Dr. Minnis empowers Killarney’s Youth…with FREE Math tutoring


Nassau, Bahamas — The clinic began on Thursday August 5th, and will continue the entire month of August. Students will attend twice weekly.

The program divides the students into two groups. BJC and BGCSE candidates.  There are currently two Adult tutors (one for each group) supervising “student teaching students.”

This kind of environment provides an atmosphere for students to not only improve their math, but to bond with each other, allowing them to relate better to their peers.

In the words of Barbara Gross Davis, (Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education at the University of California at Berkeley.) ” “…students working in small groups tend to learn more of what is taught and retain it longer than when the same content is presented in other instructional formats.”


Other advantages of small groups like this, where students are mentoring under supervision in peer to peer teaching:

– Education is Low on rhetoric and high on results;
- It teaches community service and civic duty;
- It allows the use of an untapped resource;
- Practical expression of loving your neighbour;
- Atmosphere that encourages the sharing of thoughts and ideas;
- It builds enthusiasm;
- Provides a less intimidating environment;
- Both parties grow and learn in the process;
- Builds comradery and improves confidence;
- Improves understanding and performance in the subject;

Dr. Minnis says that “these students getting to knew each other in the same community, would make it easier for them to contact and ask each other questions about math. It would also create leadership skills and confidence in the students who are doing peer to peer teaching.”

At the end of the program, the student in each group  who demonstrates the greatest improvement will be awarded with the gift of a purchase of all books and supplies for their math course in the coming school year.

Dr. Minnis went on to say that “What we want to do is continue the program one day a week throughout the year for revision and for tutoring of students in Killarney who may need help.”

Killarney Youth can register online at www.thekillarneyvoice.com  OR by calling the constituency office between 2pm – 5pm weekdays 327-7006


  1. Dr. Minnis is a prime of example of what an MP should be. He cares for the youth and the indigent of the Nation. I support Minnis for leader and PM.

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