Bahamians ordered to pay 100% more to cross the PI Bridge! Is this a move to keep the poor off PI?


Christie REGIME about to tax Bahamians more to cross the bridge to keep Bahamians off Paradise Island!

Fees at the Paradise Island Bridge goes up on poor domestic workers on Paradise Island - Many of who had not had an increase in years!
Fees at the Paradise Island Bridge goes up on poor domestic workers on Paradise Island – Many of who had not had an increase in years!

What is wrong with the Christie Regime that it enjoys taxing Bahamians and say they are for us!?

Nassau, Bahamas – Breaking News coming out today confirms the Christie Government has placed its approval on taxing Bahamians more to cross the Paradise Island Bridge.

The Bridge Authority made the announcement today following a contract signing to Island Site Development for refurbishment of the eastern bridge.

The cost to drive over the bridge will move from $1 to $2. The move is another step by the Christie Regime to overburden the poor and middle class with taxes in the shortest possible time.

No notice of the increases came before today, but in today’s announcement the increases are marked to assist in the repairs, which will extend its life to another 28 years.

Once worker at Paradise Island hotel worker told Bahamas Press, “We have been trying to get paid for working 22 weeks at my hotel. We don’t get any extra money to pay bridge tolls. We have not had a pay increase in years! How does the government expect us to shoulder VAT, NHI, Higher Cable bill and now this along with all the astronomical food prices that have skyrocketed on the poor unmonitored? How much more are we Bahamians must endure?”

The price hike leaves one to wonder if this is another bold attempt to keep Bahamians off the beaches and now off the island altogether with the full agreement of the Christie Regime!?

“I am confident that with the implementation of revenue enhancement measures (i.e. toll increase) the Bridge Authority will continue to maintain its financial responsibility to its bond holders,” Prime Minister Christie stated.

Who is Christie looking out for? The Bahamians or the wealthy rich Bahamians with shares in the bridge? It’s UNBELIVABLE!

The East Paradise Island Bridge has existed since 1967!

Bahamas Press wonder what will the Hotel Union President do in protest to this increase on her members, who are being axed daily on PI and have no major agreement still in place? Cooks, maids, dishwashers and the vulnerable straw venders and taxi drivers once against taking a hit with the Christie Regime!

Boy… But it ain’t long nah!

We need CHANGE!



  1. Sickens me to see how blatantly we as Bahamians are enduring unprecedented taxation and crime under a government who swung their way to power on just the opposite. I’m not political but I sure as hell know where MY vote going this election and it Isn’t PLP and thats for DAMN sure!!!!

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