Bahamians love punishment and they love Hubert Ingraham


Nassau, Bahamas — We have said this before time and time again. Hubert Ingraham’s Ideology is skewed, flawed, CONTAMINATED and misguided. He is  being ill-advised and to the determent of this country seeks to plunge us as a nation into the vicissitudes of poverty and hopelessness. He is the first PM who never inspire his people and never outlines a vision for this country.

Ingraham has repeatedly recorded his disdain for the Bahamian people and continues in the most unchristian manner, proceed to  kill off the livelihoods of many. Back in 1997 he dismissed thousands at BTC. In 2007 he has sent packing home thousands more at The Ministry of Tourism, The Police Force, in Education and in the public service and now we will see the same at ZNS!

And while he exercises this hate for Bahamians, he would continue to issue the largest contracts ever to be engage in the Bahamas to foreigners; The Airport Contract, BEC POWER PLANT IN WILSON CITY, The Harbour Contract, ALL OF THE Roads Contracts and now he agrees to the illegal landing of more than 5,000 Chinese while he dismisses Bahamians.

Added to this we’ve seen him positioned foreigners in key posts in government; THE DPP, The Director of Works and in the Department of Lands; while Bahamians are sent home.



  1. BAHAMIANS DEPEND TOO MUCH ON GOVERNMENT. THE FNM and THE PLP have their ups and downs. But if you ask me Perry Christie talks too much or/and dont do nothing. HE IS QUIET AS WE SPEAK He’s not even ENERGIZING his base thats what Bradley Roberts does do like he is the leader. Hubert Ingraham all he is doing is not being UPFRONT with the public. Yeah theres no other avenue to raise taxes but at least give the people SUFFICIENT TIME TO CATCH THEMSELVES. Thats Bad Public Relations. If elections are today I dont know who Ill vote for but it wont be Hubert Ingraham and it wont be Perry Christie!

  2. What an appropriate headline as most of the comments here show just how some person/s think.These bag men are only singing for their supper.Truthhurts thank you for finally agreeing that PAPA is a little despot dictator.Now dont go home and beat your wife for having ideas that that you disagree with just because its coming from a woman.

  3. Some may look at it this way. But having seen what has happened in the Bahamas over the many years, if people call Hubert Ingraham a dictator I applaud them. You see this is exactly what Bahamaians need. We need someone autocratic who don’t take no sh**. Too much slackers lookin to have their own way. That’s what get us in this mess in the first place.BRING IT ON HUBIGGITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Bahamians run up and down, take time of their jobs to campaign, waste gas, precious sleep, neglect of family among other things to be behind these croonies and at the end of the day, the croonies are straight and they have absolutely nothing to show. I totally support the people who make M.P’s buy fridge, stove, washer and other stuff. Get it while you can cause you won’t get anything else. After they get in they so important you have to make appointment to see them and half the time they make excuses or turn you around.

  5. This isunbelievable and many Bahamians are gullible as a dog-gone billy goat. HAI and PGC have all done the same thing. Only difference is, HAI has a big mouth and PGC is a wimp who’s afraid of making decisions. I don’t mind having a big mouth leader who has insight, a mandate to better the country and citizens and a back-up plan that can be shot into place just in case it’s needed. He is boastful load arrogant and down-right silly with a hitler attitude. PGC on the other hand is more meek with no backbone, afraid to make decisions and simply cannot put his house in order. How can you then make decisions for the betterment of me,my children and grandchildren. These people are already set and don’t really gave a damn about the people of this country. They all make promises, get in, further fatten their pockets and the pockets of their friends and family members, put on a show for the public and bitch about how many houses, not homes they build over the other party. I say houses because the price you pay for the short cuts and shaddy work ethics is bot a home, its a house.
    The way I see it, I have stopped voting since I was 21, I’m almost 50 and refuse to vote until I see someone who is actually worth my 1 VERY IMPORTANT vote. Quite frankly I don’t want to see any of them around my place. We must make these people accountable, remember they work for us, the citizens of the Bahamas.

  6. Poor ronica7! None of the afore-mentioned projects ever got done. Poor Christie, long on fluff and talk, short on action.

  7. Poor Eagle! All of the afore-mentioned are Christie Projects. Poor Mr. Ingraham, thanking Christie every day for leaving him something to do.

  8. HAI is the man of the hour, a get it done man, not a talker. we dont need a man like Brad and Perry. GOd help us. and oh i forget Shame shane send them packing again bahamians

  9. The right man for the job? We need need blood with new ideas. We need to wake up as Bahamians and see what is going on in this country. Only these people and their special interest groups are the ones who are prospering especially in these economic times. Someone who have the Bahamian people first and not their pockets. Both of their time has expired.

  10. The Rt Hon Hurbert A Ingrahman is the man Bahamain should be cheering….if not him then who? Cheer on Bahamas!!!! we’re no fools we know greatness when we see it.

  11. Who writes this drivel? Can you not string together coherent sentences? Do you not understand the use of tense or the proper use of plural forms? Don’t you know the difference between a noun or proper noun, or even which should be capitalised and which shouldn’t? I must assume you have no formal education, even at the high school level, because you have no idea how to construct actual English form.

    And, obviously, you are so blinded by your own bias and your own pet agendas that you cannot evenly analyse a single topic without infecting it with your personal pettiness. You should at least attempt to inject some basic objectivity into your “articles” so that people can take you seriously. Keep up your frothy pablum to suit yourself and you will continue in your irrelevancy.


    • harry who appointed you editor of this site?Notice how I started my sentence by placing a small h to your name?Thats how small minded I think you are since you have not even attempted to answer the topic.lolo lolo since you are a woman how come you are using a man,s name?Please answer me so I can really get on your case for coming here talking irrelevant garbage.

  12. And who, pray tell, should we be cheering on? The Right Honourable Perry Christie? Should we be cheering on he who is more concerned about fluff and talk than about actually getting things done? Please. For five solid years since 2002 we have haerd talk about anchor projects, National Health Insurance, Baha-Mar, LNG, Petro-Caribe, the new Bay Street Straw Market, the movement of the container port to Clifton Pier, a new national stadium and all manner of things that never got done. Ever notice that in five years there was never one single protest, no public out-cry over any of Christie’s national development projects and initiatives? THAT’S BECAUSE HE HAD NONE!! He is too afraid of criticism. Timid leadership like that of Perry Christie will keep most of us quiet, but it will get us nowhere pretty fast.

  13. I am not afraid of HAI. He is a rational, straightforward man. The men that should be feared are the ones that say one thing and do another, (Perry); the a-moral, narcissitic, self promoters ( Fwed ), and the goons (Bad Brad)….

  14. I disagree with your statement, Bahamians do not love HAI, they are afraid of him, it’s that simple, he is another Kim Jong Il, another Mugabe, and Bahamians are afraid to tell the Emperor that he has on no clothes, we have got to man up as Bahamians and stop letting HAI sell us out for his special interest sponsors.

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