Bahamasair 737 jets banned from entry into the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!


FLORIDA| Bahamas Press is learning that the US FAA Regulations Authority have banned all Bahamasair 737 Jets from entry into the United States.

The decision has caused a major travel crisis for returning passengers and guests traveling into the Bahamas from the US.

Now we are learning that the airline’s new ATR aircrafts purchased by the former government will be allowed to make flights into the US.

According to Chairman Tommy Turnquest the ban is temporary. ALL planes landing in the US were to have a new piece of equipment by 1/1/2020 and Turnquest added that the suppliers were out and he reckoned that they would not have it until March. But the Government met they plastics deadline how did they miss this?

Back on November 23, only BP reported how the jet was surrounded by US Federal agents and examined carefully a Bahamaair aircraft as passengers were deplaned and moved to another aircraft. At the time the claim was that birds may have been a factor for the inspection.

We report yinner decide!