BAHAMIAN celebrating her 39th birthday in Jamaica dies suddenly of a massive heart attack!


KINGSTON| Another Bahamian woman drops dead this time while visiting Jamaica.

The family of Bahamian Marcia Braun is making an appeal to friends to assist in the cost to return her body home.

Watch this now, Marcia was visiting Jamaica with friends when she got a sudden rash on her upper body, went to hospital in Jamaica and then died suddenly after suffering a massive heart attack.

It was on January 22, 2023, when Marcia unexpectedly passed away in a hospital in Negril, Jamaica, where she had visited to attend a function and also celebrate her 39th birthday. 

The family is awaiting a government autopsy (as well as private) to determine the exact cause of her death, as her passing (according to them)  “was very unexpected”.

We at BP need not add any more to this update other than to say we pray for the family and for the soul of their beloved daughter Marcia.

May she rest in peace!