Beware of Counterfeit Money being dropped by FNM operatives on family islands


The Hon. Loretta Butler-Turner, Minister of Social Services could no longer return to the House as Long Islanders reject the run-a-way Montagu MP

FNM set to drop fake money on Family Islands?

Salt Pond, Long Island –– Breaking news coming out of the island of Long Island at this hour alleges an FNM an operative supporting the governing Free National Movement is allegedly dropping fake money in an attempt to dupe constituents.

Late Thursday evening a resident in the constituency reported huge sums of counterfeit hundred dollar bills surfaced at a local food store in the community of Buckley’s.

It is being reported that the fake money was delivered to some angry generals in the area, who were considering voting for the PLP and DNA on the island.

Bahamas Press can report a senior general in the FNM on Long Island is now supporting the DNA after being ignored for five years by his once beloved FNM Party.

Duane Sands

We can report the former general told DNA supports at an event, “We want nothing to do with the FNM government anymore! We are sick and tired of being treated like dirt by the FNM. They left us to drink salty water for years while we sent MP after MP to the House. Not this time!

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has hinted the bell could soon be rung. He told supporters in Fort Charlotte that the time is not long and that after Easter Monday, “You can buy any number!”

We wonder is the PM was promoting the New Flowers operations in the constituency and encouraging the electorate to begin playing numbers?

Meanwhile, PLP Deputy Leader Philip Brave Davis told a GOLD RUSH crowd in Southern Shores last night that it is time for the Prime Minister to be Brave and stop being a coward. “Ring the Bell!” The party planted its candidate Kenred Dorsett for the area.

PLP Leader and projected Prime Minister after Easter Monday, Perry Christie, could win in a landslide victory if what transpired last night in Southern Shores continue. By the time Christie landed, with an additional 300 hardcore supporters flocking him as he ascended the stage. Over 2,000 supporters had packed the rally site. The crowd gathered mirrored the packed 15,000 national stadium opening over the weekend.”We ready for Clifford Park,” one rally-goer screamed.”


It was so busy in Southern Shores last night, Bamboo Shack and Beverley’s Kitchen all ran out of food.

The PM’s stall to call the election date is a direct result of his party’s stalled readiness for a general election battle. FNM bad candidate in Elizabeth, witnessed his campaign workers packed up out on his constituency office and left just a few days ago.

Just before Valentine’s Day his wife Sakina also slammed the door on the man who called the people of Elizabeth “Greedy” during the 2010 by-elections.

Sakina Sands stormed out of the marital home after rumors of “FRIDAY” appointments surfaced in the marriage. The breakup is not going well for the candidate, who some say has already lost ‘LIZZY’ and could permanently lose Sakina, the couples two children and the two dogs.

All is not well in the FNM!

We report Yinner decide!

More than 1,000 young first time voters dressed in GOLD headed into Southern Shores Constituency last night chanting "WE BELIEVE IN THE BAHAMAS!" Here are a few of the DROP DEAD GORGEOUS College Girls on stage who said, "Ready get set its DORSETT!"
A snapshot of the night South Shores BELIEVED as thousands landed in the constituency to support Ken Dorsett as the next MP for the constituency.


  1. Long Island has always and will be FNM and that is a know Fact. The PLP was the one who were down there buying votes giving out Fake money and still Lost in Long Island . Heard they were giving out fake money in St Annes but the people refuse cause they did not needy it and were not desparated. Get your facts straight its all lies

  2. Bahama Press stop hiding the truth, It was the nasty PLPs who tried to deposit the money to the banks such as Scotia and RBC and the police were called in. Yall had $100 million dollars to campaign and still gave the Bahamian people counterfeit. The sign yall had up with the murder, yall eating it now. The Bahamian people are once again hoodwinked by the PLP and this time they are going to hell gate to lick the platter clean. They had a good government like the FNM. I sincerely hope that the money does not devalue. They sold the Bahamian people a pie in the sky and false hope and the Bahamian people’s hope is under the microscope, gold rush, brass rush and empty promises. Bahama Press is an evil jungalistic paper, what a nasty lot!

    • I wouldn’t even argue with BP. this awful site is obviously made by a PLP. Did you notice how all of a sudden they stopped talking about the murder rates? Hmm I wonder why

  3. Bahamas Press, please proof read ALL STORIES before posting and confirm ALL FACTS (according to your sources) related to ALL STORIES. There is NO LOCAL FOOD STORE IN THE COMMUNITY OF BUCKLEY’S. Anyone who has had any affiliation with any of your stories would know that your stories are just PRINTED GOSSIP!

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