Laing Encourage Students as they leave a Grand Bahama High School


We saw this clip of Zhivargo Laing and could not help but post it for our many viewers. Laing was talking sense, TRUTH! Sometimes in this clip he was mashing his own corn. YOU GATA HERE THIS!


  1. Maybe because the kind of person I know Zhivargo Laing to be, it is very difficult for me to listen to him. His crybaby voice just irritates me. This might very well be the one time, he might be making sense, but I just can’t bring myself to hear it. I just have to trust you all opinion on it, because I am not going to listen to it. He needs to go when Hubert goes.

  2. @canesfins I agree with you. There is a lack of vision and it indeed hinders progress. And people wonder why so many Bahamians choose to stay abroad. We haven’t expanded our horizons, and it makes this country less and less competitive in the regional market.

  3. All we get out of the Ministry of Finance is a lack of vision. If you don’t go study tourism or financial services, we have no place for you. We don’t want to bring agriculture and fisheries to the 21st century. We don’t want to promote a global trade agenda, especially since we entered into the EPA, we don’t want to explore opportunities with Cuba and Haiti. If you don’t study tourism or you don’t study in financial services, we have no place for you in the Bahamas – that is the way to attract your people back home after a college education. I get so frustrated about the promotion of the status quo, so upset about the lack of vision, so angry over the lack of progression.

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