Minnis Competent Authority says you cannot sing in CHURCH! Archbishop dismisses the church Choir!


Satan seeks to stop worship over CORONAVIRUS! Will Bahamian Ministers AGREE?!

Archbishop Patrick Pinder

NASSAU| We have BREAKING NEWS for Christians inside the Catholic Church as Archbishop Patrick Pinder has communicated in his letter to parishioners. We at Bahamas Press warned you months ago that if you believe PHARAOH ga let yinner go now that he has yinner in his grip, then you is the [you finish it]

Pharaoh, via the Competent Authority, has told the church NO SINGING! THE CHOIR IS NO MORE! This means praise and worship end and worship via song or choir has been aborted.

I ga tell yinner again! IF YOU BELIEVE PHARAOH ga let yinner go, then guess what …YOU IS DA [YOU FINISH IT].

Anyway read the Archbishop’s letter: