Big Bust Up in FNM! Pintard must act NOW!!!


Battle for FNM Leadership turn bloody on the 50th Anniversary of the death of Barry Major!

Hiram Kelly and Minnis criminal goon Omar Archer

NASSAU| BP is on the ground in the midst of FNMs as they get ready for the Council Meeting tonight. We understand from good sources that Dr. Hubert Minnis has sent out word to Hiram Kelly, the man assaulted by Minnis’ goon Omar Archer, offering to pay for his medical bill if he drops charges against Omar Archer. 

A team of FNMs are said to be guarding Hiram Kelly’s bedroom door keeping out Minnis’ goons from trying to sway party supporter, Kelly, to drop charges he made against Omar Archer for breaking up his face after an FNM branch meeting.

As BP stated earlier today, Hiram Kelly was viciously attacked after an FNM branch meeting last night when he simply stated that Minnis was not the man to lead the party. Archer burst into a temper and slapped, punched and kicked Kelly in his head until Kelly passed out with his blood spilling on the ground. WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS??!! 

Kelly was rushed to the hospital where police were called in to take a statement and then arrest Archer. Archer remains at large. 

There is a bigger story here. The people who are causing trouble in the FNM are all on Hubert “Lying King” Minnis’ payroll. They are:

Pamela Miller

Richard Johnson

Omar Archer

Hubert Minnis has all of the above on salary up to $80,000 per annum and all are being paid from a fund that was given to Minnis by FNM big timers to run a campaign for an election that was to be held this year – 2022. Dishonest Hubert Minnis called an early election, kept the money and is now paying the “BRING MINNIS BACK CREW”.

Just when Omar Archer was finished stomping the stuffings out of Hiram Kelly, he was heard screaming, “No one disrespects my prime minister Hubert Minnis! No one!” WHAT IN DA HELL IS DIS!!??

Last week, Pam Miller defamed the character of a big time FNM supporter and THAT is before the courts. WHAT IS DIS!!??

Richard Johnson goes around cursing out people every day for Hubert Minnis and bullying people on social media so that they can join the Minnis tiny band wagon. BP is never going on that bandwagon!! Take our oath on that one!!!

What the MINNIS BULLYING CREW is doing is going from FNM branch meeting to FNM branch meeting and bullying constituency members to join them in bringing the disgraced and lying Minnis back to head up that party. 

BP is now putting the pressure on FNM leader, Michael Pintard, to kick these jokers out the party so Brave is not distracted when he puts the next cut hip on the FNM in 2026. The quiet, but deadly, Brave has some cut hip medicine for the FNM in his back pocket that not even Hubert Minnis’ black needle can top.

Das enough of dat!! We are gone now prime up on some Kalik Gold before this Council Meeting. 

Clean up ya mess, Pintard! Kick out your distractors! BP is watching! 

We report!! Yinna Decide!!