More Delay in the Gibson trial as sneaky Duane Sands writes sick slip for Long Island MP…

Damian Gomez KC and Adrian Gibson leaving the Supreme Court.


NASSAU| The trial of Free National Movement (FNM) MP Adrian Gibson has been adjourned until Friday as Gibson failed to appear, citing medical reasons.

Two doctors’ certificates, one from an eye doctor and another from FNM Chairman Dr. Duane Sands, stated that Gibson is unwell until May 17th.

Gibson stands accused of failing to disclose his interests in contracts awarded by the Water and Sewerage Corporation (WSC) to companies associated with his cousin and then-girlfriend during his tenure as WSC Executive Chairman.

Prosecutors allege that funds from these contracts were used to acquire assets, including vehicles and properties in Long Island and New Providence.

Gibson is on trial along with Elwood Donaldson Jr., Peaches Farquharson, Jerome Missick and Joann Knowles.