Bahamians become second class citizens with new flight rules…


Dear BP Editor,

As you are aware, the country is about to open and today the Ministry of Tourism outlined a roadmap to welcoming guests from around the world.

The borders will open June 15, according to officials, for private carriers and on July 01 international flights will resume.

But here’s the point. Some 1.87 million COVID-19 positive cases are in the US and North America is from where the bulk of our guests arrive. But, according to the new rules, a US tourist will only do a questionnaire while Bahamians must register with the Bahamas Embassy to travel home and must also have COVID-19 test showing a negative result. “Visitors will not have to do one because of the length of time, it takes to get one” is the reason given.

So we Bahamians are still SECOND CLASS CITIZENS in our own country! Why? Why is this the case, Mr. Prime Minister? Don’t you believe in Bahamians anymore? And why can’t we be first in our country?

How is it the Bahamian who was exposed to less than 102 confirmed cases must now pay for a test to come home? WELL, BLOW ME DOWN!