BAHAMASAIR GM IS A FAILURE…and will fail again!!!

Bahamasair new ATR aircrafts.
Tracy Cooper

Dear BP,

Imagine my surprise when I watched the news the other night and they were reporting that global platinum standard airline, Qatar Airways was going to consult with Bahamasair on how to be a better airline and what not.

BP, let me ask you this; how many times will a government let Tracy Cooper at Bahamasair embarrass them? He has had failed pronouncements, failed execution, failed systems and failed relationships with the staff.

Did you know that before they go spend whatever they will spend with Qatar Airways that Bahamasair had just spent almost $500,000 on Lufthansa Airlines for the exact same thing just a few years ago before this government? Very public exercise that produced nothing. And guess who was incharge at the airline?

Why, you ask? The same reason it is for everything else. The issue that continues to be at the core of Bahamasair’s present troubles has been and always will be leadership.

Bahamasair will continue to be nothing more than a warm glass of milk. Good to look at, but fails to meet expectations.

Please my government … please go find something else to spend my tax dollars on, or go figure out how not to take my tax dollars at all. Look, the reality is as long as Tracy sits is in charge of the airline, it will not get any better. You could sell the airline, give it every resource it needs leave this dude in place, and the airline will still fail. This guy will not cut it; we need a new plan!

Just my two cents.

Sincerely yours,

The Ready Writer