointed Speaker in 1977, but the leadership at the time rejected that offer. He noted that Butler was, “One of us”, a newcomer to the House, who had just join the PLP’s parliamentary team. Ingraham when on to describe the turbulent times of the 1980s when SCANDAL, CORRUPTION and DRUGS rocked the country. It was a rough time for the leader of the PLP he said, adding that voices like his got louder.

“You see Mr. Speaker, I was a leader of that group, who knocked at the door of the PLP telling them in the leadership that it was time for them to go,” Ingraham said. I was one who was kicked out of the party and the member for Farm Road [Christie] only had his candidacy denied.

Bahamas Press knows a lot about that period, and we think it is time to tell the people just why Pindling kicked Ingraham and Christie out of the Cabinet in 1984. You see, both men and another elder gentleman thought Pindling was out staying his welcome as head of the country, and they being the radicals they were at the time, wanted Pindling OUT! Arthur Hanna, the current Governor General, decided to do the ‘honourable thing’ and resign as Deputy Prime Minister. That Hanna did. But those two goons named Christie and Ingraham could not find the testicular fortitude to do the same. Yet they both plot and schemed to destabilize Pindling leadership, and when they were both asked to tender their resignations they declined to do so.

Bahamas Press has attained a letter that was in the possession of Sir Lynden, which we now know forced his decision on Ingraham. Let is explain.

On September 21st, 1983, Hubert Ingraham wrote Andrew Antippas, US Deputy Chief of Missions at the US Embassy here in Nassau. Ingraham wrote:

We hope someone tell Ingraham, plenty more letters like this are now in our possession, and we await his response. We know he will not respond, because the other letters tell a chilling tale on the sitting Prime Minister.

Pindling caught on very early, and everyone knew he had ‘SPECIAL HATE’ for “SNITCHES”,“SELLOUTS” and “FAKES”! Especially for those who sat ‘WICKEDLY’ around the People’s Cabinet table! Pindling wanted both men who possessed such characteristics to resign, they didn’t and so he fired them both.

To this day the public is still locked on the question as to why nothing has changed in the last 15 years? We at Bahamas Press say, nothing will, until the people of this country come together [PLPs and FNMs] and accept that both Ingraham and Christie are NO GOOD FOR THE BAHAMAS! They have traded the trust of the people of the Bahamas! They have worked long and hard to sell our land, sell our assets and now our people are being sent home. Ingraham is now firing, whilst Christie sits idle and says nothing!



The two men who conspired together to get rid of Pindling.


  1. i swear by mr. Ingraham. he is NOt a traitor as he is being made to look like. If you are so serious about this then why not get the Attorney General to investigate this and other claims being made against the PM!

    i think he is a good honest man with the well being of the Bahamian people at heart, although I must admit that there were some much smarter people in the PLP who could not get outside of the box because of the dead weight perry Xtie the slow poke

  2. On kevin Mckenzie’s comments on solar for his information both solar and hydro electricty are obselete. there will be new technologies announced owned by Bahamians in association with others that will lead the way to the future in power generation. Also he is wrong on the solar farms as those can be taken down and re-installed within days once a storm is impending as well as the fact that there can be relays in terms of inventory wherebya part of the farm is lefdt in a preset mode such that new turbines can be simly isntalled if something goes wrong or turbines go down with minimal loss of power if any

  3. Two things……
    If someone can tell me exactly what Pindling’s eyes were focusing on in this picture I will give them $5,000. And secondly, this firing of HAI came just before his road to poverty. He was cut off like an unpaid water bill and had to be rescued by his friend. So HAI should always try to identify with the less fortunate of this county. His house was almost taken from him so he should put in place proper mortgage assistance so folks dont lose their homes.

  4. Media: There are a lot of baskets full of dirty laundry in this country and only one might belong to HAI. I say, one might, because the one instrument you have so far exposed does not convey what you are seeking to have your readers believe. Actually it proves that we had a young politician, at the time, who had the courage of his convictions about what was about to be devastating to the country and sought help from outside, knowing he would be condemned and discarded from the “evil” forces within and possibly for generations to come. Much to his credit he demonstrated a greater love for his country than for the man he looked upon as his surrogate father. So if you have the truth in your arsenal, bring it on and be sure to name and shame ALL who have dirty laundry in those baskets who should be exposed. Just be aware of the effect that the opening of this “pandora’s box” might have on the unsuspecting people of this country.

  5. We want you our people to know, this is just the beginning of Hubert’s dirty Laundry. There is more, PLENTY more where this came from. Bahamas Press will this week take up this BREAKING story up a notch!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    • You knw something, We as a people need to stop degrading our leaders of this country.Jesus said it plain and simple.He without sin cast the first stone. I wish the world can be exposed to some of your dirty laundry.Stop putting down your Prime Minister. And just incase you dont know, and persons that publish or make public any Photo and Documents that are found later to be false of what they are trying to established they are liable to be charge with an offence called LIBEL.SEARCH IT UP.The Prime Minister doesnt have the time to follow you guys thats why he does not reply or check.HIM NEITHER Mr. CHRISTE has th time to waste following garbage and even if its the truth, they dont have the time to go back in their past.Try exposing yourself and see how they feel.SMT.We really need to grow up in this country.

  6. @COME ON!
    IF the government goes solar, wind or hydro there will be expenses. The initial expense you cant dodge, but your savings come 5+ yrs later. Hydro is the cheapest of the three and produces more electricity than wind or solar.

  7. @Altec
    VERY VERY VERY SMART! I AGREE WITH YOU maybe in the outer islands that could work but the amount of funds The Goverment would have to pay annually might be a problem since almost every year THE BAHAMAS has a hurricane.

  8. @kevin mckenzie
    Hey Kevin, i am against solar panels for the Bahamas for 3 reasons
    1. The installment of solar panels requires space and with the lack of land especially in New Providence that could be a huge problem to overcome.
    2. PRICE! Even though the price of solar panels have come down, they have come down to the point where it is economically to get a home energy 100% from the sun. Maybe in another 15yrs as the technology improves.
    3. The bahamas is in a hurricane zone. A category 3-5 storm will wipe out the solar panel installations and replacing them isnt cheap.
    California and Arizona are the leaders in solar energy and there solar farms are a sight to behold, but they dont have hurricanes like we do.

    The best way, imo, is for the Bahamas to invest in hydro electricity, more specifically underwater turbines. The technology is there and many states in the US and countries in Europe have been using hydro electricity for decades. We are surrounded by water, so lets uses the water current for electricity. One underwater turbine could generate power for over 1,000 homes.

    90% of the Bahamas population is on 4 islands (NP, GB, Abaco, Andros). Investing in hydro is the cheapest (for government and consumer) way to go. This debate is a good one and it needs to happen.

  9. During mr.Ingraham’s first term in office i wrote numerous letters to the various newspapers calling on the government to engage in alternative forms of energy.I made the suggestion that government should invested $2 million per year in solar energy and if the budget allowed look to develop wind and tidal energy.I went further and called on government to sell BATELCO and BEC 100% to Bahamians.I recommended that this privatisation could be achieved via salary deductions and via share concessions to union members in lieu of salary increases.If the government had taken my advice and REFINED them if they had to.We would have had a new generation of financially empowered Bahamians.These persons would have become the new investors in this country thus reducing our dependence on foreign investors.Approximately $1 billion is spent each year on oil and its by products if Bahamians were able to reduce this by 20% we would realise a foreign reserve saving of $200 million.However,none of our governments both FNM and PLP are prepared to listen to the ordinary people.They prefer to listen to the OLIGARCHY(THANKS THOMAS FINLEY).Now mr.Ingraham right on the heels of passing the budget in the lower house said government will guarantee a $211 million loan for BEC!!!Heaven help us!!! we will have to SIT DOWN AND RELAX THEN PRAY AND TAKE OUR BLOOD PRESSURE MEDICATION BEFORE WE OPEN OUR LIGHT BILLS.Yes Bahamas Press i feel betrayed by both mr.Ingraham and Christie,it is time that we come to the conclusion that both of them are selfish,egotistical men whose only desire is TO BE IN POWER.

  10. When the Brits backed the white oligarchy from the 1950s WE WERE A BRITISH COLONY.The black/liberal/civil rights diaspora cosisted of mainly Bahamians and other oppressed minorities seeking HUMAN RIGHTS.The American government is just that the government of the USA.The Bahamas was not at war nor seeking weapons of mass destruction or engaging in taking away individuals HUMAN RIGHTS SO ANY INDIVIDUAL WHO FED/ENCOURAGED INTERVENTION BY A FOREIGN POWER IS GUILTY OF TREASON.In any event LET BAHAMAS PRESS REVEAL WHAT OUR LEADERS OF TODAY DID TO OBTAIN POWER.Remember the same man who claimed he wanted only 2 TERMS IS NOW INTO HIS 3 TERM AND RECENTLY SAID HE WANTS TERM NUMBER 4.

  11. The Brits backed the white Oligarchy in the 50s, the Black/liberal/civil rights diaspora baked Pindling later on, and then the American government backed Ingraham, so the question is, so what? Those were the times that we lived in, so stop the fake outrage. The future is what we should be arguing, debating, and coming to agreement on.

  12. We speak to issues. Water is off tonight. Not Since 1977 has Water and Sewerage had water off in my area, 1977! That was over 32 years ago!

    And the government talking about they providing essential services? Essential Services MY FOOT! We going Backward NOT FORWARD!

    Water off, Rain come BEC shut-off, dial a local number and BTC message tells you, “can you please dial the number again….” And drive on the streets of Nassau and see how the many traffic lights on the street of the capital are not working. Turning the streets of this country into a MESS!


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  13. @tp
    Oh TP no way if they don’t withdraw it WE WILL! We don’t got that road. NO NO NO! HOW IN THE HELL you could call either men who have served at the height of this country THAT?

    NO NO NO, we don’t go for that! COME ON BIG P! Bahamas Press cannot condone that kind a language!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  14. @media
    They could say what they want about you but we all must agree you know when to draw the line.
    Some of the people that hang out here just do not know how to conduct themselves.DO NOT LET THESE PERSONS TRASH YOUR SHOW.

  15. @Big P
    BIG P, “Cockroaches” is an EXTREMELY offensive word to us! it is the same term Hutus characterized Tuti citizens as during the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. More than 800,000 residents of that country died in the massacre. It cannot be right to classify Perry Christie or Hubert Ingraham as such.

    We live in a land of Democracy, NOT SAVAGERY! And SO we reject your description!

    IT IS NOT RIGHT TO SAY SO! And we call on you to withdraw such vile commentary! Bahamas Press cannot accept this type of language!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  16. @kevin mckenzie
    We all know that as far as the law of man goes the civil case is of a lower standard but morally the standard is much higher.You say only a court of law can punish and to that I agree but there is another law.A Much higher law whose punishment is beyond comprehension.YOU MENTION THE lORD SO YOU KNOW OF WHAT I SPEAK.
    No I was not the only one on the streets ,there were hundreds of us out there, and we know that the people that are now being hailed as heroes are anything but.No my friend every hero did not have feet of clay.
    I agree with you since 1992 the crime rate has gone sky high, but when did it start. Did it only started after 1992 ? Or is this an escalation of pre 1992 ?

  17. Very interesting topic as HAI and Christie are two persons who ran in the 1987 General Elections as Independents and won.That was the first time that anyone who had run against Pindling after 1967 after being dumped by the PLP had won any Elections.HAI and Christie are forever binded by the alliance they formed back then so Christies reluctance to critise him can be traced to that period.One of these days HAI will let everyone klnow why he applied for reentry into the PLP in the early 1990s along with Christie who was successful but Pindling refused his reentry.Is he still bitter?Will we find out when he pens his memoirs?

  18. Justice is viewed as blind and fair for the same reason TP.OJ being cleared of murder in a criminal case is viewed as fair and just by any one who has a little knowledge of the American justice system.CIVIL CASES IN THE USA DONOT REQUIRE THE SAME HIGH STANDARD AS A CRIMINAL CASE.In 1980 a hit(rock) cost .50 today it cost the same.According to the simple law of economics when supply exceeds demand then you have cheap/low prices.Name 1 item that cost you,TP .50 in 1980 and still cost the same thing today.Before there was PINDLING the Bahamas was engaged in PIRATES,GUN RUNNING-DURING THE AMERICAN WAR OF INDEPENDENCE,RUM AND MARIJUANIA SMUGGLING DURING PROHIBITION.The effects of drugs which must include alcohol was being manifested before the PLP became the government.You are not the only person who lived/walked the streets during the 1980s,i challenged you to walk the streets today and you will see the same things,only it is worse now than before.IN THE 1980S FOREIGNERS WERE THE DRUG LORDS,TODAY IT IS BAHAMIANS.MORE MURDERS HAVE OCCURRED IN THE BAHAMAS SINCE 1992 THAN THE WHOLE 25 YEARS OF SIR LYNDEN.AS FOR PROSTITUTION,SOME PRIMARY SCHOOL CHILDREN ARE NOW ENGAGED IN IT.Did sir LYNDEN commit wrongs,the answer is yes and one of those wrongs were aided and abetting mr.INGRAHAM/CHRISTIE on the Bahamian people.Every hero had feet of clay ONLY GOD IS PERFECT.Please name one country in this world that didnot have an illegal DRUG PROBLEM DURING THE LAST 100 YEARS.Even in ISLAMIC countries like Iran there is a huge drug problem despite the fact that Iran hangs drug smugglers.The drug trade took root in the Bahamas because of one reason,that is geography.It is also for that same reason that unless the Americans greatly reduce their $400 billion illegal drug market no Bahamian Government will be able to STOP THE DRUG TRADE.By the way TP as far as i know ONLY A COURT OF LAW CAN ADMINISTERED PUNISHMENT.

  19. OJ Simpson was cleared of murder in a court of law, but what happened in the civil court.How many times have we seen criminals walk free even though the judge agreed that the peron was guilty but his hands were tied due to some techinality
    There is a law of court and a law of humanity, in the end the law of humanity always prevail.
    You are right the drug trade has not stopped and might never stop.But the era of which I speak cocaine was more rampant than in any other time in the history of the Bahamas.Matter of fact what we are seeing now is a continuation of those days.WE REAPED THE WIND AND NOW WE ARE SOWING THE WHIRLWIND.
    Persons such as me that was on the streets during those years know what happened We know because we were there.We are not talking about what we heard,we are talking about what we saw.
    Loyalty is blind and in the eyes of some Mr Pindling could do no wrong, matter of fact to some he was a demi-god.The politician with the bag of cash is no better than all of those that were involved in the drug trade, being an FNM does not absolve him from any wrong.
    Heroes like everyone have flaws but we must not let loyalty stop us from seeing and facing up to the truth when those flaws are manafested.

  20. When a person like TP claimed to remember prostitution by young boys and girls,drug dealing and corruption that implies that at some point those activities have CEASED.Please TP inform us when these acts came to a complete stop in the Bahamas.THE ILLEGAL DRUG TRADE IS THE MOST PROFITABLE INDUSTRY IN THE WORLD.THE USA ALONE ACCOUNTS FOR SOME $400 BILLION,YES THATS BILLION WITH A B.At no time prior to 1984 commission of enquiry did mr.INGRAHAM/CHRISTIE SPEAK OUT ABOUT THE DANGERS OR SOCIAL PROBLEMS THAT ACCOMPANIES THE DRUG TRADE.SIR LYNDEN PINDLING WAS THE ONLY POLITICIAN WHO AS EARLY AS 1980 TOLD BAHAMIAN MOTHERS TO WARN THEIR SONS TO LEAVE DRUGS ALONE OR THEY WILL BE KILLED ENGAGING IN THIS TRADE.During this period numerous persons who at that time and today occupy high positions in this country directly benefitted from the drug lords.Indeed in a court case in the USA,IT WAS REVEALED THAT A PRESENT FNM CABINET MINISTER’S FATHER(the father was also a fnm minister in the past)RECEIVED A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY IN A GREASY PAPER BAG FROM A DRUG LORD.All countries on planet earth have a big problem with illegal drugs,no country is immune.NOT ONE WITNESS CAME BEFORE THE 1984 COMMISSION OF ENQUIRY AND IDENTIFIED SIR LYNDEN AS RECEIVING PAYMENTS FROM THEM.THATS WHY 2 OF THE 3 COMMISSIONERS CLEARED HIM AND THE THIRLD,REV.GOMEZ SAID HE HAD DOUBTS THAT SOME OF SIR LYNDEN MONIES MAY BE ILLEGAL.TP I THINK YOU KNOW THAT IN A COURT OF LAW WHEN 11 JURORS VOTE NOT GUILTY AND 1 JUROR IS UNSURE WHAT THE JUDGE IS COMPEL BY LAW TO DO.The level of drug smuggling and the ills attached to it are greater today than at any other time in our history.However,unlike others i will not placed the blame on the prime minister,this is a world wide problem which have always called for the cooperation of all nations.The FNM claimed that they will put a stop to drug smuggling and crime prior to the 1992 election,well TP tell me were they successful?

  21. As was said to Mr. Pindling, “the Bahamas is but a pimple on the backside of the Earth”. Its position in the world yesterday, today and tomorrow was and is controlled, not by the Christie or Ingraham or indeed the Pindling of the past. Nor those elected in the country in the future. Change will not come because BP insists on it. Outside forces will dictate where we are tomorrow. If my children or grand ask me the question you pose, I will swear them to secrecy and tell them the truth but not all of it. You (BP) are burying the good these men attempted to do and exalting what you consider their evils. The rest of us are no better. Knowing that is perhaps our punishment.

  22. @media
    Treason,what is treason ? If a man by any means do what he must to save his country from corrupt men who were getting rich by selling out his fellow countrymen to purveyors of drugs, namely columbians.How is that treason ?
    If a man seeks outside help, because it was not available in his homeland to save his country from destruction is that treason ? We remember both you and I when the columbians moved through the Bahamas with authority,we remember when the plane flew over fort Charlotte and dropped millions of dollars down to the crowd as they celebrated this day that should have been reserved for Bahamians only.We remember when on every street corner over the hill young girls and boys were selling their bodies for a five dollar hit of crack. We remember when an entire decade of young people was almost wiped out because of the influence of cocaine.A lot of our friends are now lying in their graves and there blood is on the hands of the very men of whom we speak We remember and we know it is true when the Bahamas was known on the international scene as a nation for sale.No lying can change that.We were truly a nation for sale.When Mr A.D Hanna resigned his post as deputy PM he advised the Prime Minister to do likewise.It was also noted that another high ranking member of the government went on record as saying that corruption was rocking the very foundation of the government.
    Mr Christie and Mr Ingraham was not fired because of treason. They were fired because they dared to take a stand against this very corruption of which these men spoke.
    We rememmber when as young people we witnessed all of which I speak, we remember because we were a part of it and only because of the grace of God and for the love of self we survived.
    Treason ? no I do not think so and truthfully I believe it is only because of personal reasons others have formed that opinion.
    According to the book cocaine wars a certain young Bahaamian contributed greatly to its publication by providing priviledge information.This book was read by millions worldwide. The reason it was banned from the Bahamas was because it was an embarrassement to the goverment But it was sold in every airport throughout the united states. Was that treason what this young man did ?
    There are a myriad of reasons on how Mr Ingraham became Prime Minister, but treason is not one.

  23. Finally the light is shining on these cockaroaches and you know roaches don’t like the light keep shining it BP and all those die hard cronies of both parties need to wake up and smell the coffee Hubert and Perry days are numbered just like those Ayatollahs in Iran change must happen.

  24. I have said time, and time again, the Brian Ross affair, and all of the “Nation for Sale”, articles was the mastermind of the informant 1622 and the tribune.

    The bahamian people did not buy it and the FNM/UBP were again slaughtered
    in the 1987 elections!

  25. @Joe Blow
    Ahhhh you know JOE I hope Ingraham or Christie — which ever one you working for this week – gave you a cheque you can cash, cause you know there are plenty more where this letter came from. We just want you to know that!

    At this time in history when your children (IF YA GAT ANY) asked you, “Daddy, how Ingraham got fired from Pindling Cabinet?” I hope you didn’t tell them, he wasn’t fired for committing treason. I just hope so, cause you will live to see what MUGABE did and how he has yet to serve jail time for it.

    As Derek Walcott wrote in his landmark play “Ti’-Jean and His Brothers”:

    [Bolom (JOE BLOW)]:

    The Devil My master
    Who owns half the world,
    In the kingdom of the night,
    Had done all that is evil
    Butchered thousands in war,
    Whispered his diseases
    In the ears of great statesmen
    Invented human justice,
    Made anger, pride , jealously.
    And weakened prayer;
    Still he cannot enjoy
    those vices he created.
    He is dying to be human…(99).

    When we read this Joe Blow, we are reminded of you and that ‘VICKED’ MAN WE CALL MUGABE! (Your MASTER)

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  26. Ah! The above letter in and of itself means nothing to most people. It has been published before. The phrase “proliferation of problems”, however, is meaningful. Yes, the author of this letter, along with many others, in the know at the time, were gravely concerned at the direction the nation was going in, in many areas other than the “drug” problems. That in itself was minor, compared to what was being contemplated. And Media, you will have to dig deep to know what these other areas are because some who know the truth are dead and others who know the details will not divulge them because those details can still cause too much pain and damage to persons we want to revere and to the country, itself.
    Just be aware that persons from other countries are constantly assessing what is happening in this country so that they may protect their own interests. Just be invited to what you think is an innocent lunch with, say a diplomat from another country, and observe how skilled that person is at getting information you don’t even know you have. I know because it happened to me. Before you critique Mr. Ingraham’s actions in the above, you might ask yourself why he felt so strongly that it was necessary to correspond with the U.S. Attorney General. He was after all Pindling’s protege. The LION IN WINTER rears its ugly head once again. Sometimes it is best “to let sleeping dogs lie.”

  27. @media
    Come on PRESS, even though I do not always agree with what you have to say I have alway commended your initiatives. Good or bad you hit everyone
    You have always been a man to tell it the way it is.

  28. Let’s face it whether communist,dictatorship or democracy, Bahamians see no wrong in Ingraham. It is clear that this letter says alot about his lack of patriotism to country and his agreegous appetite to be at the helms of power. Really though when a PM can say from the halls of Parliament that the justice findings were wrong about the commissioner of police and that ultimately that will not be his findings to me, that says more than enough.

    One man led to the firing of both Christie and Ingrham after he spilled the plot to Mr Pindling after a secret meeting was held on a Bahamian Cay.

    This snitch has now deserted Christie and joined ranks with Ingraham as he is now an MP for a nothern Bahamian island…

    The letter BP has revealed was also in the BLACK BELT magazine some 3 to 4 years ago yep that same addition that dissed socka forbes…

  29. @tp
    (GASP) TP! Is this really you? [BP collapses]

    [Paramedics Arrive] Quick get a pressure meter, a heart monitor, quick a blood transfusion cable. [DOCTORS ENTER RUNNING] What are the vital signs?

    [NURSE] 40/60 doctor, quick we’re losing her!

    —- End of scene —-

    TP, did you just compliment us? We can’t believe it. [BP collapses again]

    Bahamas Press/Editor

    PS: PLEASE NOTE, anytime you see us quiet for a while, watch out, we’re investigating something…

  30. @canesfins
    Well Canesfines as you can see they REFUSE to identify the new leaders. BUT Bahamas Press will endorce persons in the 2012 elections! And our machine will fight to the hilt against who come against who we endorse.


  31. @tp
    Well TP if you think it is Black Belt, The Tribune, The Punch or the Guardian, just remember one this, Bahamas Press is here to stay!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  32. Is Bahama Press a new and mature version of blackbelt ? Inquiring minds would like to know.
    I read cocaine wars, matter of fact I still have a copy of it.While alot of it is questionable quite alot is true.I know because I was on the streets during those years. Just Like the publisher of blackbelt.
    I have no doubts there are confidential letters out there, but I am sure only people close to Mr Pindling and someone that was closely connected to US authority were privy to them.Voluntarily or otherwise.
    Mr Ingraham and Mr Christie were not the only Benedict Arnold.Will PRESS please release those names. Including those who are dead

  33. @COME ON!
    Come On it is obvious your are New to BP. Search on this blog the name Obie Pindling and see what a SCATHING attack was put on him!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  34. @JT
    JT you really think them foot soldiers will come out? When things of this come out they find the bunker. Well guess what, we have a folder and could publish these kinds of letters by the day if we wish. But we will take our time.


    Bahamas Press/Editor

  35. BP i would like to see the rest of the letters that you have in your possession. Are you going to post them all?

    BP i will say it. HI was put into office in 1992 by the U.S. government. The U.S. wanted to get rid of L.O.P. and HI was their tool. The U.S. government has a long history of taking out one leader and putting in a puppet. HI was their puppet.

    I would bet that when HI went over to the FNM/UBP establishment he took with them proof that the U.S. government was behind him. How else could he have gone from PLP MP to FNM leader in such short a period of time back in the early 90’s?

    With the backing of the U.S. and the UBP money, HI became the PM of the Bahamas!

  36. It is Important that we try to think and examine as to why we allowed these two law parters to run this country. There are over 300,000 poeple in this country and only two can run? It is vital that we look closely on leaders in various parties and fight with them to disable the law firm that controlled this country for almost 20 years. Let us brake loose and fight for change. This is very serious and important for us to think about.

  37. I honestly feel B.P Media is painting Christie and Ingraham as the villians when its Pindling who is the villian. What Bahamains must understand that The Father of the Nation is human. Human can do right and also they can do wrong. Pindling is a wicked man and so is his son Obie Pindling. WHY YAL CANT PRESENT HOW PINDLING WAS A DRUG LORD KING…. WHY YAL CANT SAY HOW PINDLING COVER UP PLENTY MURDERS like the Pindling’s Pilot while he was Prime Minister…WHY YAL CANT SAY HOW OBIE FIRST WIFE WAS MURDED

  38. @media
    You should publish every piece of information you have on this website and then litter Parliament Square with copies of them next Wednesday.
    I couldn’t agree with you more that both Christie and Ingraham are way, way, way past their expiration date. Two old fogies with old ideas.

  39. I heard about that book and never read it. I wonder where I can find me a copy. I’m always up for a good read. By the way, good work BP. This is interesting indeed. I can’t wait to see what the loyal footsoldiers have to say about this.

  40. @mashup
    Ahhhhh isn’t that interesting. A book banned in the Bahamas. Hmmmmmm now that’s democracy for you ech?

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  41. This information can be found in the book that Pindling banned in the 1980’s called “The Cocaine Wars”, that also has a lot of interesting things to say about Gorman Bannister, his father Everette and Sir Lynden, as well as Ingraham and Christie. It’s quite a good read.

  42. @Rupert
    Both got fired right? We did not say that, BUT YOU JUST DID! DAMN the Queen’s English is something else ech?

    But look closely at that letter, that’s amazing ech? you should read the rest from the file. Don’t worry BP reader will now know why we call the media in this country, WUTLESS!


  43. Just before Parliament was dissolved in 2002 mr.Ingraham claimed he would sue a number of persons including NICKIE KELLY for telling lies on him.Off course mr.Ingraham issued these threats from the protected halls of parliament.At that time i thought it was very interesting that mr.Ingraham REFUSED TO CALLED GORMAN BANNISTER’S NAME.Mr.Bannister published DAMNNABLE information on alleged TREASON ACTS committed by mr.Ingraham in a newspaper called BLACKBELT.To this date mr.Ingraham HAS FAILED TO CARRY OUT ANY OF HIS THREATS PERTAINING TO LAWSUITS.WE ARE TALKING OF A PERIOD STRETCHING INTO 8 YEARS LATER!!!

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