BFS owes The Bahamas Customs Department $119,275.97 and refuses to pay!


BFSNassau, BahamasBP is dropping a bombshell today, which entails shocking revelations coming out of the Customs Department. We can confirm a major company, Bahamas Food Services [BFS] on Gladstone Road, owes the Bahamas Government a whopping $120,000, which the company has failed to pay in its second agreement with the government.

Copies of letters detailing requests for payment by Customs to General Manager of BFS, Don Carnine, dates back to October 2009, and has fallen on deaf ears. And to this date, BFS have failed to comply or make any payment on the bill in taxes owed to the government, sources in the OPM confirm.

In an attempt to further resolve the outstanding matter, Customs in a letter dated 4th January 2010, issued to the attention of Glenn Pritchard, a second person involved in the food giant on the outstanding matter and pointed to a ruling by the World Customs Organization Secretariat on items outstanding for payment to the government.

Back in early January 2009 the Ingraham administration dragged before the courts scores of small businesses for failing to pay taxes. What is amazing is this, the largest wholesale company on the island, which had fail to pay its own taxes, cannot seem to find a place before the courts. Why are members of the Hubert Ingraham administration hiding this? Why has not the minister of finance take BFS to court as they did Jackson Ritchie, Wendall Jones and Galen Saunders? Or were the courts of the Bahamas only established to prosecute the small, weak and struggling?

Bahamas Food Services is a large wholesale company in the Bahamas, which supplies almost every establishment, grocer, restaurant and with food and essential supplies. HOW CAN THEY GET AWAY BY FAILING TO PAY TAXES BUT THE SMALL MAN CANNOT BREATHE BEFORE HE IS DRAGGED BEFORE THEVIGZYHEAD PEOPLE?

BP can confirm Bahamas Food Services on Gladstone Road has failed to honour its second agreement with the Customs Department.

We know an installment deal had been reach for the company to pay $5,000 a month until October 2011 and $10,000 in November and December 2011. According to the investigator in the OPM, “They were supposed to make the first payment in the first week of March, they have failed to make that payment and they have been ducking the Customs investigators ever since.”

Bahamas Press is now on the case!


  1. We are advised BSF GM Don Carnine, made his first payment to the Customs department early this morning. We are told this was the first payment in months following months of avoiding tax collectors.

    There is more to this story to come.

    Bahamas Press /Editor

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