PM Davis tells Parliament he supports Michael Pintard for Leader of the FNM…


Duane Sands breaks constitutional rules to hold support for him and Pintard…THE FNM IS IN TROUBLE!

PM Davis and Michael Pintard

NASSAU| A plan to completely destroy democracy inside the FNM is afoot and the open attempt to destroy the CONSTITUTION of the FNM by all means necessary is underway as the Party gather June 1 for a National Convention.

Bahamas Press understands Chairman Duane Sands – to save himself from a political cut-yinner-know-what by Elsworth Johnson for Chairman – has informed persons with non-voting honourary Lifetime Membership within the party that they have the right to vote at the upcoming convention. BUT GET THIS:

Section 22 h states that: Such NON-voting honourary life members called “Advisory Councilors” as may be qualified as hereinafter provided for by the Party’s Convention.

BP is learning CORRUPT SANDS has instructed such persons to stack the voting blocks to save his skin and support him in the upcoming June 1 poll.

The Chairman has also challenged those who are opposed to the unlawful decision to take the matter to court!

Sands is now running desperate as the convention comes closer. Soon he will invite PLPs to vote in an FNM Convention. Even Prime Minister Philip Brave Davis KC in Parliament on Wednesday has thrown his support publicly behind the Cat Island boy Michael Pintard. Davis, who is a closer in politics, wants Pintard to remain leader in the upcoming General Elections.

Pintard was leader when Davis delivered an unholy CUT-YOU-KNOW-WHAT on Pintard and Papa in the West Grand Bahama and Bimini by-election, bringing Kingsley Smith to Parliament.

It was Davis who took Pintard on his trip to London to see King Charles III and invited Pintard to speak and greet world leaders. Pintard could become a PLP any day!

Pintard became punch drunk and ran out a money as Davis PLP Gold RUSH MACHINE canvassed the constituency of West Grand Bahama and Bimini. Davis took over 500 hardcore FNMs to deliver victory for the PLP! Scores of FNMs stayed home. THE FNM IS IN TROUBLE!

Meanwhile Minnis, who has gripped support around the country on many islands, is chasing down Michael Pintard in the leadership race. Minnis will launch his candidacy for leader of the FNM ON FRIDAY MAY 17TH at Baha Mar Ballroom.

We report yinner decide!