Golden Buddha robbed by Abaco shelter resident!

Abaco shelter resident on New Providence captured by police following Golden Buddha robbery today! #crimedown

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is following up on another successful arrest by police tonight following that armed robbery incident at Golden Buddha restaurant in the capital.

We can only tell you that the robber brandished a loaded weapon and held up the store, demanding cash. He made good his escape following the robbery, but later wad caught by police. You cannot rob the Asians in the Bahamas!

Sources tell us the robber was an undocumented Haitian National who fled to New Providence following Hurricane Dorian on Abaco. The suspect also resided at one of the local shelters in New Providence.

Branville McCartney recently recommended that all Dorian shelter residents be given work permits and bank accounts. We guess this one was about to open his account from the proceeds of crime. Boy, Branville’s head ain’t no good. And if ya don’t believe BP, go ask his ex-wife LISA!

We report yinner decide!