Big Fight in Water and Sewerage with two summer students yesterday morning…


Want job but cannot behave when ya get on it!

Only the dog looks like he has sense these days.
Only the dog looks like he has sense these days.

Nassau, Bahamas – Two young ‘batty rider mothers’ at Water and Sewerage thought they should further embarrass the corporation in the eyes of the public by fighting in the Family Island department yesterday morning.

The two are summer students, and get this, are mothers on the Summer Programme.

BP has learned the two started a brawl just after 9am over some dumb argument of “you-say-I-say.” Before ya know it the women, one 23 and other 25 were showing panties as if they were in some wrestling event trying to make it to Rio.

We have learnt the two, who we think should not be in the summer programme to begin with, have not been suspended as one known as the aggressor is a big-time PLP and last year caused big problems for a relative of a senior PLP MP.

Send dem home so they could row over how they ain’t ga buy pampers.

We report yinner decide!