Bahamas Press UPGRADE!!!


Dear Bloggers, your Bahamas Press will be in upgrade mode this weekend. In an effort to better serve you, we are committed to making your website more user friendly with enhanced features, as we intend to better serve you the thousands who make up this BLOG!

Some would suggest that we are not an organization that really believes in CHANGE! However, our upgrade will prove our point as we try to accommodate the exploding numbers that visit this website. We are the messengers of CHANGE in this country, and here again proves our point that Bahamas Press cannot be stopped!

Bahamas Press has become a multifaceted tool of media sound bites, along with articles that inform you our readers of the issues affecting the world. It is now important and indeed necessary to stay on the cutting edge of technology, and to stay ahead of the competition by assisting more languages in accessing our website around the world.

Members of the Wutless Media would have you to believe that Bahamas Press has not taken them on, but we ask this, when last did you see an upgrade taking place in any of those who claim to be leaders in this trade of reporting? The WUTLESS ‘TOILET PAPER’ Tribune still does not have a competitive website and we know why.

Bahamas Press wants you to keep tuned in and remain informed as we take you, our thousands of daily readers, around the world and through the Bahamas. ENJOY!


  1. Oh WOW I like that “2009 is MINE” Lets just hope at the end of the year you don’t go with it.


  2. So…where’s Morehands on the Members list? Don’t be scared BP.
    This 2009 and great things are ahead of us here in the Bahamas. The rest of you don’t need to believe it, but as for Morehands and his family – 2009 IS MINE!!

  3. Altec i don’t know what you mean, you have had access to this blog for months now. You need not register for the new feature a second time, just navigate as you usually do, some things are different but it’s simple.

    So how do you like your NEW JAG?

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  4. BP i was referring to the LOGIN BOX. I thought i had to log in in order to post a comment but i dont.

  5. You don’t remember signing up? Well who gave you that name it wasn’t US. LOL! And there are more things to come. We are now on facebook, with new link features that will allow you to move to other HIGH TRAFFIC web portals and upload or share with friends our news and information.

    So enjoy the NEW Bahamas Press you all have created. Trust me, the messages will be equally ROUGH when this is all done!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  6. BP, i like the upgrade. Question. How did you create your membership list? I dont remember signing up.

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