PLP snitch EXPOSED…BP responds to Tribune article!



We at Bahamas Press do not believe in giving nonissues much breath. However we noted the scripted melodrama masquerading in the ‘Wutless’ Tribune as an investigative piece on Friday 12th September, about the Progressive Liberal Party, Bahamas Press, the WUTLESS PLP webmaster Andrew Burrows, and his alter ego that administers bahamasblackbook.

Suffice to say that Andrew Burrows who represents the PLP as its webmaster on,  has successfully proven why the PLP are facing the issues that it has. For if anyone can recall since May 2, 2007, he has engaged in a relentless agenda to encourage all PLPs and all people of sound mind and goodwill to not continue to support what he considered to be the wicked agenda of the accepted media, the Tribune and Guardian. In fact up to Friday 12th, he was supporting the idea that PLPS SHOULD BOYCOTT the WUTLESS Tribune and stop buying the paper!

Yet we also note that when he needed a covering to protect him after his nasty behaviour was publicly exposed on Bahamas Press, the first people he ran to for aid and comfort were the same persons he ask the Bahamian people to not support (the Tribune). To this we at Bahamas Press respectfully say to the PLP that when they figure out what is wrong with THAT picture, then they would probably figure out what is wrong with the organization. 


  1. I am intrigued by the anonymity. I have no desire to know who runs this blog. Morehands there you go again getting all “tight”. No one has been “destroyed” by this website.

    I think BP has a point, Hubert Ingraham has destroyed and used many people….spit them out and kick them to the curb when he is finished with them. He is a dangerous man and we have him running the country.

  2. Morehands, I notice this is becoming more and more common, but I agree with you. Like any weapon, there is a need to know who is controlling it and what are there intentions. At the same time though, the way BP lashes out at both sides of the political divide, I can see why they wish to remain anonymous.

  3. Well ‘Morehands’ I hope you are referring to HUBERT INGRAHAM when you talk about WEAPON! For that WEAPON has slaughtered thousands of Bahamians in one BLOW!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  4. And BahamasPress should NEVER be considered “entertainment”. The things that are said on this site, the names that are called and the philosophy pushed by the writers is a WEAPON and should be treated with caution and sound reasoning and judgment at all times. Many lives have been destroyed, reputations tarnished and negative seeds sown. This is not entertainment.

  5. I am an active web surfer and reader. I ALWAYS CHECK THE SOURCE BEFORE I BUY THE FISH. It what makes people like me wise and not just henchmen or blind followers.

  6. Morehands you went very deep which makes me believe that it DOES make a difference to you who runs/owns this website.

    Why would any of you investigate? I like the entertainment and the fact that this site can out scoop the active media.

  7. Suspense, mingled with intrigue makes a blog most exciting! And yes we at Bahamas Press just LOVES the intrigue part. Because for months now we told you ‘Morehands’ and many others who come in here and frequent this website that Bahamas Press can never ever be one individual, NOR IS IT ANY PERSON MENTIONED TO DATE ON OR OUTSIDE OF THIS WEBSITE. But to us that is here nor there. In fact if it was any of the names thrown out here thus far perhaps we would have remain silent on the matter.

    Some said Bahamas Press is P. Anthony White, another said it is Earlin Williams, another said its Carvel Francis. Someone decided it was Gorman Bannister. I in particular was VERY SURPRISE when someone privately noted the name FRED (HUBERT INGRAHAM). They never questioned if that meant Fred Mitchell or Sturrup. But what we know about Bahamas Press, others are trying desperately at the guessing game all to figure out; WHO IS BAHAMAS PRESS?

    And for a moment another thought they could hijacked this site. Here is all we would say. Bahamas Press is the collection of many eyes and ears scattered all around this country. With it’s sources – as one rightly put it – with its ears to the ground. Bahamas Press has a place and seat in EVERY NEWSROOM IN THIS COUNTRY! It is the fly on the wall in the Cabinet room of The Bahamas. And the ant on the ground in the circles in the opposition. We are everywhere posting news about everything deemed CREDIBLE NEWS in this country. News such as the pending collapse of Colina which no one to date has the guts to address.

    Bahamas Press is the voice of the lost, the weak and the forgotten in this country and yes we are the switch for the WICKED, CORRUPT AND EVIL at the same time. We have become the VOICE OF CHANGE in this Bahamas. A voice that cannot be quieted or VICTIMIZED! We are the eyes and ears of this country who have discovered that the Arms and Legs of our institutions are weak and asleep!

    And so to answer the many INTRIGUED fans out there, NO we are NO ONE individual mentioned in this article nor are we anyone to date mention on this BLOG. Yes, Bahamas Press has MANY VOICES and IS a new VOICE IN OUR BAHAMAS!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  8. I know what you are trying to post HelloKitty. BahamasPress now has paid for their domain for another 5 years and now has domain ownership privacy activated on its domain registry.

    I have seen it with my own eyes multiple times and have forwarded the link to many, many people who too have seen it with their own eyes. clearly showed that BahamasPress was registered to a Carvel Francis in Nassau, Bahamas. It showed his home number, work number, fax number, email address and website technical support contact ….. a Carvel Francis. I have a screenshot of the Whois web page from back in May 2008 showing all this and can email it to whoever wants the proof.

    Why this site want to have people as idiots, its unbeknown to me. It makes no difference to me who runs (owns) this site and this cat and mouse foolishness that happens whenever someone brings up the topic is just pathetic. Okay, Mr. Francis paid the $88 for the domain webhosting on 01-Oct-07 but no longer plays an active role in the site and it is maintained by a group of anonymous wannabees. If that’s the case, just plain say so and let people get off the topic.

  9. Call me dumb, HelloKitty, but what exactly is this site suppose to be telling me?

    And WOW, I said Carvel Francis is said to be in school. I didnt say away in school. No one who is in school is available to run a website and make such frequent posts and someone who lives away could not be that up to date on what is going on in The Bahamas without incurring ridiculous bills.

  10. Drama King, regardless of who BP really is, I know Carvel Francis is not away in school as I see him on a almost weekly basis. The next time I do, perhaps I will ask about his involvment with this site and get it right from the horses mouth.

    ps. Regardless where anyone lives, that does not stop them from being involved with this site. See BP, I’m not as dumb as you think. I do know something about the internet.

  11. Oh I get it now! That Andrew Burrows is a brassy fellow to go to the Tribune after his PLP masters blast that journal all the time. He is a sneaky lil so and so.

    He calling up these men names again?! I thought it was an already proven fact that Earlin Williams and Carvel Francis are not involved with BP. I thought this was proven when someone said Earlin is living abroad and Carvel is in school. For real he needs to walk easy!

  12. Well Drama King, apparently Andrew Burrows the webmaster for the Progressive liberal Party has gone to the Tribune and updated them on a story he has published on Bahamasblackbook website a site we know for a FACT he is publishing. In that he presents a PLOT by Obie Wilchombe and Glenys Hanna-Martin to knock out the Christie leadership.

    The article also contends that former public relations persons Earlin Willaims and Carvel Francis are the publishers of this website and that they are also plotters to rid Christie from the PLP. And are supporters with the Wilchombe clan. One thing is clear on Bahamas Press – if they closely read this website – is that we are NO fan of PLP, FNM nor The WUTLESS TRIBUNE. But one would think they both [PLP and Tribune] would know that by now.

    Now what is amazing in this, the Wutless Tribune published those comments from a WUTLESS WEBMASTER Burrows, and called persons names who have NO control on Bahamas Press. NONE WHATSOEVER! Also here is a guy (Burrows) who on the PLP website continuously push his readers saying; that the WUTLESS Tribune is unfair and BIAS. But like a RAT [Burrows] went to the Tribune to push out his trash, behind the backdoor of the PLP.

    We at Bahamas Press are amazed by the PLP, its conspirators and plotters who tell the public one thing and yet do another. We know what they are doing here. They [The PLP and Tribune] are working together these days, and in that article tried and figure out who is doing this website. They are trying to in some way deny the truth about them from coming out on here to our 400,000 plus readers.

    Again we tell them both to be careful how they meddle with private citizens names in the public domain.

    But we understand their frustrations, they are SHAMELESS MEN AND WOMEN! Who spin lies and half truth to the public. Who deflect the causes of national concerns like the ECONOMY, JOBLESSNESS, THE DEAD STATE OF BUSINESS IN THIS COUNTRY, RISING FOOD PRICES AND now GAS prices and the EXPLOSION OF CRIME in this country! We want nothing to do with the Tribune nor the PLP, particularly their leadership, as we have found them both to to be WUTLESS DECEPTIVE LIARS TO THE PUBLIC...And if they ask, tell them Bahamas Press says SO!

    Bahamas Press /Editor

  13. Hi Media,

    Stop the fussing wit “Wow” its raining outside and I took the rest of the day off.

    Please please satisfy my curiosity and tell me about this Tribune article. You know they arent online so I have no clue what was said.

  14. Perhaps ‘WOW’ you should ask yourself that. or like Michael Jackson said, Look at the man in the mirror.

  15. Hello, you bail BP out on that one. BP your reply speaks for itself. I would really like to know what went down between you and the PLP Admin for him to attract your wrath as such.

  16. We are not smarter than we are? One thing is certain, we are definitely smarter than you (WOW)!.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  17. BP, tell me the site you pull that picture from so I could see it. I did not find it on the PLP website. The problem is you think you smarter than you are.

  18. WELL ‘WOW’ if you knew anything about the internet, one does not have to ever travel to Buckingham Palace to get a photo of the Queen. And similarly We did not have to be in the PLP to get this photo.

    But we guess your not that smart ‘WOW’.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  19. BP, I know you will delete this post. The picture above of Andrew Burrows is taken inside PLP HQ. Where did you get the picture from if you were not at a meeting there? Maybe there is some truth to the identity of BP as Burrows suggested.

  20. BP…you left me hanging man. I just endured TWO hours of a Tyler Perry flick with my wife cause she forced me to go to the movies with her. All that time my mind was on the post you promised from 2pm. Now you aint quote the Tribune so I am still in the dark as to what this was all about.

    School me BP cause I dont get it. What went down?

  21. We sincerely apologize to all our loyal readers for our delay with this post. However a lengthy legal meeting has taken us much time before releasing the piece.

    We thank you for your commitment and continued support to Bahamas Press!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

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