BEC crippling the Bahamian people…Bimini fallout!



Bahamians buckling under pressure whilst some nine (9) Cabinet Ministers were off the island on Friday. Bahamians catching hell and the people who suppose to stir hope in the country cannot be found. Hubert Ingraham and Brent Symonette are both smiling in this file photo whilst thousands of Bahamians lights are being turned off by BEC, thousands more are terminiated from their jobs and cannot buy food to eat.

Bailey Town, Bimini: Businesses on Bimini are closing their doors and laying off workers on that island everyday according to a sources on that island. Reports coming to Bahamas Press confirms that Bimini Bay Resort has closed its restaurant and has placed on two day work shifts all workers at the resort. A source on the island confirmed that the resort is ‘not making any money’ and with the high “UNBEARABLE electrical costs” the resorts and many residents are buckling under pressures.

Bahamas Press reported that it was the Ingraham government whom decided to terminate the electricity supply of thousands of residents throughout the country  putting businesses offline, many more residents out of work and thousands of homes in darkness. “For the past 48 years since I moved to Binimi I have never ever seen it this bad on the island. In 47 of those 48 years I have lived here my home had never ever been broken into. In this year alone, my home had been broken into three (3) times already,” a frighten Porgy Bay resident told Bahamas Press.

Early this morning a jewellery store’s alarm went off on Bimini, the signal of another attempted robbery on the tiny island.

“My bill is more then my mortgage, and so I have no choice but to close down my business here in Bimini and layoff my all my employees,” another business owner told Bahamas Press.

With raising fuel cost, high electrical cost and unbearable food prices (one of them being a 32oz Ketchup at City Meat Markets  now over $9)  Bahamians businesses and resident are finding it difficult to keep their heads above water. “Even the illegal number house on Bimini closed down on the island of Bimini. Nobody have money to buy numbers nor can the operators can afford to pay for winnings.

Bahamas Press contends that while the world economy is slowing up and falling into recession, the decisions by the Ingraham led government is quickly moving the Bahamas – due to its WICKED economic policies – into depression! SO MUCH FOR THE TRUST AGENDA!


  1. They dont care what the people put them there for as they just glad to be there to fill up their pockets and their friends’ pockets.

    Tristan, it could be MUCH better than this. We have leadership in this country who just dont care about us and thats why they are performing in this lousy manner.

  2. The funny thing about them, they biggety and have all kind of hard mouth when they in the House of Assembly, but when Ingraham get them in that Cabinet room, they all quiet as a church mouse or wagging their tails like lil’ puppies. They forget the people who put them there to be their voices.

  3. set the record straight if you fall for nothing you will fall for anything. We cannot allow the government to operate without a plan. My children future is at stake. I will complain until it gets better. It could be better than this. It was before. We are a bless nation, therefore you cannot compare us to third world struggling countries. We have all of the capibilities but no leadership…

  4. Bolo I am looking at the same picture that you are looking at. I wonder if anyone else out there is seeing what we are seeing.

  5. Like at the picture above very carefully. What do you really see????

    I see a donkey, a monkey, a dummy and a fool surrounding a man who is saying to himself, “What a bunch idiots who took me out of retirement.

    And acroos the room are a bunch of lost sheeps.
    Fasting your seatbelts and enjoy Ingraham’s ride. GOD help us.


  6. I think we already know this but the government promised to do something to alleviate our worries with high electricity bills. We have not seen the results in our pockets so I think its only befitting to complain.

  7. We need to stop complaining and be thankful for what we have because many other coutries are doing worst than we are. Dispaite the fact. We all know that fuel cost have gone up what we need to do is live within our means and use more energy saving devices and applainces.

  8. Yes I am seeing it, but I beg to differ, Tristan. That man SET UP all that “I’m in retirement mode and not interested …..” foolishness. He WAS intersted and thats why he came back. NO ONE forced that man back into politics. He was greedy and loves power and thats why he came back.

    He has no proper plan for this country than to get back at all the people he feels offended him. Its madness!!

  9. This is what you get when someone was not interested in politics any more. someone who was already in retirement mode. No vision the people will perish as you are seeing for your self right now

  10. Yeah he needs to KNOW how we feel. But his head his so far up white people’s butt that he would expect them to bail him out whatever mess he in.

    What he needs to remember is that his friend Boogaloo, the same man he doesnt want to be seen with at rallies, bailed him out when the bank was ready to take his house and he was riding around drinking Guinness in his Diahatsu, Charmant and hanging out at bars. He needs to remember that struggle and how it felt. What about when his wife had to wear TORN UP stockings to work as a teacher because she couldnt afford new ones as her husband was fired by Sir Lynden for treachery and thngs were horribly with them financially.

    Thats what this man needs to remember!! Think on those things and put himself in our shoes and DO SOMETHING for the people of this country instead of making it so hard for them.

    When people cry out to him for help, instead of turning them away and scoffing at them, he needs to remember when his friend Boogaloo took him to the Chinese tailor and made him the now famous FIVE SUITS to bounce back into politics with. That was someone who helped him and came to his rescue. He should now have mercy on others the same way his friend had mercy on him.

    Hubert Ingraham needs to remember that!!!

  11. This is ridiculous. Someone need to put Hubert out on his ass and let him struggle to see how much the average Bahamian is struggling. Sickening.

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