Bahamasair staff have not been paid for over a month now! WHERE IS THE MONEY?!

Bahamasair new ATR aircrafts.
Tommy Turnquest

NASSAU| ZNS aka “DEAD N S” was deflecting from the reality at Bahamasair last evening after BP reported how workers have not been compensated for two whole pay periods (ONE MONTH).

The news caused da WUTLESS MEDIA to begin chatting with the airline Chairman, Mr. Tommy Turnquest, who carried in the report how the national flag carrier is about to return to the skies. Looka dat! Not a word about why the staff at Bahamasair has not been paid!

This week the kittens in the airline’s hanger were hungry jumping on the tables and growling at some of the workers as even the tuck shop at Bahamasair hangar posted signs that tough times are ahead!

One employee told BP, “I am left with one dollar for Christmas! One Dollar by the People’s Time Government! I cannot get paid – this is the second pay period and no funds have been posted at the bank for us! Why is this? So wherever this dollar gas takes me that is where I am staying!”

And while all this is happening the airline has leased a jet for $110,000 a month. The jet is not in use; parked in the hangar. Well wait!

Meanwhile, with no one being paid at the National Flag Carrier – with even the tuck shop catching hell. The kitties in the around the office are now looking at one of the babies, which can become their next meal. WELL WHAT IS THIS?

We report yinner decide!