BEC did its damage and now others are hit by W&S



Babies cannot get water because Water and Sewerage hauling thousands of residents to court and shutting off supply.

Nassau, Bahamas: On July 30th, 2008, this website, Bahamas Press broke the story of how BEC disconnected the electricity services of 1,000 residents in a single day. Just 30 days after Hubert Ingraham said he was bringing the Poor Man’s Budget to Parliament.

Our source in BEC said just after that announcement by the PM, THOUSANDS OF PERSONS were put in darkness! HUBERT INGRAHAM said not a word of truth then to the people. The WUTLESS media never took a look at our article then, and so Bahamians suffered. Comments began pouring in on the Internet. Finally, the chatter grew into a petition and by then some 6,000 consumers had said ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

We have learned that Ingraham and his cripple brother was again in the House of Assembly today saying the same thing he said before July 1st, with additional words that his government will bring relief to the homeowners shutoff by power supply from BEC. And like a puppet in silk suit, Perry Christie – who never touched the issue of the 6,000 residents cut off by BEC – agreed that Ingraham was making the right decision.

Hmmm! But what game are they both playing with the Bahamian people this time? Did not Hubert Ingraham say this before, during the budget debate? And did not the fuel surcharge rise higher since then? “CHRISTIE! HUBERT DOES NOT NEED AN AMEN FROM YOU, THATS WHY EARL DEVEAUX IS HIS MINISTER!”

Well, Bahamas Press has learned that Water and Sewerage is walking in the footsteps of BEC, where thousands of residents here in New Providence are also being disconnected from water supply and many more are now processed to be placed before the courts.

Bahamas Press has also learned that thousands of Bahamian residents who have installed wells in their yards are also currently being processed before the courts for failure to pay a “Well TAX”.

With residents now out of electricity supply – disconnected by BEC and now thousands more having their water supply terminated by the Water and Sewerage Corporation, Bahamians are hollering at the state of despair and gloom a Hubert Ingraham administration has placed them in after 12 shorts months.

This country is now in a state of high unemployment, high gas prices, high unbearable food prices, along with Bahamians having the largest tax increase slapped on them by the FNM, the highest in he history of The Bahamas.

“It is like we can hardly breathe before this DAMN FNM knock us out with another blow,” one single mother of three said to Bahamas Press as she sat on her dark candle lit porch.



  1. AS Mr. J. Burnside, one of our greatest Bahamian citizens says “Talking fool is a “VERY” SERIOUS Ting”

  2. get the fact fr WSC before you write what ya hear or God forbid, what you think

  3. I am more than a little bothered that some are suffering, perhaps unduly. by having their power shut off. I cannot, however place All the blame on B.E.C. or the present government. One of our problems has always been that we want to live happily in the present and not think about what may happen in all the tomorrows. So when a crisis strikes we are ill prepared for its consequences. Well, we are in the midst of a crisis that affects the general population, businesses,local and central governments, the financial system and all other areas. Our little country cannot control the outside forces that have contributed to our problems but we can begin to mitigate their consequences by using some hands on techniques.
    1. Let each Church select 10 to 20 of their parishioners who have overdue amounts which they are unable to pay and pay those amounts directly to B.E.C. Choose pensioners first as they are parties most in need of help. Next choose those with children who can show just cause why they need help. If chosen they must agree to put time into some program like cleaning the Church grounds or nearby school grounds or do yard work for a senior who is not able to do it for themselves. This way one does not just receive something for no return.
    2. Service organizations can do the same using Social Services as their source for names and contact
    3. Unions should be using a fund that they surely have to help redundant workers, always making sure some service is given in return.
    It is a wonderful way to shoe we care for our brothers and sisters in need and may encourage them to help others when their turn comes.

  4. It’s ok to say that we spend too much and should save more. This is an idealistic situation. Most of us have not changed our lifestyles and started budgeting after the last elections because we know the FNM’s philosopy of breaking down to build up.

    No one could ever contemplate that things could get so bad so quickly and for so long. The bottom of the pot is now in holes for those who managed to save a couple of dollars. So have some sympathy for some of those who have their lights off. For them its today. Tomorrow, who knows.

    Conserve energy by pulling out some plugs, iron, tv,dvd player, computer and related equipment, anything that goes with a remote control or that is on standby. Many of us are overweight so learn to walk again whenever we can or carpool to save on gas.

    No one is at my house during the day so I just shut off the meter. They advise against this but I am the one trying to save.

  5. Generalcrazy it is so frustrating watching the people of this country just swallow up everything these politicians have to say and laud and praise them for all their fakey efforts.

    Its sickening! Someone was on this site the other day and said a group of people meet on a regular basis and I am looking for good political leadership to arise from that group.

  6. das fer real. dem both needs to go.
    but den we aint get noone else yet 🙁

    seems dat most bahamians juz like tings da way it is though, not me, not you, but da majority since dey is wear dem tee shirt and praise dey parties all da time, an keep votin one of dem in.

  7. LOUSY is putting it nicely generalcrazy. Their leaders need to get going and both parties need revamping.

  8. bey media run hot. Joe blow keepin it real. media only hot cuz Joe ain DAMN da FNM like he want heem to. Joe blow talkin sense media, erryting he did say is related to yer attack article (wat else it cud be called? it ain no news article dred)

  9. The RATES is what I feel the government is shying away from reducing and that concerns me. We KNOW the PM was the one who ordered the mass disconnections and we also know because he party was being seen in a bad light he used a PR gimic to reverse the order.

    So now he needs to address the massive surcharge bill that has us in a stew now. THAT will make intelligent Bahamians happy….not a payment plan on a high bill.

  10. Everyone consider this. You have to come up with a 25% payment (if you had it, why didn’t you pay it long time in an effort to bring down the bill) then pay the balance over 2 years in monthly payments. All of this will paying the regular bill every month along with other rising cost of living and Water & Sewerage currently making mass disconnections. Many of these people will be without power in a couple of months.

    If the Government really wants to help the public, they need to reverse these high duty rates that they just hiked. This would help to bring down the cost of living.

  11. There is always a better way to reach a conclusion. I am not deflecting anything. You are partially right. But I am aware of many communications to the public by several Corps. over the years urging the public who were behind in their bills to come in and talk about making payments in order to catch up. That is nothing new. BEC made a policy decision-perhaps ill advised, to have a massive disconnection. They do have that right. I have no doubt it was meant to force those who are always delinquent in paying their bills to live up to their responsibilities. Nothing wrong with that.(You and I know that there are plenty of Bahamians who can’t be bothered to pay their bills.) Unfortunately some of the more hard-pressed got caught up in the collateral damage. I suspect that when “second sober thought” reared its head the P.M. knew he had better get on top of the situation. At least give him some credit for being able to reverse the decision- whether he did it out of compassion or political expediency is something neither you nor I will ever know. I am just grateful he did it.
    Rest assured I have no interest in politics as you might define it. Am a people person myself. Pleasant dreams to you media, whomever you are.

  12. Well you write in your own mind and at the same time avoid speaking to the topic ‘Joe Blow’. Thats not being on point, that is being a deflector of what is being discussed. Have you ever had classes asking for you to identify the thesis for an argument?

    I notice there are many other Blogs out that that OPENLY begin talking about BEC and end up speaking about who car break down at the mall. We are sticklers for being on point, on topic and keeping it in the scope of the post. That is what being a moderator is all about.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  13. Why do you presume that I write anything for or on behalf of anyone but myself? Because my thoughts might differ from your own on certain topics I should not be accused of being anyones “lacky” I am a free thinker and have a deep desire to see all Bahamians strive to be the best they can be. If we all think exactly as you , there would hardly be any use for this site. Don’t be so “testy”

  14. Listen Joe BLow, it is clear you never read our July 30th article. We also talked about conserving energy on this BLOG as well. However in this post that is not here nor there.

    OUR POINT HERE is on the POLICY decision that was changed on July 1st and now change again Sept. 17th by the same man who change it in the first place. The debate of CONSERVATION, responsibility and LAVISH lifestyles is another topic. So please don’t try and DEFLECT this debate.

    We at Bahamas Press have a SERIOUS PROBLEM with the practise of ‘DEFLECTING THE TRUTH’ by many persons in media ALREADY! I say again, why could not ZNS find that woman whose light was turned off because she could not pay $1,000, but turned on when her bill has now jumped to $4,000 a month? All to say Hubert brought relief to her? That doesn’t sound CRAZY to you?

    It does to me, but knowing some of you INGRAMITES (Joe Blow) that make plenty sense!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  15. You are absolutely right to address your concerns to the Government and not let them off the hook for their part in the esculating rise in our power bills. Keep after them about alternate forms of power. Demand that the employees of the Corperation, from the top to the bottom take measures to cut costs where they can and to do their part by not “goofing off” and giving a fair days work for their wages. And at the same time do your part by conserving the energy you and your family use to the very best of your ability. Teach your children that they have responsibilities to this society too. Simple things like wetting a toothbrush and turning off the water until you are ready to rinse. Even when times are better; to always shut off a light when they leave a room. We are all facing hard times and harder times are on the horizon. Yes, have sympathy for your fellow man and yourself, but examine what you can do to help us all weather this storm and don’t let your tender feelings blind you to the fact that the very people you are feeling badly for just might not be taking on the responsibility that is theirs. Please remember BEC is a business and in order for it to survive it has a right to expect to be paid if it has provided a service. If others do not pay their fair share you and I will have to pick up the cost. I don’t know about you but I too am struggling to keep up. Can’t eat out anymore, can’t give my kids all the extras that they want, am careful to plan my time so that I do all my errands at one time to conserve on fuel for my vehicle. So be it my brother. keep the faith!

  16. There are some who keep deflecting the truth and stray from the real topic at hand on this post by setting an argument of whether the government should be the GREAT SOCIAL regulator of this society. That is another argument ‘Morehands and Joe Blow We am will to debate, but not at this time.

    Our point on here is CLEAR to the point. It is simple, the government knew its was entering into a recession! and;

    1) And it decided to IMPOSE a new policy at BEC (YOUR LIGHTS WILL CUT OFF UNLESS THE ENTIRE BILL WAS PAID) NOT a portion, not half, NOT a 1/3 but ALL. That was wrong for Hubert Ingraham dear NOT TRY THAT TO THE PEOPLE OF ABACO!Many of whom are not Bahamians.

    2) We warned the government when they imposed that new policy began on July 1st and said in our July 3oth article that it was not fair, particularly for OLD AGE PENSIONERS. How can they pay a BILL that jumped by $200 and told that if they cannot pay the full BILL their ENTIRE HOME WILL BE DISCONNECTED!

    3) Our fly on the wall at BEC said this in our July 30th; “…over 1000 families have had their electricity cut off by BEC as a result of a new policy put in place by Chairman Fred Gottlieb at the insistence of Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham!!!” So Hubert Ingraham was not BRINGING ANY RELIEF, he created the problem, and now all he is doing is reversing the situation he created. BUT THE WUTLESS MEDIA, MOREHANDS, JOE BLOW and some others who write for Hubert these days, still cannot see that.

    4) Now to be fair to the OPPOSITION to prove we have not BIAS on Bahamas Press, the WUTLESS OPPOSITION said NOT a word. Simply nothing even after we exposed the working of the Ingraham Government cutting thousands of homeowners off BEC supply lines. But yet Hubert Ingraham’s cripple brother had the gall and stood up in the House of Assembly to say, Hubert was doing the right thing? What did PERRY CHRISTIE MEAN? That Hubert was right to shut the people off? Or to MAKE them old age pensioners pay all their BEC bills in FULL, a bill which they cannot afford?

    We at Bahamas Press have LITTLE – and we stress this in the best tone we can – LITTLE respect for the Opposition these days! They are working with HUBERT! And are SHAMELESS!

    We Need Change!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  17. My Mother taught her children from an early age that one must put some money aside for rainy days. Also to never hang the basket beyond your reach but to make certain it is high enough that you have to stretch to reach it. Add to that that we are each the author of our own story. While I can sympathize with Single mothers who were betrayed by their spouces, I really can’t muster up much sadness for those women who continue to produce children without benefit of marriage. They are selfish and self-serving and a drag on society. Of course I am aware of the economic turndown but as a mature thinking person I plan ahead and prepare for the “hard times”. History has taught us that these things happen in cycles and we have to prepare for the inevitable. We might want life to be “a bed of roses” but be mindful that a rosebed is littered with thorns. I guess what I want to convey is that it is time we understand that we are the responsible party in our life and we cannot continue to expect to be “bailed out” by the Government or anyone else. Sacrifice is a tool from which we can learn to become more mature and responsible. Let’s hope we begin to teach the art of sacrifice and resposibility to our children so they don’t continue to repeat the downside of history.

  18. Morehands and Joe Blow, I truly beg to differ with you. BEC bills are outrageous. My family’s light bill was never more than $250 per month. We have done NOTHING different in our usage of electricity and it now over $1000. How can you defend that? Am I suppose to just pay the massive bill each month without talking about how wrong the jump in cost is?

    Come on guys, be reasonable. One way or the next, the bill has to be paid but I still have a right to talk about how outrageous it is, right?

    Kim Sands is right, when I defend people who have been so savagely disconnected, I defend the poor people who have lost their jobs or have gone down to working 2 days a week due to the economy. Thats what I am looking at.

    The government is sticking it to us so why shouldnt we stick it to them verbally? Oh defenders of the government, not everyone is given a break like what you guys are probably getting. Put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a minute or two.

  19. Right on Joe Blow! i was at a meeting today and the topic of BEC came up as table talk. People were complaining about how their bill jumped from $1,100 to $3,200 and from $850 to $1900. My question is, “what the ^%$^ are people going to incur such outrageous bills and are now blaming BEC”? My family of 4 live in a 1800 sq ft house with all the standard amenities of a middle-class lifestyle and I have yet to ever see a electricity bill for more than $450 (when I don’t allow the bills to pile up, that is). If people are so “poor and helpless” then their lifestyle should not be to the point where BEC bills are racking into $300, $400, $500 dollars per month.

    The lesson which will be learnt in this whole BEC and also mortgage corporation situations is “why pay utility bills and mortgages. The government will alway come to the rescue”.

  20. Joe Blow I agree with you we must prioritize and stop living lavishly, but it is not as cut and dry as you put it. We have a lot of single parents who have recently lost their jobs. I don’t know if you are aware of the state of the economy, a lot of companies are downsizing, so many people do not have the monies to pay these high surcharges. I feel the same payment plan that they recently introduced should have been put in place before all these people lights were disconnected.

  21. Maragaret Bethel had no light or water in her house because they both are connected to the electricity. It is good that the government has decided to allow her to have these basic necessities again. What I don’t understand is why ZNS thought it was important to put this woman on the news; I guess they wanted us to believe that PM has a conscience aye?

  22. As I read these responses I find it amusing that everyone is so enraged that persons’ power is shut off. What have these poor people done to have such a thing happen? They did NOT pay their bills!And no doubt for months on end. Do you really expect BEC to continue to operate a free service for those people who do not budget properly? Yes the fuel charge is too high. But what have individuals done to mitigate their electrical costs? Have they turned down the thermostat on their electric hot water heater? Have they invested in energy saving light bulbs? Are they turning off their lights and fans every time they leave a room? Have they decided to forgo A/C for the time being? Are they hanging the wash on the line instead of using the electric dryer. There is no doubt that we as a people react only in a crisis- just as all our Governments have done for eons. Where were all of you 10-20 years ago when the few of us were urging “the powers that be” to look at alternate sources of energy? Until we all wake up and use the brains we were endowed with, this country will continue to move from crisis to crisis and lay blame on every entity but ourselves for predicaments that we author.
    As long as our Bahamian people continue to live only for today’s comfort we will continue down this path we are on, whinning our way to an even more miserable future and laying blame everywhere but where it belongs.

  23. Media,

    Bahamian people like to FORGET too damn easy !!! This Hurricane Hubert is a micro-manager therefore ANY DECISION that comes from ANY MINISTRY MUST FIRT come through Ingraham and is NO DOUBT MADE by Ingraham The Biggety!!

    People of this country need to WAKE UP and smell the RANSTED milk in Ingraham’s coffee !!!! HE IS THE ONE who ordered that BEC disconnect people’s lights WITHOUT caring what financial despair they were in during this recession!!! AND ALL BECAUSE HUBERT ALEXANDER INGRAHAM CARES ABOUT NOBODY BUT RICH WHITE PEOPLE !!!!

    The only reason Ingraham was quoted in the media as saying people out there are hurting and he will do something about the electricity disconnections is because his lackeys have told him HOW MUCH TROUBLE his party was in as the man on the street was up in arms about the disconnections and his party was A PARTY SCORNED.

    Re-connecting the lights was a mere Public Relations act for Hubert the Terrible and his FNM lackeys. It seems to be working if people like Margaret Bethel can come on the air and praise the FNM government for reconnecting her lights without even thinking about the whole process of how her lights got turned off in the first place.

    Open up your eyes Bahamian people. Dont let this MONSTER Hubert Ingraham get over on you !!!

  24. Maragaret Bethel was the first on ZNS today saying how Ingraham put her light back on. ZNS delivered the good news as she signed an agreement with BEC today.

    We at Bahamas Press must remind Ms. Bethel however that it is Hubert Ingraham who ordered the disconnections until the FULL PAYMENT were paid. Ingraham allowed BEC cut off 6,000 residents since July 1.

    But here is the question, where was ZNS when we reported how 1,000 resident lights were suddenly cut off by the government? How can after Ingraham say he will put it on after cutting it off can ZNS suddenly find a resident. Why could Bethel not tell her story on TV the 2 months whilst she was off left in darkness to ZNS?

    Here is the same reason why we call them and others “THE WUTLESS MEDIA” in this town!

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  25. Big Acts, Big Budgets… bad for Bahamian Artists??
    By Terneille Burrows

    *A major concert sponsored by Bahamian companies and featuring multi-platinum hip-hop artist Lil Wayne will take place in Nassau on Friday September 26, 2008. Will Bahamian performers on this show be fairly treated and compensated???
    However outrageous it may seem, Bahamian recording artists are often times given the “short end of the stick” when it comes to being recruited to perform on shows featuring major international recording acts. Despite the promoters best efforts to make local artists feel important (backstage, pre and post party events access etc.), there may not be payment offered for the artists’ services, which can include not only performing at the show, but making promotional appearances, attending rehearsals, meetings, sound-check and lending their name and likeness to be attached with the event promotion. (Oops, the natives were neglected from the big budget…oh well…)
    However, it seems everyone except the local artists financially benefit (promoters, advertising media, venues, event consultants, security firms, sound and lighting companies etc.) When promoters apply for international artists’ visas and other required licenses to work in our country, should we also demand that our local artists be compensated for their contributions as well? While some might argue that local performers should jump at the chance to be on a big event, merely for the presumed prestige of it, I would have to disagree. Bahamian artists have long fought for the respect of our craft, as some of us do this for a living, while others aspire to. I feel as though if an artist or entertainer has worked to establish them self and gained a decent local following, there should be a fee attached with their service.
    Some sectors of the Bahamian entertainment industry have established systems in place to cultivate their respective discipline. The burgeoning Bahamian film industry has benefitted vastly from practices implemented by the Ministry of Tourism’s Bahamas Film and Television Commission division. The Bahamas film commission has become a excellent example of a system that should be emulated by the wider entertainment and performance industries in the Bahamas. Film commissioner Craig Woods, and his team actively promote and facilitate the hiring of Bahamian crew for productions that come to be filmed here. They are in intent on continuing the nourishment of the Bahamian film industry through not only promoting Bahamians gaining experience on film productions, but also by providing them with employment on productions that come to town.
    We as artists and artists’ representatives are also to blame for allowing ourselves to be so freely taken advantage of. It’s time to effect dramatic change and encourage Bahamians and foreigners alike to regard Bahamian artists and entertainers as working professionals. Throughout other parts of the world, local independent artists are taken seriously for their work. More closely to home, in parts of the Caribbean, particularly Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados, there exists established and organized music industries. The government, corporate world and consumers alike support their local music scenes. Major artists like Rihanna, Sean Paul, and Sean Kingston come from the Caribbean, are all respected on the international scene, and celebrated by their countrymen. Why can’t we do the same in our country?

    Other Artists’ Input
    “This (exploitation) has been going on for far too long and people are afraid to speak out for fear of being blacklisted, but mainly because we have been conditioned to believe that we as Bahamians are not ‘good enough’ to make it on an international level”.
    – Margaret ‘Believe’ Glynatsis (Recording Artist/Producer)
    “It is insulting when an organizer expects an entertainer to perform for free however charitable the event without saying, we are willing to pay ‘x’ in exchange for your services – which in turn offers the artist the opportunity to say, ‘don’t worry about it, I’ll do it for free’. If a promoter/organizer is unable to pay you, there should be some exchange, pre-agreed by both of you that is valued at the cost of your performance i.e. – goods or services, event passes, commercial consideration… something. And I won’t begin to talk about Flyers, Press Releases, web-advertising, radio mentions.
    – Bodine ‘Be’ Johnson (Recording Artist/Journalist)
    “How can major international promoters and the local consultants they hire expect to be taken seriously by local (Bahamian) acts, when our performers are treated like second class citizens at events in our own country? I have seen too many major concerts come to the Bahamas and have local artists act as guinea pigs, while sound engineers check levels and tweak the house system during the opening performances in preparation for the headliners!! The local artist are again put in a predicament, when headliners arrive late, and the opening acts are used to “stall” the aggravated audience. For this type of treatment, it only adds injury to insult to imagine our Bahamian artists performing at these events without being duly compensated”
    – Ian ‘Bigg E’ Cleare (Producer/Studio)

  26. W&S Chairman and the PM had a discussion recently on operations at W&S; apparently that agency did not make any impressive advancement for the pass 30 years. Additional Management changes were forthwith.

    Family Islanders are suffering by not receiving constant water flow and good pressures, because W&S hired a contractor to install water plants on these Islands and did not recruit or assigned Engineers to maintain them. Instead they left Farmers and Fisherman (FNM) supporters to baby sit these many plants. Stay tune for breaking news from one of the Islands.


  27. Correction. the last paragraph should read,
    The time to make this fuel surcharge cut was in May or June. Now that oil is coming down, and coming down rapidly, this fuel surcharge cutis nothing more than a sugar pill.

  28. BP, this entire BEC situation speaks to the fact that Bahamian governments have no FORESIGHT.

    With the price of oil skyrocketing, the government should have anticipated the up swing in BEC’s bill because of its surcharge and its affects on the people and businesses.

    If the cut in surcharge was done 5-6 months ago when the price of oil was starting its rapid climb over $100 a barrel, the impact of the increase in a barrel of oil and its relation to the fuel surcharge would have creeped up on the average consumer as oppose to big jump we see in the BEC bills from month to month. Thats what Bahamians are now complaining about, how from month to month the bill is getting bigger and bigger.

    Your fuel charge for this month is for oil that was bought weeks or even months ago when oil was over $100 a barrel. Now that the price of oil is going down, the fuel surcharge will as well. Thats why the PM said the fuel surcharge cut will last until the end of the yr. He knows the price of oil is going down, thus a lower fuel surcharge.

    So whats going to happen, as oil continues to drop, so does the BEC bills and it will look like the electricity bills are lowered because of the rate cut in the fuel surcharge when in reality it had more to do with the drop in the price of oil. HI will look like the hero for something he had nothing to do with.

    The time to make this fuel surcharge cut was in May or June. Now that oil is coming down, and coming down rapidly, this fuel surcharge is nothing more than a sugar pill.

  29. Someone sent this to me and I agree with some of it – What do you think?

    Dear Editor


    Kindly allow me to express my disappointment in the double standards that the Government of the Bahamas continues to present not only to the citizens of the Bahamas but the world at large.

    What I have witnessed today reinforces what a so called Number King said “any attempt to crack down on numbers would be hypocritical and a “big joke”, taken from an article in the Nassau Guardian 22nd February under the heading “ Legalize gambling in the Bahamas”

    A few weeks ago the employees of BTC were threatened that they would be disciplined for the actions they took to protect their employment rights. There were many members of Parliament speaking on this matter and the public was even polled.

    There is also a commission to review the crime in this country. I was appalled to watch the evening news on 16th to see a cheque being accepted by NEMA from a company “Flowers”, when every Bahamian knows the source of their funds. “Raid them tonight, let them go to take donation tomorrow”

    What does the Christian Council have to say about this?

    What do the Members of Parliament including Opposition, and political leaders have to say about this?

    Let’s hear from The Chamber of Commerce, Talk show hosts, Employer Representatives and of course those out spoken Bahamians.

    Are the law makers of this country going to continue turning a blind eye to law breakers by taking handouts?

    What are we teaching our children, that only some things are wrong depending on who is evaluating?

    Is the Government now going to legalize gambling in this country and put the funds to good use?

    Maybe some of the drug dealers and bank robbers can now follow suit by donating.

    When you put a certain amount into the bank you have to account for its source. As People professing to be upstanding citizens of Christian values we must be very careful what we do, how we do it and who it will impact.

    We often sit by and wonder why the young people are uncontrollable but it stems from us adults.


    BTC staff you are also forgiven for your transgressions.

  30. The governmnet can’t do nothing to please its people. If we all stop depending on the government and look around the world on the increase of living, maybe we will be more smart and consume less rather than depending on the government to be our saviour. No PLP or FNM can help us because The Bahamas has to import everything so as the price goes up in the world it doubles or even triples here. So we will be faced with that problem as long as we live.

  31. It over!!! They might as well come get me now for “Well Tax”. Cuff my hands and throw away the key. I gone !

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