Bank in east presses charges against two young staffers at law firm who are alleged to have stolen $80,000


Nassau, Bahamas — Two young Bahamian gals who were employed in a law firm are now on bail after being accused of stealing more than $80,000 from the company.

Bahamas Press is following this story as the two young gals just messed up their names.

We understand the story is familiar. One of the young gals worked as the messenger at the firm and, according to the bank in the east, which brought forward the charges, the girls, allegedly conspiring together, ripped off the law firm like two jungaliss with stolen credit cards.

Now we at BP are not sorry for the firm. The head of the company, who was caught on the desk with her gravedigger hubby, cannot tell some relatives whose loved ones were buried in the family graveyard company where their relatives are.

What we believe is really happening here is this – THIEF FROM THIEF and yinner know what happens.

Problem in this though is this: the two young accused women might have to sell bread for the rest of their lives….

We report yinner decide!