Beware of Stupid People!


The Editor
Bahamas Press
15th May 2024

Dear Sir,

Cipolla’s research has revealed a startling truth: there are stupid people worldwide, which is not news to us. However, what should concern us is Cipolla’s conviction that we are not fully aware of their numbers and the extent of their influence in our lives and society. He warns us that any attempt to quantify their impact would be a gross underestimation, urging us to act. Non-stupid people always underestimate the harmful potential of stupid people.

According to Cipolla, we continually forget the danger that stupid people represent. He says, “Stupid people are dangerous and unfortunate because reasonable people find it difficult to imagine and understand stupid behaviour.”

Not a day passes when the inane ramblings of stupid people do not bombard Bahamians. There is nothing positive about what they say or think. The Tribune appears to be the repository of these people’s thoughts and views. Nothing the current government does is met with approval. Instead, any success seems to prompt them (stupid people) to righteous anger, and quite frankly, one must wonder which cosmos these people reside in.

An example of this stupidity is to criticise the government for finally building a much-needed hospital facility when the PMH, built in 1956, has been stretched to capacity for decades.

How can anyone find fault with this? How can anyone lament that Bahamians will finally have quality healthcare available to the masses? And not to be outdone in the march towards the stupidity prize, there are persons ranting about the government’s recent successful rescue of dolphins left to fend for themselves after being abandoned by a “so-called” investor.

We Bahamians are weary of these persons and their warped views. They inflict nonsense on us daily because they are pushing an anti-Bahamian agenda based on lies and misrepresentations. Then we
have the crazy scene of a biased media with planted questions barraging the Prime Minister, attempting to get him to reveal his government’s arbitration strategy regarding the GBPA.

This naked attempt at political posturing and sabotage failed because, unlike some people, the Prime Minister is not stupid.

In this milieu, anyone presented to us as an expert by the Tribune or any of the other discredited and biased media and whose rantings are given wide dissemination should be suspect.

With a clear agenda and essential tasks, disregarding the critics is in the government’s best interest. However, it is crucial to recognise and address. them appropriately, as those without understanding pose the greatest risk.

Michael J. Brown