Headknowles Foundation Group which raised more than $1.5 Million following Hurricane Dorian is now headed to a Florida court!


Here is another BP exclusive which exposes the CORRUPTION BETWEEN THE FOUNDATION ORGANIZERS…

Lia Head and Gina Knowles organizers of the Headknowles Foundation who stole millions following Hurricanes in the Bahamas.

NASSAU| There is now a major update of a civil lawsuit against Lia Head Rigby, by Knowles Foundation which exposes the corruption inside the Hurricane Relief Group.

Now according to the writ Lia Head Rigby is being accused of using funds raised for Hurricane Relief, which is said to have been expressly for the HeadKnowles Foundation in the Bahamas for use on behalf of the victims of Hurricane Dorian.

Bahamas Press reveals the complaint and exhibits below attached therein for your review.

Readers should ask themselves these questions: 

1. How did two knuckleheads from Long Island successfully dope and dupe seasoned professional??? 

2. How is it that accountants, bankers and lawyers following Hurricanes Joaquin, Matthew and now Dorian never saw or reviewed any official statements of the financial dealings by the Head Knowles Foundation?

In fact, we at BP reported how the group was not even registered as a Non-profit foundation before we exposed them in an Exclusive following Hurricane Dorian.

You see people say plenty of things about BP. They call us “fake” and all kinds of derogatory names in fear and trepidation of our exposure of the TRUTH! 

But we ga keep reporting and let yinner decide!


Hurricane Dorian came Sept. 1, 2019! Within DAYS Carl Bethel issued this License to CROOKS!!!!
Look when Carl W. Bethel Attorney General of the Bahamas issued HeadKnowles its NonProfit License… ONLY DAYS FOLLOWING HURRICANE DORIAN! Read the attachments!!!!!