Ex-police officer and father of four is homicide victim #1 on Third Street the Grove last evening…

BP BREAKING| EX-Police 36-year-old Marco Meadows is homicide Victim #1 shot and killed last evening on Third Street the Grove.

Former Police Canine Unit Officer 36-year-old P/C 2813 Marco Meadows is the first homicide victim in 2020!

NASSAU| Bahamian Police recorded their first homicide incident for the year 2020 on Wednesday evening.

The victim we can confirm is the father of four 36-year-old Marco Meadows.

Now it would have been proper for members of the press to ask the question what is the motive behind this incident. And if the victim was known to police?

Well, we at BP don’t know what the press asked but if they did we would have read not just how Meadows was known to the police, but how he was an ex-police officer!

Meadows was dismissed from the RBPF some eight years ago. Back then he was enlisted on the RBPF as 2813 P/C Marco Meadows assigned to the Canine Unit where he gained the street name aka ‘Dog Man’.

So why was Meadows dismissed from the RBPF? Well, his journey goes back to the rise of Stephen Die Stubbs, now serving time in Fox Hill Prison. Meadows and another crooked cop, Walden Mitchell, who was also fired from the Force after being caught trafficking cocaine through LPIA, were tight-tight squad buddies.

Mitchell, many we know forgot, also became a homicide victim and perhaps had a death-wish after he shot and robbed a police officer on First Street The Grove. That incident was apart of a crime spree, which led to a deadly pursuit by police for him as a wanted suspect of multiple incidents back in 2010.

Mitchell later found himself in a gun-battle with police where he was shot and killed as he sat in a vehicle. Interestingly, a Coroner’s Court jury unanimously concluded back in May 2019 that the 2010 police killing of Walden Mitchell, the former police officer, was a justified homicide.

Now back to today. Last evening as that infamous “black car” – which has been the vehicle at the scene of so many murders across New Providence – pulled up on ex-police Meadows as he walked along Third Street the Grove. His fortunes changed forever. The gunmen, who no one knows at this time, emerged from their vehicle and sprayed bullets into the father of four until he fell to the ground. Ex-police officer Meadows was later pronounced dead on the scene.

Police told the media they don’t know the motive and now they are concerned. But they never told the media how Ex-Police Officer Meadows was one of their own, who went on to the dark side of the criminal network in the Bahamas. Why do you think they hid that? Or they just didn’t know this? And to make matters worse – no one in the Wutless Media asked. Well, what is this?

Police announced how there were some 96 homicide last year some seven short from the 103 killings recorded by Bahamas Press. But that is here nor there. What the police are talking about today is how almost 30 residents of the Bahamas were shot and killed by police in 2019 alone. A staggering figure and the highest ever recorded number in our democracy!

But ya know we ga report and let yinner decide!