Crab Walking at Andros Crabfest, 'bullfrog dressup in soldier clothes'



Andros, Bahamas – We were sent these photos by persons attending at the annual Andros CrabFest last weekend. Bahamas Press did not attend this year’s event, but our camera was at the seen, and WHAT A SIGHT IT WAS. CRABS WAS WALKING ALL OVER THE PLACE WITH NO CLOTHES ON!

We cannot believe what we are seeing here. Here at a family event, where THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of residents come out to enjoy the BIG YARD, and now-a-days, people take the pleasure masquerading around in their BIRTHDAY SUITS! Now this is incredible! WE HAVE NO SHAME IN THIS COUNTRY ANYMORE! Not because it’s a Crabfest this means start walking around bare naked like the crabs!

Could you imagine what the dress code would be like in the next 10 years from now? Next year this patron will appear with only a rope around her waist! If they ain’t wearing no clothes now, they would not have flesh on by then! THIS IS INCREDIBLE!

Women who bore children should not be seen in public like this, leave that for the young girls! NO WONDER the Bahamas has the world record for rape, LOOK AT WHAT OUR PEOPLE WEARING!

Catch Da Crab – Elon Moxey


  1. @media
    i think sodom gormorah is here……….this is serious………a police should have demanded her to put on some clothes or leave the premesis….children was there………….May God forgive her for she know not what she do………..i pray that GOD save here soul….and when she looks back on that picture she will be sorry what she did…….

  2. @Russell Johnson
    its amazing let this event had been a fashion show with high priced models in that same swim suit what would we have said …we judge people based on their back ground and status ….i think that is wrong you take that same swim suit and put it on someone rich and famous and drop them on that beach are opinions would have been different.

  3. To all you readers i attended the crab fest and i saw this lady and let me say this this photo was taken at a beach party miles away from the crab fest site and it was not and i repeat it was not a family affair. my family and i grew up in the church as 80 to 90 percent us did and yet i have a gay relative that i luv and accept and many of us are in the same boat…so lets stop pretending that we are all so holy and that the bahamas is not ready for this style of swim suit.

  4. bahamaprincess :
    i know her personally she has 4 kids she een even 30 yet and she is from freeport; its a shame wat ppl do for a attention!!!!!! and the thing is all her kids are girl and the oldest in her teens hope she doesnt end up like her

    She isnt from Nassau? The crabs in Nassau gat competition then!

  5. LOLO she hates wearing clothing and has low self esteem.Hopes she changes as she is still fertile for many more yrs and dont need anymore baby daddys.Too many cycle needs to stop and now requires females to lead the charge.I am wondering where her children were while she was on display?A very telling statement was made about the lady having a daughter who is in her teens when she is still under 30 yrs old.Oh what a vicious cycle that needs to be broken.

  6. i know her personally she has 4 kids she een even 30 yet and she is from freeport its a shame wat ppl do for a attention!!!!!! and the thing is all her kids are girl and the oldest in her teens hope she doesnt end up like her

  7. On the beaches is one thing; at a cultural event where we can assume there will be a lot of children, it is another. Just because foreigners are less modest on our beaches does not mean we must follow suit. The young lady now has had more exposure by BP than needed (pun intended!). Let’s get on with the important issues facing the country.

  8. After reading comments and hearing people reasoning as to why they don’t have a problem with this girl exposing herself in public like this, I now understand why our moral standards are declining in this country. People are now willing to accept anything, because everybody else is doing it. We need to be able to distinguish right from wrong and to make decisions based on that knowledge and stop following the crowd. When we can stand up for what is right, then that is the only way we can bring a solution to the problems. It has nothing to do with thinking you are better than someone; it has everything to do with principles.

  9. personally it doesn’t bother me, because when the tourist are dress the same way on the beaches, where is the outcry, we in the Bahamas have double standards, the foreigner we accept but the Bahamian we vilify. What I saw was so obscene last week was during all the rain, a homeless man in a wheel chair on Nassau street was soaking wet and cars kept passing and splashing more water on him. I stopped and pushed him to the side and give him ten dollars. Am all about ideas and solutions. We need to get off our high horses and rebuild the country.

  10. I attended a high school graduation at a church last week and most of the women there were half naked. An older woman’s breast actually came out of her skimpy top though I doubt she thought anyone saw it. So this barely clad lady at crab fest is small things if women are wearing boobs out clothing in a church. I don’t know how the preachers nowadays could concentrate with so much flesh showing.

  11. @Altec

    ….BOL….and I thought I could talk foolishness. You think they catch much crabs in Andros this yeart? Cause ya know all them other crabs was hiding after this crab arrived. This queen crab was hogging all the spotlight and the attention and them other crabs don’t like things like that. Anyway, I hope all them crabs learned a valuable lesson how to conduct themselves for next crab fest, because somebody gone forward this crab picture to BP for everybody to see how this crab was walking.

  12. Kimmy, CRAB-O-NOMICS 101, when you the queen crab of one hole, you move to another hole. Lol.

  13. @Altec

    You mean to tell me this crab came all the way from Nassau to embarrass herself like that? If she sees the Andros crabs behaving, then she should have behaved. They say when in Roman do what Romans do, right?

  14. Now back to this daughter, I wonder what she is dealing with. When I was living in my mother’s home I couldn’t even walk around the house naked, much less around a bunch of strangers. If my mother was to even dream I was down in Andros or anywhere walking around like this, she would have like to have a heart attack and the rest of my family would have been searching for me to beat the crap out of me, because they know that’s not the way I was raised.

  15. The 1970s and early eighties were times of greed for the Bahamas.Lawyers became filthy rich and average bahamians Had money to spend on whatever they desired.A day for truth must come if we are to prosper from all that is good.Too many Bahamians look at each other with jaundice as they fear what might be said about them.I remember HAI appearing b4 the Copmmission of Enquiry and proclaiming he had no information for them.Was he lying at that time?I am curious and want to know.Maybe the you8ng lady feels she has to show the goods and some Drug Lord on site might be interested in checking her out.Unfortunately for her the 1970s and 80s are gone forever as some men want their own sex.

  16. It’s a damn shame that this woman feels she had to go to such lengths to get some attention. What is going on? Crab Fest is supposed to be a family oriented down home celebration. This is a disgusting display of low self esteem and lack of respect for self and others. Someone should have told her that this was unacceptable.

  17. @Joe Blow

    Thank you. To be honest with you, I don’t believe the world is ready for two of me yet. Putting fun and jokes aside though, I feel for this woman, because I realize that she is somebody’s daughter, sister, niece, cousin, could even be somebody’s mother for all we know. When I see a sister conducting herself like this, it causes me to wonder what happen to her along the way. More than likely it has to do with bad association. After awhile hanging around with people with low self esteem it tends to rub off on you and before you know it, you no longer have the ability to exercise good moral judgment and I believe that might be the case here.

  18. Looking for attention? She lucky she did not get rape down in Andros, unless she doesn’t mind. Most likely, she must be gone down there with the intention of sleeping with somebody’s man. I already see a horny fellow with his camera taking pictures of her and the next one there smiling like he just won the lottery, if they have a wife or girlfriend I hope they see this picture on BP and deal with them accordingly.

  19. Well it is clear she got just what she wanted, SOME ATTENTION FOR ONCE! Some people are just as Ingraham said, THE HAVE NO SHAME!

    Next year will be a naked contest. The event will be rated XXX. And people will opt not going to CUBA that weekend for sure. ANDROS HERE THEY COME! NOW SELLING CRABS $10 a BAG! POTATO BREAD, FREE!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  20. @Altec

    Normally I would laugh, but this is really sad. Something is seriously wrong. I feel for her, this is definitely a cry for attention. She might as well did go out there naked, because that what she is wearing is not doing anything for her. I just wish somebody would have taken their towel and wrapped it around her. Poor girl.

  21. Well I mean, what is this…. da crabs are REALLY walking… dey all out in duh open air… can’t keep them in duh pen no more eh… someone please “catch da crab” and put it back in duh pen and make sure they sell dat one for a good price

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