Big bust-up inside the FNM Yamacraw and Elizabeth meeting Tuesday evening….


PM Minnis is attempting to set a by-election in St. Anne’s to test the boiling political temperature…

Minister of Health Duane Sands –
FNM Chairman Carl Culmer!

NASSAU| A big row has erupted inside the Free National Movement meeting last night as Carl Culmer and Council area representative Jason Hanna almost came to blows.

Health Minister Duane Sands sat inside the meeting in shock, not knowing whether to stop the nasty row or to pickup and leave and prepare for ER.

Culmer, the man rejected from the lodge, has taken over the FNM like a grandmaster, whipping Minnis’ few supporters in line and suggesting that they are not entitled to anything from the FNM Government. In short, shut up and shake!

The meeting got so bad and toxic that the few FNMs in the meeting left and returned home in disgust and disappointment.

The last Columbus Primary rally of the PLP was like gas thrown on the wild raging fire inside the FNM. Everywhere in the Government, there is a big row and bust-up. People are mad and upset. Meanwhile, Minnis, who was in Barbados, is said to be setting up a by-election for later this year. It is speculated St. Anne’s MP Boss Hog Brent Symonette could resign his seat later in the year.

It ain’t long nah!

We report yinner decide!